The best program for finding drivers and installing

Drivers, like programs that control computer hardware and some virtual devices, are among the most important components of the entire system. And for the correct operation of all equipment, they must be installed and updated in a timely manner. What program for searching for drivers and installing them into the system is best suited for such procedures? Let us examine this question and dwell on the tools offered by Windows-systems, as well as on third-party most popular software products.

Installing drivers using Windows

At the stage of installation of the system or in the event of some failures in the operation of devices, you can use your own system tools. The built-in program for finding and installing Windows drivers works on the basis of its own database, which can be stored on a computer’s hard drive or installation distribution on optical or USB media.

program for finding drivers and installing

Access to this system tool can be obtained from the “Device Manager”, which is called via the “Control Panel” or by the command devmgmt.msc in the “Run” console. Here it is enough to select the device you need and then use either the context menu or the property bar where the driver update is selected. But for some non-standard devices the use of this database is impossible, since the system installs the most suitable driver from its point of view, and not the one that may be required. In addition, this tool does not automatically update drivers (only at the user's request).

Software rating for finding and installing drivers

Thus, to partially or fully automate the driver update process, you need to use third-party programs, the most popular of which are the following:

  • DriverPack Solution.
  • Driver Booster.
  • SlimDrivers.
  • Driver Scanner.
  • Driver Genius Pro and others.

DriverPack Solution Driver Set

It is believed that this utility is the best program for finding and installing drivers. First, it is absolutely free. Secondly, its database with information on any of the known types of devices is the most complete.Thirdly, the application updates the drivers exclusively through a search on the official resources of the equipment manufacturers on the Internet.

program for automatically finding and installing drivers

However, if there is no connection, but if there is a disk with a distribution kit, which, in addition to the installation files, includes the same database of drivers, you can use this tool. Scanning is performed automatically, after which it is proposed to install or update the drivers of the corresponding equipment. If the driver will be installed using the system tools, at the stage of selecting the place from which the installation will be made, you will need to specify the appropriate media.

Program for automatically searching and installing Windows drivers Driver Booster

In second place is the utility Driver Booster. This program for searching for drivers and installing them in automatic mode somewhat resembles the previous package, but, unlike it, it does not have its own driver database, but works exclusively through the Internet.

program for finding and installing windows drivers

You can install both a free version of Free, and a paid modification of Pro, which has extended driver support.But it needs a license, which costs about 400 rubles and is valid for a year. However, in practice, the usual version of Free is sufficient, which copes with its duties no worse. True, sometimes the user will observe the constant appearance of messages about updating the program itself, but there is nothing to worry about.

Package SlimDrivers

This program for finding drivers and installing them on all computer devices is somewhat similar to previous utilities, but it has several features.

the best program for finding and installing drivers

One of the most convenient features is that drivers can be backed up to a backup if necessary. In addition to the entire application, during scanning, not only determines the devices for which you need to install or update drivers, but also displays outdated components that can be removed from the system so that their keys do not clog the registry, and the drivers themselves do not cause conflicts after the update. At the same time, the program deletes outdated drivers independently and fully automatically without user intervention.

Utilities Driver Scanner and Driver Genius Pro

These two utilities are very similar to each other,but the first one is free and is designed for an ordinary user due to the almost complete automation of any process, and the second one is released in the paid version and has somewhat greater capabilities (although you can also use a very functional demo version for familiarization).

software rating for finding and installing drivers

Among their features, there is a serious driver backup system, but the program for searching drivers and installing them on the computer Driver Genius Pro has the ability to create a backup copy of the full set of installed or updated drivers as usual ZIP archives, self-extracting SFX archives or even as installers EXE format, which makes the recovery process faster and more reliable.

What to prefer?

What to choose from all that is offered today in the market of software for automating the processes of searching, installing and updating drivers? It seems that the first two programs (DriverPack Solution and Driver Booster Free) are more suitable for the average user, since they are completely easy to use and are free. The rest of the utilities are mostly designed specifically for creating backups after performing driver search operations or integrating them into the system.Here it is worth noting that the Driver Genius Pro utility is more designed for those who, due to their specifics, very often have to repair or tune computer hardware at a professional level. SlimDrivers and Driver Scanner programs are “sharpened” for use by ordinary users who want, in addition to automatically updating or installing drivers, also get a simple means of creating backups for possible subsequent recovery in case of system failures.

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