The best jewelry brands. Jewelery brands of the world

Women of any age are always interestednovelties of jewelry art. Many women want to have in their jewelry box expensive jewelry brands. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to know the main jewelry companies, their products.

jewelry brands

World of Fashion Jewelry

There are such world jewelry brands,the mention of which leads to an increase in the pulse, the fading of the female heart. "Cartier", "Tiffany", "Harry Winston", their products leave no one indifferent, associated only with enthusiasm and admiration.

Time of creation of ornaments

Most of all modern jewelry brands,revered in the "high light", appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century. The era of romanticism presented the jewelry world with amazing professionals. The works of those masters today are a source of inspiration for contemporaries.

French brands

In Paris, Frederic Boucheron was createdthe famous French jewelry house "Busheron". The products of the brand were unique, because the master perfectly mastered the knowledge about the characteristics of diamonds. He arranged demonstrations of his products in bright and spacious halls to take advantage of the laws of physics, to show the best faces of the precious stones he had taken for the collection. The master preferred the oriental style, combining in the same product different precious stones. The bracelet-snake, made of white gold, inlaid with diamonds, is considered the "highest aerobatics" of jewelry mastery, "business card" of Busheron.

French master Cartier was engaged in manufacturingCrown for the best monarchs. The secret of the silver ring with precious stones, made under the Cartier brand, is transmitted through the family line, which gave the brand the opportunity to enter the best jewelry brands.

jewelry brands of the world

Italian gold masterpieces

The jewelry of Italy is represented by manyrefined, unique ornaments. It is this country that is rightfully considered to be the legislator of fashion in this sphere. Italian jewelry brands "Bulgari", "Buccellati", "Damiani", "Arando" are known all over the world. He founded the jewelry brand "Arando" by Antonio Rando. This brand and now produces amazing jewelry, offers customers the highest quality hand watches.

Italian jewelry family Buccellati receiveddeserved recognition in many countries of the world. Currently, the company has several international branches located in other countries. When famous jewelry brands are mentioned, they mark the unique design of "Buccellati". This company specializes in the manufacture of designer products, produces watches, various accessories.

Famous jewelry brands of the world will be incompletewithout mentioning the brands "Bulgari", "Damiani". This brand is associated with jewelry lovers with high quality watches, exquisite jewelry.

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American gold products

Such a huge country, like the US, also has its ownbrands. The jewelry created by Winston and Tiffany is popular far beyond America. Charles Tiffany became famous for fans of expensive jewelry after the screen came a film, the heroine of which Audrey Hepburn admired the decorations in a store located on Fifth Avenue. Today, the products of the brand "Tiffany" have not lost their popularity and popularity. The brand owns a lot of fashionable jewelry boutiques, there are more than 200 of them in the world. Do you remember the American brands? Jewelry wedding rings from "Tiffany" - a real symbol of America. Among American jewelry houses, the popularity of the house "Winston" is very high. It is the products of this brand who like to buy the stars of the legendary Hollywood. Its popularity is due to Marilyn Monroe, glorified as the best friends of all the beautiful girls jewelry maker Harry Winston. As a certain business card of this master, a necklace with a pendant made in the form of a "drop" is considered.

Italian jewelry brands

The world's top jewelry brands

Analyzing numerous brands of jewelry, you can identify the top ten brightest, unusual, expensive brands. The "Golden Ten" included "Tiffany", "Korloff", "Bulogar", "Mikimoto".

All products offered by the brand "Tiffany"differ elegance, luxury, elegance. The watches produced by Korloff have no analogues, and the company is engaged in the manufacture of a variety of jewelry designed for the well-off people.These brand even has its own wedding line, represented by sophisticated wedding rings for the newlyweds.

The company's products are the embodiment of elegance and elegance in the world of jewelry fashion.

"Mikimoto" offers products with a fine cut of precious stones. In addition, the masters of this company work with natural pearls, connect it with high-quality natural diamonds.

Popular European brand "Mikimoto" pleasestheir admirers with luxurious jewelry novelties. For those who dream of luxury, tries to demonstrate their social status to others, the ideal option will be the purchase of silver products with natural stones from this brand.

the best jewelry brands

Russian Jewelry Brands

Not only Italian and French jewelersoffer women an amazing beauty of gold and silver bracelets, rings, earrings. There are masters in Russia, whose works are recognized all over the world. Let us single out the leaders of the Russian jewelry industry. In 2010, in Moscow, Vladimir Markov, a laboratory was established in which unusual gold products with inserts from natural stones were developed. It is from this moment that the story of the popular Russian jewelry trend "Markov" begins in European countries. The products amaze the connoisseurs of luxury with amazing ornaments and structure, appreciated by the famous stars of the Russian stage. The brand appeared at the end of the last century and was recognized throughout the world. Products have the following characteristics: charm, uniqueness, enchantment. Pearls used in the collections of this manufacturer are complemented by diamonds of huge sizes and make the product truly unique and beautiful.

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Few women are able to withstand brilliancebrilliants, bright emeralds, noble rubies, white pearls. In order not to become the owner of a beautiful fake, to acquire jewelry is best in large jewelry stores. Such stores value their business reputation, they will not risk it by offering a fake shopper. Only in large stores are the best Italian, Russian, French, American rings, bracelets, earrings. Such products can be passed on by inheritance, to make real family relics.

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