Lake Tambukan: how to get there?

You should be aware that the popularity of the northern part of the Caucasus is due not only to the fact that there are excellent ski resorts and mineral waters on its territory. In addition, this region has at its disposal therapeutic mud lakes. One of the most famous, which emit many people, is considered Tambukan.

Historical background of the origin of this lake

Unknown reason for the appearance of the name of such a reservoir as Lake Tambukan. But there are options that presumably can explain to us where this toponym came from. In ancient times, there was an army of Circassians. Its leader was Murzabek Tambiyev. He died in a battle with the Turkish army. This event occurred in 1709, he was buried on this lake. This is one of the versions of the origin of the name. However, it has contradictions. The fact is that the name of the leader has Turkic roots. And in translation from this language, it means "blood." Among peoples such as the Circassians, Circassians and Kabardians, it has a different linguistic meaning.

Tambukan Lake

In addition, there is another legend about the origin of the name of this medical reservoir.It is known that in the second half of the fourteenth century, this area was constantly subjected to invasions of such an invader as Tamerlane. There are also records in the famous “Book of Victories” that this historical figure was swimming in a mud pond and even treating his leg with mud wraps. Tamerlane's knee was crippled. Therefore, it required treatment and special care. This is also a well-known fact. Therefore, it is possible that the name of the mud lake is associated with Tamerlane.

What are the healing properties of the lake?

In ancient times, it was considered the magic mud of Tambukan Lake, the reviews about it confirm this. The water in it is far from transparent. It is muddy, dark. This water is due to the fact that there is a thick layer of dirt at the bottom. It is mixed with the waters of the lake and gives it such a shade. Even if it’s a sunny day outside, the water will never be clear.

Tambukan lake where is located

As mentioned above, the Tambukan Lake has healing properties that have been valued by people since ancient times. Kabardian women know and keep the secrets of special ointments and creams using mud from such a source.Poets, writers praised in their works the beauty of local women, who cared for their skin through silt of Tambukan Lake. They made special care products for themselves and their skin. This treatment gave excellent results that were noticeable not only to local men, but also to visiting people.

The composition of the mud lake

Therapeutic mud of Tambukan Lake is black. It refers to the continental type. The composition of these muds includes deposits of silt character with a high content of sulfide and salts of a substance such as iron. Organic formations in these masses are practically absent. Muds of this type were widely used in ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, as well as in settlements that were located on the Black Sea. In addition, as a remedy, this type of formation was used in its practice by Pomors, Tibetan, as well as Chinese healers.

The usual place for the formation of black mud are non-flowing type water bodies. The mud of the Tambukan Lake is formed under the influence of sulphate-reducing bacteria. It is they that influence the formation of hydrotroilite.The composition of this substance is iron. Hydrotroilit has a bright black color, which explains the color of all the dirt.

Where is the lake? Biological features of the reservoir

Where is Tambukan Lake? It is located in close proximity to the city of Pyatigorsk. To get to this reservoir, you will need to drive 12 kilometers. Should move to the south of the city. It is about the city of Pyatigorsk, which is located in the Stavropol Territory.

tambukan lake reviews

The size of the lake is about a thousand meters wide and about two thousand meters long. It is shallow. The depth of the lake is only 2 meters. The area is about 1.7 square kilometers. This is a small lake. This reservoir is replenished through rain and melt waters. However, in order to avoid stagnation of water in the lake, wells were made. Therefore, the Etoka River and mineral springs, which are in close proximity to the lake, enter the reservoir.

The composition of the black mud of the reservoir

The mud of the Tambukan Lake is filled with the following elements.

Pyatigorsk Tambukan Lake

  1. Iron sulfide. This compound is present in large quantities, namely 0.5% of the remaining elements that are part of the dirt.
  2. Sodium ions.
  3. Chlorine ions.
  4. Potassium ions.
  5. Penicillin-like elements.Due to this composition, black dirt has an antiseptic property.
  6. Magnesium ions.

In addition, lysozyme is part of the dirt, it gives it activity. Doctors know the healing properties of this mud source. Therefore, during World War II, black mud was used to heal wounds from soldiers who were treated in local sanatoriums. Particularly actively used bandages with such a composition. In addition to the healing effect, they helped to improve the blood supply to the place where the person had a wound. And this process also promotes healing. Also, similar dressings and compresses retain heat well. Therefore, if for medical reasons it was necessary that the wound was warm, then mud compresses saved as well as possible.

Water composition

The special composition of the water, which is located in the Tambukan reservoir, does not allow fish and other lake inhabitants to live here. It is also worth saying that water with a high content of minerals and other trace elements has a specific odor. Not everyone can tolerate such a fragrance. It is quite sharp and unpleasant.But for most people, the smell is not an obstacle in order to swim in the waters of the lake and feel a pleasant feeling of relaxation, relaxation, relieve fatigue. At the same time, black mud helps to bring the skin to tone and enhance muscle activity. Also, black dirt has a positive effect on human vessels.

In addition, the reservoir is located in a very beautiful place, surrounded by forest. Pleasant pastime will be a picnic on the shore of a picturesque pond. Birds sing in the forest, these sounds are the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rest. Here you can spend time with family, close people and friends.

How to use the mud from this lake in sanatorium facilities?

It is worth saying that the amount of dirt is quite large. Therefore, not only local sanatorium facilities, but also medical and health resorts in Russia have found use for it. Also, the near abroad uses black mud in its wellness centers.

Tambukan lake how to get from Pyatigorsk

For the fence used special equipment. Through it is mining from different depths of the reservoir. Next, the dirt is placed in special containers.After which it is transported to the storage of various health centers.

The next stage of preparation of the mud to the procedures is its cleaning. The most common procedures for using this therapeutic composition are the following:

  1. Healing bath with black mud.
  2. Appliques.
  3. Tampons
  4. Electric mud therapy

Tambukan lake how to reach by car

Indications for use can be diseases of the skin, ailments associated with the musculoskeletal system, and cosmetic care. There is an opinion of experts who believe that the mud of Tambukan Lake is better in properties than the mud of the Dead Sea. Therefore, if the purpose of the forthcoming trip to rest is treatment by means of these masses, then there is a reason to think in which direction to go.

Resorts: Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk and Pyatigorsk. Tambukan Lake, the use of its mud in the health centers of these cities

Resorts that are ready to provide such procedures are located in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir. They work year round. Therefore, you can plan your trip at any free time. Well-known Essentuki are ready to receive many guests.The scale of this resort makes mud treatments available to thousands of people daily.

Do not lag behind Essentuki cities such as Pyatigorsk and Zheleznovodsk. The reserves of black mud in Tambukan lake are quite large. It was estimated that its volume is 900,000 cubic meters, which is quite a lot. Of course, this does not mean that dirt can be used irrationally. But with the right approach to this issue of the deficit will not arise for many years.

We are driving in our car to the lake

How to get to Tambukansky lake? The natural reservoir is located on the border of the Stavropol Territory and Kabardino-Balkaria.

Tambukan lake how to get there

How to get to Tambukan lake by car? Directly next to the lake is the federal highway. Namely, the P-217. The pond is located on the stretch of the route between Pyatigorsk and Nalchik. The distance from Pyatigorsk is twelve kilometers.

We are going by bus to the lake

How to get from Pyatigorsk to Tambukansky lake? Those people who travel by public transport can get to the reservoir by bus. He leaves the Pyatigorsk bus station. You should know that Pyatigorsk is a small town.Therefore, it has one station from which scheduled buses depart. The ticket should be purchased to such a settlement as the village Zalukokoazhe. In this case, the bus must follow to the city of Nalchik or to the city of Baksan. The driver should be asked to stop at Tambukan.

You should be aware that at the station there is a single fare. However, local drivers can take a passenger without a ticket. Then you should pay directly on the bus. This fare will be cheaper than buying a ticket at the station. You can also take a taxi or contact private owners who offer their transportation services.

Small conclusion

If a person is a traveler, then he must visit different places of our planet. Therefore, no matter where and for what purpose the tourist went. If you are interested in the Tambukan Lake, the reviews about it are only positive, then be sure to visit it, enrich your body with useful substances. Believe me, the rest in this place will give you a lot of positive emotions!

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