Summary: The Adventures of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

We offer to get acquainted with the second novel of Dickens, read his brief content. "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" - the work in question. It became the first novel in English literature in which the main character is a child. This work was first published in the period from 1837 to 1839. The novel is a voluminous genre, so we will only describe its summary in the main features.

"The Adventures of Oliver Twist" begin with a story about how the main character was born in a workhouse. His mother died immediately after giving birth. Before the boy was 9 years old, no one knew who his parents were.

Oliver's first years of life

Summary Olive Twist Adventure

It should say a few words about the life of the hero in the workhouse, making up a summary. "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" - a work that describes the hard life of children in one of these institutions. Infant years of the protagonist have not lit up any kindly look, not a single kind word. Oliver knew only beatings, hunger, hardship and mockery.After the workhouse, he falls into the students of the undertaker. Here the boy encounters Noe Kleipol from a shelter who, being stronger and older, constantly humiliates Oliver. He indignantly suffers, until one day Kleipol does not speak ill of Twist's mother. This boy could not bear. He beats a stronger and stronger, but cowardly offender. Oliver is severely punished, and he is forced to flee from the undertaker.

dickens adventures oliver twist

Meeting with Jack Daukins and Fegin

The boy, seeing the signpost "London", is heading there. Oliver sleeps in haystacks, he suffers from fatigue, cold and hunger. On the 7th day after his escape, he met in the town of Barnet with a tatty man of his age, who introduced himself as Jack Daukins (The Artful Dodger). He feeds the boy and promises him patronage and overnight in London. The artful Dodger leads him to the buyer of the stolen goods, the Jew Fagin, who is the godfather of the fraudsters and thieves of the city. Fagin promises Twist to teach him the craft and provide work, but for now Oliver spends his days ticking off the tags from the stolen handkerchiefs that the young thieves bring him.

Brownow takes the boy to himself

When he finally goes to work and sees firsthand,as Charlie Bates and the Artful Dodger (his mentors) pull a handkerchief out of the pocket of some gentleman, Oliver flees in horror.

dickens adventures oliver twist

The boy is grabbed like a thief and brought to the judge. A gentleman, fortunately, refuses a lawsuit. He pities for Oliver and takes him to himself. The boy is sick for a long time. Brownlow and Mrs. Badwin, his housekeeper, nursed him. They are surprised at how similar the features of this boy are to the image of a beautiful woman hanging in the living room. Brownlow wants to bring up Oliver.

The kidnapping of Oliver and the new adventure

However, the story does not end there. What further does the author tell? You will learn about this by reading the summary. The adventures of Oliver Twist are just beginning.

Fagin, fearing that Twist will bring representatives of the law onto his trail, he tracks him down and kidnaps him. He wants to obey the boy, make him a thief. For the robbery of the house, watched by Fagin, where he is attracted by table silver, Bill Sykes, the performer of this action, needs a "low-fat boy" so that he can get through the window and open the door to the robbers. The choice falls on Twist.

Oliver decides to raise the alarm in the house and not to participate in the crime. However, he does not have time: the house is guarded, and Twist gets half wedged in the window and gets wounded in the arm. The bleeding boy is pulled out by Sykes and carried away, but he is thrown into the ditch, having heard the chase, not knowing if he is alive or not. Oliver, waking up, gets to the porch of the house where Mrs. Mayley and Rose, her niece, put Twist in bed and call the doctor, deciding not to give the poor boy to the police.

Death sally

In the workhouse brings the reader Charles Dickens ("The Adventures of Oliver Twist"). A summary of the events here is as follows. Beggar old woman dies in this institution. At one time, this woman was caring for the boy's mother and after her death robbed her. Sally (that's the old woman's name) calls Mrs Corney, the custodian. She repents of the fact that she stole a golden thing that belonged to a young woman, which she asked her to keep, since this thing might make people not so cruel with her son. The old woman dies, without having finished speaking, and sends the mortgage receipt to Mrs. Corney.

Nancy learns Fagin's secret

Fegin is very concerned about the fate of Oliver and the absence of Sykes. Having lost power over himself, he screams inadvertently in the presence of her friend Sykes (Nancy) that Twist is worth hundreds of pounds, and also mentions a testament in his speech. Pretending to be drunk, lulls his vigilance to Nancy, the heroine of the novel, who created Charles Dickens ("The Adventures of Oliver Twist"). The summary continues with the fact that she overhears Fagin's conversation with Monks, a mysterious stranger. It turns out that Fagin, by his order, stubbornly turns the boy into a thief. The stranger is very afraid that Oliver is killed and traces will lead to him. Fagin promises him to find Twist and deliver it alive or dead to Monks.

Oliver's Life with Mrs. Mailey

Olive Twist Adventure Book

Next, the life of the main character in Mrs. Mailey describes Dickens ("The Adventures of Oliver Twist"). The summary acquaints the reader with the fact that he is slowly recovering, surrounded by the cares and sympathy of Roz, Mailey and Losbern, their family doctor. The boy tells his story without reserve. Unfortunately, it is not confirmed. When the doctor at the request of the boy goes with him to Brownlow, it turns out that he went to the West Indies, having surrendered the house.When Twist finds out the house near the road to which Sykes started it before the robbery, Dr. Losbern finds out that the description of the owner and the rooms do not match ... However, this is not worse for Oliver. With the arrival of spring, both ladies move to the village to rest and take the boy with them. Here he encounters a disgusting-looking stranger who curses Oliver with curses and then rolls in a fit on the ground. This meeting Oliver does not attach much importance, considering the stranger crazy. However, after a while he feels in the window his face next to Fagin's face. Households come running to the cry of the boy, but the search leads nowhere.

Monks disposes of Oliver's evidence of origin

Meanwhile, Monks is not wasting time. The summary of the novel "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" takes us to the town where Oliver was born. Here Monks finds Mrs Crickle, the owner of Sally's secret. By this time, the woman managed to get married and become Mrs. Bumble. For 25 pounds, he buys from her a small wallet that Sally took from Oliver's mother. It contains a gold medallion, and in the medallion there is a wedding ring and two locks.On the inner side of it is written the name "Agnes." Monks tosses the wallet with contents into the river. Here it can not be found.

Nancy's audacious act

charles dickens adventures of oliver twist

It is impossible not to talk about the bold and selfless act of Nancy, describing the summary of the book "The Adventures of Oliver Twist." Returning, Monks tells Fagin what he has done, and this heroine again overhears them. The girl, stunned by what she heard and reproaches herself for helping to bring Twist back, having led him away from deceit from Brownlow and put him to sleep with the help of opium Sykes, goes to Mailie and Rose. She sends all that she managed to overhear. If Twist is captured again, Fagin will receive a decent amount, which will increase many times if he makes the boy a thief. Nancy says that the only evidence that identifies Oliver is at the bottom of the river. Although Monks had obtained Twist's money, it would have been better to achieve this in a different way — to drag him through the city jails, and then pull him to the gallows. At the same time, Monks called Oliver his brother and was glad that he was with Maylie, who would have given a good deal to know his origin.Nancy refuses to accept the reward and returns to Sykes, promising to walk every Sunday at 11 o'clock on the London Bridge.

Unexpected meeting with Brownlow

However, in life there is a place and a happy occasion, according to the author of the novel "The Adventures of Oliver Twist". A summary of the chapters proceeds to its description. Roz wants to find someone to talk to. Suddenly, a lucky chance is granted: Twist sees Mr. Brownlow on the street and finds out his address. Having come to him, Roz talks about everything she knows. After listening to her, Brownlow decides to dedicate Losbern, and also Grimuig, his friend, and Harry, the son of Mrs. Mailey to this business (Harry and Rose have long been in love with each other, but Rose doesn’t say yes, for fear of damaging his career and reputation : the girl is Meili's foster niece).

summary of the novel adventures of oliver twist

The council, having discussed the situation, decides to wait until Sunday, and then ask Nancy to describe Monks' appearance, and it’s better to show them to him.

Fagin's Revenge

The book "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" and this time does not do without meanness. Only after one Sunday can we wait for Nancy: Sykes for the first time did not let the girl out of the house. Fegin, seeing that she was eager to leave, felt something was wrong.He put the watch over Nancy Noe Claypole. By this time, having robbed the owner of the undertaker, he fled to London and fell here in the paws of Fegin. Upon hearing his report, he came into a frenzy: Fagin believed that Nancy had made a new boyfriend, but the matter was much more serious. Fagin decides to punish her with someone else’s hands and tells Sykes that his girlfriend has betrayed everyone, without specifying, of course, that she spoke only about Monks and in order to return to Sykes, she refused money and an honest life. The calculation was correct: Sykes is furious. However, her strength Fagin underestimated: Bill brutally kills his girlfriend.

Brownlow finds out the history of Oliver

The story of the origin of the main character reveals to the reader in the finale of the work of Dickens ("The Adventures of Oliver Twist"). A summary of its following.

Mr. Brownlow starts his own investigation. According to the description of Monks, made by Nancy, he restores the picture of the drama that began many years ago. It turns out that Edwin Leeford's father (real name Monks), as well as Oliver, was a longtime friend of Brownlow. In marriage, he was unhappy. His son since childhood showed vicious tendencies, and Lyford broke up with his first family. He loved Agnes Fleming and was happy with her, but was forced to go abroad for business.Lyford fell ill and died in Rome. Son and his wife, afraid of missing an inheritance, arrived in Rome. They found an envelope addressed to Brownlow among the papers. It contained a will and a letter for Agnes. In the letter, he asked him to forgive and wear a ring and a locket as a token of this. In the will, Oliver's father allocated 800 pounds to his eldest son and wife, and all the rest of the property was given to Agnes and the child if he would come of age. In this case, the girl unconditionally inherits the money, and the boy - only under the condition that he does not stain his name with any shameful act. Monks's mother burned this testament, and kept the letter to disgrace the Agnes family. Under the weight of shame after her visit, the girl's father decided to change her last name and fled with both daughters to a remote corner of Wales. Soon he was found dead in bed: Agnes left home, but her father could not find her, and, deciding that the girl had committed suicide, died of a heart attack. The younger sister Agnes, who was still quite young, was first taken up by the peasants, and then Mrs. Mailey (it was Rose) took her to her place.

Monks at age 18 robbed his mother and ran away, and then began to indulge in all sorts of sins.However, before his death, his mother found and told him this secret. Then Monks came up with a diabolical plan, the implementation of which prevented Nancy.

The fate of the heroes

summary of the book adventures of oliver twist

In conclusion, we are introduced to the further fate of the heroes of Dickens ("The Adventures of Oliver Twist"). Mr. Brownlow, presenting irrefutable evidence, forces Monks to leave England, thereby fulfilling the will of his father. So Twist found his aunt, Rose finally said yes to Harry, having resolved his doubts about the origin, and Harry decided to become a village priest, preferring such a life to a brilliant career. Dickens ("The Adventures of Oliver Twist" - one of his best novels) notes that Dr. Losbern and the Mailey family became friends with Mr. Grimuig and Brownlow, who adopted Oliver. Sykes died, tormented by conscience, did not have time to arrest him. And Fagin was executed. Such a fate was awarded to the characters in the novel "The Adventures of Oliver Twist". Heroes, as you see, got what they deserved.

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