Stormy Biography of Sir Knight

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One of the most turbulent and impressive of well-known knightly biographies is the life of Sir Thomas Malory. He is mainly remembered because he wrote The Death of Arthur, the most comprehensive collection of legends about King Arthur. But the most interesting thing is that the biography of Sir Knight himself, who wrote such an impressive book, was not even an example of knightly behavior. Totally.
Mallory began his military career under the command of Captain Calais Richard de Beauchamphe, in 1441 he was knighted, and even a couple of years later he was elected a member of parliament from Warshire. But by this time, the first accusation of Sir Knight for attacking and stealing property also applies. Then he begins to have fun with robbery on a broad basis. So much so that in 1450 he tried to attack and kill the Duke of Buckingham, but did not work out. In addition, in the same year, he robbed his estate neighbors with particular diligence, taking away their cows, calves, and sheep, until, in July 1451, he was eventually arrested and imprisoned.
But Sir Thomas was a clever fellow and he escaped from prison within a couple of weeks, after which he attacked the monastery with his gang and plundered it completely. No Vikings are needed, their robbed.
But then they began to arrest him regularly, though, at first they managed to buy off or simply run away, saving money. But in the end, he was arrested, tried and imprisoned until the end of his life. Then Sir Thomas immediately got a lot of free time and he began to write “The Death of Arthur”. Then he handed over the written work to the English pioneer Caxton, who was able to print it in 1485, and then the book was repeatedly reprinted, as it immediately became an never aging classic. True, Mallory himself will never know so much about the fact that his book was printed, since he will die in prison on March 14, 1471.
On his tombstone will write:
“Here lies Lord Thomas Malory, a valiant warrior. He died on March 14, 1471. "

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