Stimulation of the ovaries for pregnancy planning: consequences, reviews

The happiness of every woman is known in motherhood, but it is not always so easy. Many women are not able to become pregnant for many reasons, so they are forced to seek help from specialists. Today, there are a huge number of clinics where doctors are ready to help women find out what real motherhood is.

One of the modern effective ways to speed up fertilization is ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning. It is carried out through the use of hormonal drugs, strictly selected for each case. Very often, this method of increasing chances for conception is used for artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, but with similar success it can also be used in the absence of ovulation due to age or hormonal failure in a woman. In any case, the procedure has a positive effect.ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning

Possible problems

The natural process of the formation of an egg cell consists in its complete formation, after which the follicle enters the fallopian tube and bursts, releasing the egg cell. Violation of this process leads to the formation of problems with conception.

The reasons may be:

  • serious gynecological diseases;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • excess weight;
  • infectious diseases and much more.

Most often, ovulation is absent due to hormonal disruptions in the body of a woman.

Operating principle

Stimulation of the ovaries for planning conception is carried out by taking hormonal drugs to normalize the natural menstrual cycle, during which it will be possible to carry out the fertilization of a ripe egg cell. It can be done in a natural or artificial way.

Almost half of the cases of using this method of stimulation have a successful ending, but this method is suitable only for women whose reproductive organs are absolutely healthy and problems arise due to failures in the hormonal system of the body. But even in this case, many people do not decide on this method, since the use of hormonal drugs has a number of side effects that may occur.Among the negative effects of ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning (reviews of real patients confirm this) can be called pain in the ovaries. The procedure can also lead to the depletion of the reserve of oocytes, which affects certain consequences that affect the general state of the female organisms.ovarian stimulation for planning

Regimen of drugs

Only a qualified doctor is able to prescribe medications necessary for each specific case, since even for this purpose he needs to familiarize himself with a number of results of examinations and analyzes of women. The dosage of drugs is also selected individually, all treatment processes are combined only in that they begin to affect the body only after the third or fifth day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Most often, ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning is carried out by intramuscular administration of the drug. This choice is explained by the rapid effects on the body of gonadotropic drugs, but other methods can be used to accelerate conception:

  • pills;
  • antiestrogenic substances;
  • recombinant drugs.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the selected method, the entire process of maturation of the egg is strictly controlled by specialists through regular ultrasound examinations. As soon as the egg cell fully matures and the follicle bursts, the woman is injected with an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin, which contributes to a further favorable course of pregnancy. In the case of natural fertilization immediately after this conception occurs. If it is planned to carry out in vitro fertilization, then the next day it is necessary to take an egg.

Other options

Stimulation of the ovaries for planning conception by the described method is the most frequently used by physicians, but there are also cases when it does not have the desired effect on the body. In such cases, women increase the dose of prescribed drugs or recommend to take other medicines. In any case, the scheme will be identical:

Each of the stages has multiple variants of possible prescribed drugs. In the absence of results, after each application, it will be necessary to retake tests and undergo examinations for a more accurate selection of the next set of measures.At the same time, you should know that conception very rarely occurs immediately in the first month of medication, usually you have to carry out 2-3 courses of treatment until you get a positive result.ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning by folk remedies

The most popular option

The most common is the stimulation of the ovaries for planning pregnancy "Klostilbegitom." The active substance of the drug acts directly on the ovaries, causing an accelerated development and maturation of the follicles in them. Stimulation is carried out by the effect of the drug on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to produce the necessary hormones to the body. Means "Klostilbegit" is made in the form of tablets, has analogues. The course of the drug is prescribed by a doctor and lasts no more than five days. Usually, the beginning of the reception coincides with the second day of the cycle, but the exact date depends on the level of hormones in the patient’s body and the characteristics of its natural cycle. That is why you should not use such drugs yourself, because the incorrect use of hormones can lead to negative consequences for the whole body. For the same reasons (due to the individuality of each organism), stimulation of the ovaries for pregnancy planning by folk remedies is not carried out.

After taking the drug and starting the cycle, you should wait for the expected date of ovulation and a day before it you should inject an hCG to stimulate the ripe follicle to burst and release the egg.

The final stage is the intake of medicines that contribute to the delay of the fetus in the body in the event of pregnancy. Among such emit such means as "Duphaston", "Kraynon" and "Utrozhestan." They are recommended for use from about the sixteenth day after the start of the cycle. Other estrogenic drugs may also be included in the regimen as recommended by the doctor. In the absence of a positive result of the application of this method, a woman should be re-tested and switched to taking gonadotropins that mimic the natural processes of the female body.

Treatment implementation

Any schematic stimulation of the ovaries should be carried out only after a thorough examination of the female body and identifying the cause of problems with conception. The fact is that some diseases can negatively affect hormonal medications and not only do not give the desired result, but also worsen the general health.

Therefore, before starting the stimulation, the following tests should be taken:

  • the presence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • for TORCH infections;
  • all analyzes to create a picture of the hormonal state of the woman’s body;
  • cytology test;
  • analysis of the vaginal microflora.

In addition, it is necessary to undergo a number of surveys, including an electrocardiogram, an ultrasound examination of the mammary glands and a test of the patency of the fallopian tubes. All of this refers to mandatory procedures, but in some situations, ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning may require additional research (hysteroscopy or laparoscopy).

In addition to all the listed tests for a woman, a survey is required to pass and partner. This is necessary to confirm the activity of sperm and the exclusion of male infertility. Only after a thorough study of all the results obtained does the specialist designate an individual program to stimulate the work of the female reproductive system.

Bans on use

Stimulation of the ovaries for pregnancy planning is not allowed to everyone, which is why such a thorough examination is necessary before its implementation.

It is strictly forbidden to use this method to conceive a child to women with:

  • somatic abnormalities;
  • obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • hereditary diseases;
  • genetic disorders;
  • kidney and liver diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning with clostilbegitIn addition, prohibitions apply to other, less significant disruption to the body. If they are present, conception, the process of stimulation itself, and further pregnancy can fail. Such violations include any inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, including sexually transmitted infections. With obstruction of only one tube, any cystic formations, including polycystic, ovarian stimulation (according to experts confirm) is contraindicated. To obtain a positive result, you should first solve the problem with these diseases, and then proceed to stimulation.

Side effects

In addition to a number of contraindications, there are a number of negative effects of ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning. Since the use of hormonal drugs has an effect on the entire body as a whole, it often provokes overstimulation of the reproductive function.The cause of this effect may be an improperly selected dose of the drug or an excessively violent reaction of the body to a certain substance. In any case, this once again confirms the need to take medicines only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.


  • after stimulation, the ovaries often hurt;
  • a woman has problems with defecation;
  • general well-being deteriorates;
  • the body accumulates fluid, which leads to swelling;
  • possible many tumors in the form of cysts.

ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning effectsThe last effects of ovarian stimulation relate to the procedure during the presence of polycystosis in the body. In such cases, surgery may be required in the future. However, in some cases, cysts can resolve themselves. In some cases, an ectopic pregnancy can be a consequence of hormonal stimulation.

Twins - happiness or side effect?

Very often, in one cycle, a woman matures several eggs at once, but with natural fertilization, only one of them remains. In the case of pregnancy stimulation with hormonal preparations, both eggs do not have any advantage over each other and provoke a multiple pregnancy.

Age changes

Since every woman has a certain reproductive age, with the end of which it is impossible to conceive a child, after forty years the issue of pregnancy becomes very acute. For women at this age, the likelihood of side effects becomes higher, as is the likelihood of multiple pregnancies. At the same time, stimulation is an effective method for conception at this age, and this chance should not be neglected.

ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning

Especially often this procedure is recommended for women at an older age who have decided on artificial insemination. Extracorporeal procedure is necessary for women after forty years, because she does not have her own viable eggs and should contact donors, especially if the partner has sufficient quality semen. The side effect in this case in the form of pain soon disappears.

Stimulation of the ovaries (patient reviews indicate this) after the age of forty yields positive results with timely access to a qualified specialist in this matter. The main thing is not to drag the solution to life, because with each cycle of the eggs it becomes less and less.


In any case, before carrying out the procedure, in addition to the tests listed above, one should ensure that there is no allergic reaction to any of the substances used in the procedure. Such a step will eliminate many negative consequences. You should also first pass the required examination.

ovaries after stimulation

Every year this procedure helps many women to acquire a full-fledged family, give birth to long-awaited children and realize themselves as real mothers. Difficulties with conception are no longer serious problems for most women at any age.

But be that as it may, this process must be approached very seriously. After all, not only successful fertilization, but also the health of the future mother depend on a properly chosen clinic and doctor.

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