Single roof for the bath with your own hands: materials and technology

The construction of the roof is the final stagewhen erecting a box of a building or structure. From the quality of this work will depend on the durability of the operation of the bath or other economic object. For this, the builder must adhere to the established technology of such a process.

Shed roof for a bathtoday it is being arranged practically everywhere. This work can be done with our own hands. To do this, you need to have basic building skills, as well as know and fulfill all the requirements of the instruction.


One-pitched roof for a bath of foam blocks,logs, logs and other demandedbuilding materials has several advantages over other design options. This type of roof is less subject to wind load. At the same time, the building material from which the system is built can be practically anything. This is due to the fact thatslope of a saddle roofcan be minimal (from 0 °).Shed roof for a bath

One-pitched roof is considered the most simpleconstruction. Therefore, its erection can be carried out even by a non-professional. The whole process does not take much time. If a single roof is not created for the attic floor, it has a low weight.

If the owners want to make their roof morecomplex, you can use a combination of several skates. They are equipped at different heights. In this case, the roof will still refer to the class of single-pitched varieties.

In the construction will require less material, as well as the forces of the master. Therefore, the presented design is used almost everywhere.


The presented design has its drawbacks.Angle of single-pitched roofcan range from 0 to 45 °. However, for the arrangement of a bath, the minimum values ​​of this indicator are most often chosen. In this case, the drainage occurs somewhat worse than in the more sloping structures.Building a bath

Precipitation will drain only in one direction. Therefore, it will be necessary to create a more reliable water abstraction system. It will have a larger diameter. Experts recommend to give preference to metallic varieties of gutter. Brackets for fixing these elements must be fastened at a distance of 40 cm from each other. The cost of material drainage system in this case will be slightly higher than with the arrangement of other roof systems.

Attic space will have a negligiblethe size. However, for a bath this is not so important. Some owners of private homes argue that the single-pitched roof has an unprepossessing appearance. However, if you have the imagination and the necessary time, even from a saddle roof you can make a masterpiece. The advantages of the presented construction are greater than the disadvantages.

Type of rafter system

To the final result of the work was high,building a bathin accordance with the recommendations of professional installers. They talk about the need to choose the right rafters. There are three main options.Construction of a slate roof

For log buildings, a slidingrafter system. It prevents the occurrence of deformations of wood, which can reach 15% after the erection of a new house. This design requires rigid fastening on the upper wall (on the Mauerlat). At the bottom, the rafters will be installed on a special device. This allows you to avoid slipping when shrinking the frame.

If the bath is erected from a brick or foam blocks, a system of inclined rafters is used. They will rely on the lower joists. At the top, the roof is attached to a wall or rack.

There is also a system of suspended rafters. This work should be done by professionals. Each farm is collected separately on the ground. Then they are installed on the walls.

Angle of incline

If webuilding a bathBy their own hands, it is necessary to determine to whichtype it will relate. There are unventilated and ventilated objects. In the first case, the angle of inclination is up to 5 °. They need a high-quality insulation, vapor barrier.Single-pitched roof scheme

Ventilated structures can have anyallowable angle of gradient. The space between the overlap and the plane of the rays is large enough to create ventilation ducts. The holes are arranged on both sides of the building, as well as on the fronts. Ventilated buildings are considered to be more durable.

If the coating of the structure is made fromsoft materials, the design must have a slope of up to 10 °. When using corrugated board this parameter can be in the range from 10 to 20 °. Ondulin and slate are suitable for a roof with an angle of 20 °. Metal tile allows you to create a mansard floor. The angle of inclination of the roof in this case is from 25 °.


Determined withscheme of a saddle roof,It is necessary to pay attention to choosing the right onematerial for the frame. Most often for these purposes choose a beam or logs. Mauerlat, rafters, beams are made of them. The material must be dry (up to 20% humidity).Slope of a saddle roof

The beam should have a cross-sectional diameter of 100 mm. The material must necessarily be treated with an antiseptic. This will prevent the appearance of fungus, bugs and other pests.

For the battens used boards size 100h25mm, beams 50x50 mm. Eaves boards will be mounted on the prominent place of the roof. This will be the end plates. They are put forward with higher requirements. This is the highest grade material.

Suitable for the construction of hardwood varieties. Oak and beech are most often used. The durability and reliability of the structure depend on the quality of the material.

Additional materials

Single roof for summer bathor construction, which will be operatedyear-round, requires the use of quality fasteners. It will be necessary to purchase a sufficient number of self-tapping screws, nails, anchors, and also burnt wire. Two types of fasteners can be used for one fixing point. This is especially important for regions with high wind load.Angle of single-pitched roof

It will also be necessary to provide for the presence of protectivematerials. They are a film for hydro and steam insulation, roofing material. To ensure that the bath retains heat for a long time, high-quality thermal insulation is used. For objects that are operated year-round, this factor is particularly important.

The tool must also be prepared in advance. You will need a hammer, a construction stapler, a hacksaw, an ax and a knife, a screwdriver. Such handy materials are at hand at almost every home master.

Calculation of the rafter system

Consideringstep-by-step construction of a saddle roof for a bath,it is necessary to pay attention to the calculation of materials. You need to start from the rafter system.

Calculation of the diameter of the bar is performed in accordance withwith a slope angle and other ramp parameters. It is better to entrust such work to a specialist. Length, height of the roof will determine the number of legs of the system and their dimensions. The rafters are installed in steps of 0.6-1 m.

The boards for the crate are also mounted witha certain step. If metal is used, this figure is 300 mm for the lower boards and 350 mm for the upper ones. For slate, the lathing must be installed in 440 mm increments. Flexible materials suggest a more dense step of laying boards. Such a surface should be absolutely smooth and firm.

Calculation of roofing material

Construction of a slate roofalso begin with the correct preliminary calculation of insulation, insulation. They are purchased in accordance with the dimensions of the object. Roofing material also requires a correct calculation.Single roof for summer bath

It is the roofing material that determines the slope of the roof. The optimal indicator for a bath is an angle of 25 °. Therefore, most often the owners of the suburban area use roofing for metal roofing, corrugated board or slate. Also there are folded roof types.

With an increase in the angle of inclination from 0 to 45 °the need for roofing materials will increase by 1.5 times. If the region has a high amount of precipitation, then the slope should be more sloping. A flat roof settles in areas where strong winds constantly blow.

Installation of rafters

The initial stage of erectionroofs for the bath with their own handsis the installation of the rafter system. The supporting elements can be mounted directly on the walls. In some cases it is required to make farms of a triangular configuration. They combine a beam, a rack and a rafter.

When installing the structure on the walls, the masterwill spend less time and effort. However, this is not always possible. When creating a certain level of slope, you need to raise the bottom wall to the correct height. In this case, the material consumption will increase. However, installation can be performed more quickly. Triangular structures are collected on the ground, and then they are raised on the wall. This will require special tools.

Most often when building a bath with their own handsThe rafters are mounted directly on the walls. Also it is necessary to think over the device of the rafter's leg. The place of installation and the number of additional supports depends on the dimensions of the structure, the type of construction material, the angle of incline.

Installation of supports

Shed roof for a bathmost often includes in its design Mauerlat. It evenly distributes the load to the walls. The lower side of the rafter's foot rests on the Mauerlat.

If the wall of the bath is brick, the mauerlat is attached to itwith the help of burnt wire. For buildings of porous materials (foam concrete, aerated concrete, etc.) it is necessary to use reinforcement. Its length should be 2/3 of the width of the support element. The beam assumes fastening of the Mauerlat with the help of anchors.

By means of a cut on the Mauerlat, thea rafter's leg. The gap between these two elements of the structure should be minimal. If the width of the span is more than 4.5 m, you will need to mount the supports. They will prevent the sagging of the bar.

Curb and insulation

Mountingroof for the bath with their own hands,it is necessary to carry out its correct crate. Step is selected depending on the roofing material. The boards must be nailed to the rafters with nails.

After the arrangement of the roofing can be establishedheater. For this, mineral wool is best suited. It is non-flammable, environmentally friendly material. Its longevity will be sufficient for the construction to be exploited for more than a decade.

With the help of a construction staplerset the waterproofing to overlap. On it it is possible to mount a heater. On mineral cotton wool, it is necessary to fill the control bar. It prevents touching the insulation with vapor barrier. This material is laid directly before the installation of metal, slate, corrugated board, etc.

The final stage

Shed roof for a bathrequires proper installation of roofing material. His choice and calculation were presented above. Most often for such purposes, ondulin or metal tile is used. The mounting technology is specified by the material manufacturer. It must be carried out during construction.

After the completion of the final stage of construction, the roof should be periodically inspected for damage, shrinkage. If various defects are found, they must be eliminated immediately.

If garbage accumulates on the ramp, it must be periodically removed. This will have a positive effect on the operating time of the sauna.

Having considered how to installsessile roof for a bath,every owner of a suburban area will be able todo this work yourself. Adhering to building norms and rules, as well as the recommendations of professionals, you can quickly and with minimal costs to make a solid, reliable roof. It will last several decades.

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