Simonov Konstantin: biography and creativity

The man about whom the discussion will go on was an amazing, extraordinary playwright, prose writer, poet and writer of the Soviet era. His fate was very interesting. She presented him with a lot of difficult tests, but he endured them in a dignified manner and left this life a real fighter who had fulfilled his civil and military duty to the end. A legacy to descendants, he left his memory of the war, expressed in numerous poems, essays, plays and novels. His name is Simonov Konstantin. The biography of this person truly deserves special attention. In the literary field he was not equal, because it is one thing to invent and fantasize, and quite another to see everything with his own eyes. But first things first.

Simon Constantin biography

Parents of Simonov Konstantin and a brief family biography

Family Simonov rare aristocratic blood. His father was a nobleman, Mikhail Agafangelovich Simonov, a major general, a graduate of the Imperial Nicholas Academy, a gentleman of the Order For Services to the Fatherland. The latest data about him dates back to 1920-1922. They are talking about his emigration to Poland.

On the maternal line the name of the writer comes from Rurik. Simonov’s mother was called Alexandra Leonidovna Obolenskaya. She was a princess. The ancestor of this family was Prince Obolensky Ivan Mikhailovich. All the nobles who wore it were his descendants.

parents Simon Constantin and a brief biography

Konstantin Simonov: biography and creativity (briefly)

Kirill Simonov (his real name) was born in Petrograd at that time in 1915 on November 15 (28). He did not know his father at all, since he had gone to the First World War and went missing. Although already later his relatives claimed that his father really emigrated to Poland and intended to take his wife and son, but apparently their interests did not converge.

When Simonov was four years old, he and his mother moved to live in Ryazan. And there Kirill had a stepfather - Ivanishev A. G. This was a former officer of the tsarist army, a colonel. After the revolution, he joined the Red Army and first taught tactics at a military school, but later became the commander of the Red Army. As in any military family, the life of Ivanishev, his wife and adopted son was held in constant crossings in the garrisons and commander's hostels. Simonov was afraid of his stepfather, as he was very strict, but at the same time he was very respectful, because it was he who gave him the tempering that came in handy later.The poet will even devote to him his touching poem “The Father”.

poet Konstantin Simon biography

Study and the beginning of a creative way

The biography of the writer Konstantin Simonov indicates that he graduated from the seven-year plan in Saratov and instead of the eighth grade, he learned to be a turner and went to work. His salary, though small, was good support for their meager family budget. Then the whole family moved to Moscow. It happened in 1931. For several years, Simonov was a turner in an aircraft factory. During these years he began to write his first poems. In 1934, the young man entered the Literary Institute. Gorky. In 1936, Konstantin Simonov first published his poems in the magazines "Young Guard" and "October."

Work as a correspondent

In 1939, Simonov was sent as a war correspondent to Halkin-Gol. His real name Cyril, he changed to "Constantine" due to the fact that it is difficult to pronounce the letter "p". From that moment on he was Simonov Konstantin. His biography continued with significant, but difficult events.

When the war began with Germany, he was 25 years old. On the first trip, he, along with his comrades in arms, took the brunt of the most powerful tank units of the German army.

biography of the writer Constantin Simonov

Protection of Mogilev

In July 1941, Simonov arrived at the rifle regiment, which was located 6 km from Mogilev. The task of the unit was the defense of this city. The fight went 14 hours on the Buinish field. In this battle, the Germans suffered a huge loss of equipment - 39 tanks were simply burned.

The dead fellow Simonov forever remained in his memory and became examples of courage and true heroism. When he returned to Moscow from the environment, the first thing in the newspaper "Izvestia" on July 20 appeared his first military report - an essay "Hot Day" and photos of wrecked tanks.

At the end of the war, Simonov was looking for his colleagues who participated in the battle on the Buinichny field, but neither his commander Kutepov, nor those who were with him at terrible moments near, did not survive. They fought to the end and put their lives on the altar of the common cause.

And the victory over the Germans was met in Berlin by the correspondent of the “Red Star” Simonov Konstantin. The biography of this man tells amazing facts from his difficult front-line fate. He had to visit besieged Odessa, he went into battle on a submarine, attacked with infantry, with scouts landed in the enemy rear, fell into bombing in Feodosia.

Konstantin Simonov full biography

Awards and literary works

The poet Konstantin Simonov, whose biography is expressed very briefly in this case, was awarded in 1942 the Order of the “Battle of the Red Banner”. In 1943, Simonov was given the rank of lieutenant colonel. Front-line soldiers facing him during the war years noted that he was a very brave and reliable person. This is how his stepfather raised him, who, maybe, was not as gentle as the child wanted, but he instilled in his stepson a sense of duty and honor of a real officer.

The writer himself admitted that all the material he was given the work of a war correspondent. During the war Simonov Konstantin (his biography certifies it) wrote three plays, two collections of poems "War" and "With and without you", the story "Days and Nights."

Personal life

At first, his wife was Evgenia Laskina, a philologist by education. She was in charge of one of the departments of the magazine "Moscow". In 1939, the couple had a son, Alex.

Konstantin Simon biography and creativity briefly

In 1940, Simonov began an affair with Valentina Serova. It happened shortly before the death of her husband, the hero of Spain, Anatoly Serov. The whole country followed this novel. She is a beautiful and bright movie star, the standard of femininity itself, and he is a popular poet and writer who did not miss a single performance of her and always sat in the front rows with flowers. They have been married for 15 years.

Larisa Zhadova, daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexey Zhadov and widow of the poet Semyon Gudzenko, a friend of Simon, became the third wife of Konstantin Simonov. He adopted her daughter, and then they had a common child. The girl was named Alexandra. The third spouse of the writer also bequeathed her ashes to dispel over the Buinish Field, which happened a year and a half after the death of her husband.

Konstantin Simonov was a very sincere poet and writer. His full biography also contains a lot of very interesting facts that are still used by modern directors in their documentaries and feature films.

Once a writer was asked what was most difficult during the war years. He replied: "To leave people in the most critical situations for them."

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