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Siemens decided to curtail cooperation with the Crimea. Those. how would they agree to work with us, but only on their own terms. The question is, do we need this? That is, in principle?

Siemens is today the largest manufacturer of (world) technology. Yes, they produce unique equipment and technology, but is it so unique that there is no decisive alternative? Do not want to supply turbines to the Crimea? Ok, then let us introduce sanctions against them, close access to the rest of Russia, to the rest of the market. How in this case the largest German manufacturer of equipment will sing? Yes, Siemens will not die, of course, just lose a piece of the market, but it will, at least, be honest.
By the way, as for the Russian market: the IMF confirmed the growth of the Russian economy in 2017 by 1.4%. Sanctions, speak? Yes, we understood that.
The findings of the IMF are confirmed by other news. You do not need to be a financial analyst to see growth: oil is getting cheaper, the ruble remains in place,mortgage is declining (9% per annum is absolutely not surprising in the banking services market, which, by the way, Igor Shuvalov warned for a long time, but did not believe him, but in the end it was he who was right), citizens are actively buying real estate, the business is growing, the country is preparing for World Cup 2018, with almost everything already being built. There is no parmesan yet, but in Altai they learned to make cheeses that are no longer inferior in quality to the best Swiss ones.
The fall in incomes of the population ceased at the end of last year, as also mentioned by Shuvalov, and the growth in purchasing power is confirmed by this.
So, friends. This trouble, in the sense of sanction, we will survive, of course. But I propose to answer the presumptuous and imagined businessmen about myself.

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