Shuttle, money and hopelessness.

He released a small note about the beginning of the journey of the Space Shuttle and why it came out like this. In this brief history, as for me, the most interesting is the attitude of the population to space. Yes, of course, the plans of NASA for the period after the Apollos were in some way utopian and unrealizable. But far more important is that people are not interested in financing space. To rejoice in the achievements - yes, but when the choice of space or social security comes up - it is clear that they will choose. Someone can say that these damned burzhuiny are such, and the Russian people love the cosmos. I doubt it very much.
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Now a lot of sracha around pensions. Imagine that the government offered a choice. Or pensions are left but they roll up most of the work on space or spend pension reform but also money goes to space. It seems to me that the results of such a referendum will be unequivocal.
And it is precisely the fact that space is not needed by anyone, and breaks all the beautiful plans for its development. Will the private space be able to pass through this barrier? I think no.Of course, launching satellites into orbits with a reusable rocket will master all that. Neither the flight to the Moon nor Mars is of interest to business, it is not of interest to the state, the people are also not ready to pay for it. Here is such a garbage.
As for the shuttle itself - IMHO, it was not just a dead end, but also threw the Americans off the right track for decades. Heavy, very expensive revolutionary machine, for which there is simply no task. She was made and ... everything. And this failure seriously undermined so little confidence in NASA. And in our attempt to catch up, we spent a lot of money that could be used to good advantage on the exact same useless "Buran.

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