Sherlock vs. Moriarty

A week ago, we visited the new, recently opened quest "Clausrophobia Sherlock vs. Moriarty" Fans of the great Sherlock Holmes is dedicated. Professor Moriarty created a grand machine of death to conquer the world and intends to test it in London, but of course we will have to stop it, otherwise the whole city will turn into ruins. Terrible legend, is not it?
But the legend does not lie. Over the course of 60 minutes, we gradually approach the deadly vehicle and encounter unexpected obstacles on our way. The quest is thought out to the smallest detail, in general, Claustrophobia is famous for this. At the entrance we get a hat and a flashlight, which plunges into the atmosphere from the very threshold, and upon successful exit - a traditional colored silicone bracelet on hand, and its own color for each quest. The interior is 5 ++, you can touch everything you want, we're in the game after all. There are no naive riddles and banal combination locks. The quest is quite complicated, but at the same time dynamic. At the very beginning, we had to use suggestive clues, but then we couldn’t stop us :) The space was huge, the four of us played and no one interfered with anyone.
A variety of mysteries, the effect of presence and the element of surprise, just what you need from the quest.

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