Sharks in the Black Sea: are they dangerous to humans?

According to scientists, the Black Sea was formed from a fresh lake eight thousand years ago in its place. The freshwater fauna that lived here has died out due to an increase in the salinity of the water, as a result of which the lower layers of the sea (below two hundred meters) are extremely saturated with hydrogen sulfide, which is a product of its decomposition.sharks in the black seaTherefore, the species of animals that live in the Black Sea are much smaller than in the Mediterranean. Sharks are found in the Black Sea, but they are relatively few, with only one species. This is a katran shark.

a brief description of

The katran shark has a streamlined shape characteristic of all sharks. Its diet includes only fish. The size of the Black Sea shark is small: from a meter to two or a little more, body weight is not more than twenty-five kilograms. Although in equatorial waters, sharks of this size (albeit of other species) are not averse to snacking as a member of the family of homo sapiens, the quatra is famous for its peacefulness.Nowhere in the world (and the katran are common almost everywhere, even in Australia) there has not been a single case of a katran shark attacking a human being. Rather, an unwary bather can hurt himself on the hard fins or the skin of this predator. Catrhids are viviparous, and “in one sitting” the female can bring up to thirty fry.

Sharks in the Black Sea as an object of culinary claims

If katrans are not eaten by people, then people love to eat the meat of this predator. Meat is used for cooking canned food or balyk, and from the fins cook a very tasty soup. Sharks and entrails have also been used.marine inhabitantsFrom the liver, which has a mass of up to one-third (!) Of the total body mass, produces fat, which is high in vitamins A and E. Tails and heads are used to make glue.

Still, you must be careful with them.

One must not be afraid of the teeth, but the thorns of the katran. The spines located on the back are covered with poisonous mucus, and in the case of an injection can cause a very painful swelling, which heals very slowly. However, this hardly threatens an ordinary beach vacationer. Rather, it is necessary to be wary of someone who is engaged in extreme diving, and dangerous animals of the sea are his usual partners for posing in front of a camera.Or to fisher-lovers who decide to get an exotic delicacy.

Perspectives of Katran

dangerous animalsSharks in the Black Sea appeared seven and a half to eight thousand years ago, when an ancient freshwater lake, after breaking through the Bosporus isthmus, merged with the world's oceans. Sometimes (extremely rarely) sharks of other species swim here, but they are rather an exception, a phenomenon not characteristic of the Black Sea area. Thus, the quatrans remain the top link in the food chain in the Black Sea ecosystem. This situation has existed for many thousands of years, and environmentalists see no reason to change it. Rather, marine inhabitants (and not only sharks) should be wary of sea pollution due to increased human activity. The Black Sea is perhaps the dirtiest in the world, since its coast has been densely inhabited since ancient times, and polluted waters from the depths of Europe enter the sea through rivers. Environmentalists say that in the last quarter of the last century, the population of dolphins and quatra in the Black Sea has decreased several times. And it is possible that in the future the conversation on the topic of “sharks in the Black Sea” will be possible only on the pages of textbooks on zoology.

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Sharks in the Black Sea: Are They Dangerous to Man? 63

Sharks in the Black Sea: Are They Dangerous to Man? 6

Sharks in the Black Sea: Are They Dangerous to Man? 95

Sharks in the Black Sea: Are They Dangerous to Man? 32

Sharks in the Black Sea: Are They Dangerous to Man? 99

Sharks in the Black Sea: Are They Dangerous to Man? 93