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There is in the history of our Fatherland one prominent surname - B.
I do not have a verified attitude to B., but I deeply respect his illegitimate son, my friend, Dima.
With his mother’s help, he had long disguised his surname, called Jumberia.
He had a happy childhood, not even in the Soviet sense of the term: riding, for example, camels in Africa.
But his father was shot, and even his grave is not.
The son of his career did not and did not try, which is natural, but, as it should be a normal highlander, he headed the shop in Moscow, helped the actors, gave them presents, the sea was poured.
And now he lives on a small pension.
He invested a very large amount in Sberbank, (I thought it would be enough for 100 years) to live on interest, but, naturally, I lost everything in the name of the bright future of Yegorka Gaidar.
There are several relics in the family of Dima, including the concert trousers of Fyodor Shalyapin.
They were handed over to Dmitry by the USSR People’s Artist Alexei Dikiy, who, according to the leader of all nations, played Stalin perfectly.
Dmitry decided to present this exhibit to the Moscow Shalyapin Museum, which is at the American Embassy.
I called the museum, arranged with the director when to make this action, I was preparing.
And he came to the museum, and the attendant casually threw to him: “If you want, give, you want, you can throw these pants in the garbage bin”.

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