Sergey Belov: biography, personal life, career in basketball, the date and cause of death

Homeland wonderful ball game is considered overseas Springfield, known for its Basketball Hall of Fame. The hero of this article is the best European player of the 20th century, the first non-American included on his honorary list as far back as the 90s. We are talking about the legendary Sergei Belov, basketball for which has become the real meaning of life. He realized himself not only as a player, but also as an outstanding coach.

The beginning of the biography of Sergei Belov

Basketball did not enter the life of a native of a small village Nashchokovo (Tomsk Region) immediately. The young Siberian was born in 1944, January 23. His parents, evacuated from Leningrad, suffered on their shoulders all the burdens of the war years. The father, not finding his son's birth, was mobilized to the front, returning only in 1947. An engineer by training, he was a wonderful ski racer, champion of Leningrad. His son Sergey inherited his love for sport.

Belov Sergey

The family moved to Tomsk, where the boy went to the 1st grade.From childhood, he enjoyed playing football, skiing, and athletics. And even became the author of a record in high jump among juniors of the region. But he was not included in the composition of the regional athletics team, so Sergei Belov concentrated on basketball, which he became interested in as early as 5th grade.

The path to CSKA

The first coach of Sergei was G. I. Resch, who instilled a love for the ball game. Regular trainings did their job: a 14-year-old teenager already played for student teams, having decided at the end of school to link his life with basketball.

His talent and hard work were appreciated by the coaching staff of the Sverdlovsk Uralmash. How long did Sergey Belov play for this professional team? The national basketball team made a call to him in 1967, after which Sergey never returned to Sverdlovsk.

Having won the world championship in Montevideo (Uruguay) as part of the main team of the country, Belov received an invitation to CSKA - the most titled European club after Real Madrid.

Sergey Belov, basketball team


After graduating from school, Sergey continued his studies at the Moscow Forestry Institute, choosing a specialty with which his father was associated.But later he decided to study for a coach and entered MOGIFK. Today the institute is renamed the Academy of Physical Culture.

Sergey Belov graduated from college in 1977, when he was still an active player. In the future, education helped the athlete to become an outstanding coach, as will be discussed in the article just below.

Game for CSKA

Having moved to Moscow, Belov began to speak for the army. This team he was betrayed 12 years. During this time, together with her, he climbed up to the top step of the national championship podium 11 times, won the USSR Cup twice (1972, 1973), Euroleague (1969, 1971).

Sergey Belov and Alexander Gomelsky

In 1969, CSKA was headed by the legendary Alexander Gomelsky, whose contribution to the development of domestic basketball can not be overestimated. Sergey Belov (pictured with the coach is presented a little higher) with him turned into a player who perfectly conducts the ending of the match. In addition, he had tremendous speed, competent field vision, the ability to “read” the opponent’s game.

The height of the athlete was 192 cm, which even by the standards of that time was not considered an outstanding indicator.

For 33 years, Belov joined the coaching staff of the team, acting as a playing coach.After Gomelsky left, he will fully concentrate on this work.

Sergey Belov: USSR national team

Basketball in the 70s was one of the most popular sports. Thanks to the dedication of players and coaches, he brought fame to his country. Until 1971, being the team leader, Belov received the European title three times, and in 1970 - the Universiade.

USSR national team, Sergey Belov

Victory at the Munich Olympics (1972) turned the members of the team into demigods. In the final match against the Americans, Alexander and Sergei Belova excelled. Basketball did not know such a fabulous end of the match. Three seconds before the final whistle, losing 1 point to the overseas national team, Ivan Edeshko gives a unique pass through the entire field to A. Belov, who in the eyes of the bewildered public pulls out a victory for his team.

Alexander Belov, basketball player

Sergei Belov scored 20 points out of 51 in that match, which testifies: he was at that time one of the key players of the national team. Becoming the winner in Munich, twice the athlete climbed to the third step of the podium at other competitions, was awarded the title of champion of Europe and the world.

In 1980, it was he who at the opening of the Moscow Olympiad was instructed to light the fire in the Olympic bowl.This is a unique case in the history of the Olympic movement, when this mission was assigned to a basketball player. The athlete for 14 years wore the uniform of a member of the national team of the country, defending her honor at four olympiads, seven European championships and four world championships.

Basketball player Sergey Belov

As coach

The great player completed his sports career in the same 1980 to become an equally great mentor. At first he headed his native CSKA, but in 1982 he had to say goodbye to the team. Once in the disgrace of state security agencies due to the arrival of a Brazilian friend, Belov became restricted to travel abroad.

Only in 1988, he was able to return to his native team. The 1989/1990 season was left for CSKA, after which the coach left the country to work with the Italian club Cassino. Three years later, after the collapse of the USSR, Sergei Belov will return to the capital to lead the RFB and the Russian national team.

Under his leadership, the country's main team will bring silver medals from the World Championships in 1994 and 1998. In the first case, losing the championship to the United States, in the second - Yugoslavia. In 1997, Russia will become the bronze medalist of the European Championship.

At the age of 55, the coach will leave the national team in order to create a team in the Perm region that is not inferior to CSKA in their skills. The finest hour for "Ural-Great" will happen in 2000-2003.Twice the Perm citizens will win the Russian championship and twice go down just one step below, in parallel, winning the NEBL - the Northern European League.

Coach Sergey Belov

Personal life

Sergey Belov was never a media person, so not much is known about his personal life. He was officially married twice. The first wife was Natalya Zemskaya, with whom the athlete connected his life in early youth. In 1969 their joint daughter was born.

In 1977, the couple broke up, after which Sergey Alexandrovich married Lydia Khakhulin. From this union there is a son Alexander. In 1996 this marriage broke up, after which Belov did not create a family anymore.

Death of an outstanding basketball player

Leaving coaching, Belov remained president of Ural Great, engaged in social activities. What is known about his untimely demise?

The heart of a great player stopped in 2013, October 3. Sergey Aleksandrovich was only 69 years old. The cause of death was cardiovascular disease.

Sergey Belov, Munich Olympics

Although the tragic event occurred in Perm, farewell to basketball player No. 1 took place in Moscow. Fans of this sport gathered in the CSKA sports complex to express their gratitude to his merits and talent.

It is symbolic that the body of the beloved pupil of Alexander Gomelsky rests next to the grave of his teacher, whom basketball players are still affectionately called the “father” - at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.

"Upward movement"

In December 2017, the sports drama A. Megerdichev, who immediately became the rental leader, came out on the screens of the country. Few people know that its name ("Movement Up") was borrowed from one of the heroes of the painting, Sergei Belov. On the 30th anniversary of the Munich Olympiad, he published an autobiographical book that told the world about how USSR basketball lived.

"1972", "Sergey Belov", "Munich", "three seconds" - these and other key phrases find their interpretation and author's assessment in it. V. Kondrashin, the coach of the 1972 Olympic team, called Belova the real leader around whom the intrigue of the game lined up. He was considered the best sniper, a man with an inflexible character, a real basketball star. The last comparison belongs to V. Putin.

In the picture, the character of Sergei Alexandrovich went to actor Kirill Zaitsev. He made up so as to look the most like a famous athlete in his young years.He tried to convey the character of an outstanding basketball player, who was awarded with a number of government awards and honorary titles of the Honored Master of Sports and Honored Coach of the Russian Federation.

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