Second coming of azal

This morning, a joint press conference of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) and the airport was held in Vnukovo.
The theme of the day was to increase the frequency of flights Azal from Vnukovo.
From March next year, two flights instead of one will be operated to Vnukovo from Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku.
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Flights from Baku will be operated daily on comfortable Airbus A319 aircraft with arrival in Moscow at 10.10 and 18.40.
Departure from Vnukovo will be at 11.10 and 19.40.
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According to Eldar Alievich, Vice-President of AZAL Airlines, Eldar Alievich, this is the second coming of the Azerbaijani carrier to Vnukovo; Azal also flies twice a day to the Moscow Domodedovo Airport.
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Today, first they put the A319 on the flight, then they saw that the load was large and changed to A320. In the end, everyone expected to put an even more Dreamliner, but the B767 flew in ...
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And he refreshed his white livery with his white spaces and white airplanes in the autumn landscape of the Moscow region.
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In the next four years, AZAL plans to replenish the fleet with 12 aircraft. What types of aircraft are we talking about is not specified.
In parallel, it is planned to withdraw all three Boeing 757-200 single-aisle aircraft from the park (according to data from open sources, their average age is 18.5 years). As a result, the AZAL park will be 32 aircrafts.
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With the receipt of new aircraft, the route network of the airline will be expanded. In particular, until 2021, the operator intends to open additional direct flights from Baku to the regions of Russia, for example, to Volgograd, Astrakhan and the city of the Far East. But this is unlikely to happen next year.
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Also, AZAL does not exclude the possibility of launching flights to Russia from another city of Azerbaijan - Ganja (from this city the operator is already flying to St. Petersburg).
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That is such a beauty.

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