Santori Japanese whiskey: overview, features, composition and reviews

"Whiskey" is translated from the Irish language as "the water of life." It is so characterizedJapanese whiskey "Santori", from the time when it appeared, it is considered to be one of the best and most refined. Its minimum exposure is eight years. He appeared relatively recently, but was liked by many gourmets. Today we will talk about this interesting drink, its composition and features.

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Peculiarities of Japanese Alcohol

Whiskey "Santori"It was made according to the basic sample, the prototype - conservative traditional Scottish. The Japanese did not manage to bypass the original, but a very good alcoholic drink was born, similar in style to Scotch whiskey. The features of this drink are:

  1. Other water. In Japan, it is soft and has a small amount of organic matter.
  2. The shape of the still in this country is different.for each type of drink - its own cube.
  3. The technology of preparation of the drink involves the use of direct heating, in Scotland this is not.
  4. Fermentation takes place in wooden vats, in contrast to metal containers, which are used in Scotland.
  5. Japanese oak, which is used for making vats, givesWhiskey "Santori"special oriental flavor that resembles the aroma present in Buddhist temples.
  6. The climate of the country. The ripening of whiskey in Japan proceeds very quickly due to the constantly high temperature of the air.


To make whiskey in Japan began at the end of the nineteenth century, when Scottish popularity increased. Own production became imitative, since the Japanese were guided by the original in everything. A young businessman named Shinjiro Tori opened a wine shop in Osaka, naming it Kotobukiya. First, wines from Spain were sold here, and in 1907 Tori created the first Japanese port wine. Wine was not popular at that time, mostly Japanese people used sake. Despite this, Shinjiro was promoting his product on the market. To do this, he invited reporters, appointed press conferences, actively promoting their products.Advertising campaigns played a role - Tori became famous, it expanded its product range, beer, tea, spices, and more appeared on the shelves.

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The appearance of whiskey

In the twenties of the nineteenth century, Shinjiro began producing whiskey. He built a distillery Yamazaki in the area, which was similar in climatic conditions with Scotland, and also distinguished by the presence of soft and clean artesian water. In 1923, the first alcohols were obtained at the distillery. Tori began to work actively as a taster, chief technologist and blender. FirstWhiskey "Santori"was born in 1929. The name was not chosen by chance. So, Sun means “sun” in English, and tory is the name of the manufacturer. Gradually, the company covered the market. Now the Japanese whiskey was associated only with Yamazaki. After the outbreak of World War II, alcohol production fell. Established in 1940Whiskey "Santori Old"only a little revived the market. But at this time the company has its own research institute, headed by the son of the manufacturer Keizo Saji. After the war, the company began to thrive actively and by the sixties had conquered the world market. In 1962, the distillery is headed by Keizo Sadzi, he turns it from Kotobukiya to Suntory.Japanese whiskey "Santori" pricewhich corresponds to its quality, has gained great popularity. This contributed to the emergence of a new distillery in Hakushu.

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And what about today?

In our time, the company has opened many distilleries. Whiskey "Santori" today among the ten best in the world, and its manufacturer occupies about seventy percent of the total Japanese market. Suntory has many businesses in France, Germany and Scotland. There are eight vineyards in California, a brewery in Germany, and ten distilleries in France. The company is headed today by Nobutade Saji, son of Keizo Saji.

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Suntory in Japan is made according to Scottish technology, which includes double distillation in malt distillation tanks, which is purchased in Scotland. Grain base for Japanese whiskey - corn. Alcohol ripens in oak vats. Japanese Suntory contains Scottish spirits, which are produced at its own distilleries in Scotland. Blends are made up of alcohols, the amount of which is less than that used in other countries. The company buys peat in Scotland to filter the drink.Suntory, the price of which depends on its brand, is usually drunk during lunch. Therefore, the creators pay attention to its harmonious combination with some dishes. Japanese before drinking alcohol is diluted with water, sometimes the proportion is 1: 9.

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Sorts "Santori"

The distillery, which is popular all over the world, makes various sorts of whiskey with a light taste of peat and whiskey with a soft enough subtle taste. Consider what sorts of whiskey Suntory offers us.

  1. "Suntory Kakubin" is the best-selling since its inception. Its strength is forty percent, it has a mild, refreshing taste that is well suited for dinner. The bottle where this alcohol is poured is made in the form of a tortoise shell. The price is 1000 rubles.
  2. Whiskey "Santori Old"has a rich sustained taste and strength of 40%. The bottle in which the alcohol is placed is made in the old style, which corresponds to Japanese traditions. The price is 2000 rubles.
  3. "Santori Royal" - whiskey (priceis 4000 rubles), which is sustained for twelve years. It is prepared by mixing different types of whiskey, while it has a rich, aged taste. It is used by diluting with water.
  4. "Suntory Hakushu" has a strength of 43% and contains selected spirits that stood in the distillery for twelve years. It has the taste of fruit and cream flavor. Its cost is 3500 rubles.
  5. "Suntory Yamazaki" is of three types, depending on the duration of exposure. Thus, it is customary to distinguish between "Suntory Yamazaki" 12 years, 18 years and 25 years. This alcohol has a strength of 43% and has a mild delicious taste. The fragrance contains woody notes and a hint of dried fruit. Its cost starts from 6000 rubles.
  6. "Suntory Hibiki" is of two types: 17, 30 years and 21 years. "Suntory Hibiki" 17 years old consists of thirty-six alcohols, which stood for 17 years. "Suntory Hibiki" 21 years is composed of 58 alcohols. "Suntory Hibiki" 30 years is the most valuable in the collection of whiskey, it is aged in white oak barrels. Its cost is more than thirty thousand rubles. Due to this composition thisWhiskey "Santori"different balanced soft taste, rich aroma. Its fortress reaches 43%, and the cost starts from 13,500 rubles.
  7. "Suntory Cherie Kask" has a fortress of 48% and is included in a limited series of five thousand bottles. It has a vanilla aroma with notes of dried fruit, a full balanced taste with notes of honey and chocolate. The cost of the drink is more than fifty thousand rubles.

As you can see, "CAntori "- whiskey, pricewhich depends on its variety and time of exposure. It starts with one thousand rubles and ends with thirty-two thousand per bottle of 0.7 liters - "Santori Hibiki" 30-year exposure.

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Whiskey "Santori": drink reviews

Many lovers of fine alcoholic beverages find this whiskey boring. They argue that it does not have the original samples in the rulers and does not differ in a burst of tastes. But this drink is so balanced that one cannot meet anywhere else. Experimental samples of Japanese whiskey will soon become unsurpassed replicas of the scotch that conquered the world a hundred years ago and which cannot be found in its homeland today.

Reviews of different varieties

Whiskey "Santori Kakubin" like many, as it is relatively inexpensive and has a pleasant light taste. It can be eaten with meat steak.Whiskey "Santori Old" reviewshas ambiguous, as well as "Santori Royal". Some consider them banal in taste, others emphasize their softness and pleasant aftertaste. "Suntory Hakushu" is considered a divine drink, which has a taste of cream and smoked, it is distinguished by an honest price."Suntory Yamazaki" has a very pleasant fruit and berry aroma, well suited for gourmets. "Sunti Hibiki" is distinguished by the taste of sandalwood, honey and Japanese oak. This drink has many awards, so every lover of the exquisite wants to try out this product.

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Interesting facts

Each whiskey company in Japan produces its own various alcohols, which are needed for blending. This tradition has come a long time and is used today. Single malt whiskeys are more popular than blends. Barley for whiskey is purchased in Scotland, as in Japan itself it has a high cost. "Santori" is presented in three categories of blended whiskey. The first category - drinks containing 30% malt whiskey, the second - 20% and the third - 10%. Suntory is the first Japanese company to attract American showbiz stars to advertise its products. The company has a network of fitness clubs and its own publishing house. In addition, she sponsors an annual professional golf tournament that takes place in England. The company has two art museums, a musical foundation and the Institute of Medical and Biological Research.


Thus, the "Santori" whiskey is a strong alcoholic beverage with a pleasant aroma, which is prepared from barley and corn, passing through the process of fermentation, malting, distillation and aging for some time in Japanese oak barrels. The alcohol content in whiskey is mostly 40-43%. The color scheme of the drink can be different: from light yellow to light brown. The sugar content of this alcoholic beverage is insignificant. Whiskey produces the largest Japanese company, which occupies a leading position in the market of the country. Many gourmets and lovers of fine drinks prefer Japanese whiskey as an aperitif. Its interesting aroma and light taste inspire many people all over the world.

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