Delicious appetizer - sandwiches with cod liver and eggs

The liver of cod is not only delicious, but also very useful. After all, it contains many nutrients that are necessary for the human body. We suggest you make delicious sandwiches with her.

Cod liver. Recipes for cooking snacks with a nutritious fish

Now consider different ways of creating such sandwiches, using useful products.

To cook sandwiches with cod liver and eggs, we will need:

• half onion;

• two eggs;

• one can of cod liver;

• 10 slices of baguette.

These ingredients are enough for ten servings.

sandwich with cod liver and eggs

The cooking process

1. In a bowl of medium depth, pour onion sliced ​​in shallow slices. Everything is poured over with boiling water.

2. Eggs are boiled, cleaned and finely chopped.

3. A can of cod is opened, the fish is kneaded by a fork. There also it is necessary to add two spoons of a liquid in which there was a liver. Then everything is mixed.

4. The received weight stack on slices of a baguette or usual slices of black bread. They can be pre-dried or fried. That's all, sandwiches with cod liver and eggs are ready. They can be served on the table.

Snacks from the liver of cod and eggs

sandwiches with liver cod recipes

For cooking you will need:

• liver of cod (canned food) - 2 cans;

• 4 eggs (cooked);

• Hard cheese - two hundred grams;

• mayonnaise;

• one French loaf;

• two cloves of garlic;

• dill and onion greens (necessary for decorating our dish).

Cooking a tasty snack

1. Loaf cut into slices. Toast in a dry frying pan.

2. Cooked eggs are cleaned and rubbed on a fine grater.

3. The liver is extracted from the jar and warmed up.

4. Fried pieces of the loaf rubbed with garlic. They are laid out pre-mixed filling.

5. Sandwiches from cod liver and eggs are decorated with chopped herbs and served to the table.

Another snack

In order to cook sandwiches, you do not need to have great talents. Making a quick snack is easy, but the following ingredients are required:

• one can of liver cod;

• two cooked eggs;

• four pieces of white bread square shaped;

• some mayonnaise;

• one fresh cucumber;

• a variety of greens.

sandwiches liver cod recipes

The process of cooking delicious sandwiches

1. Bread is cut into slices no more than a centimeter thick. Then each slice is cut obliquely, to make triangles.

2. Eggs are rubbed on the grater, the liver crumples with a fork, the greens are finely chopped and a little mayonnaise is added.

3. The resulting mixture is laid out on a portioned bread pieces. Top put cucumbers cucumber. Decorate with greens and served on the table.

That's how sandwiches with cod liver are made. We have already considered some of the recipes, but this is not enough. After all, the more different ways to create sandwiches, the wider the possibilities for choice. Now we will tell you some more interesting options for preparing such canapes.

Good snack from cod

To make sandwiches with cod liver, you will need:

• 3 eggs;

• 1 French loaf;

• one hundred grams of hard cheese;

• 1 can of olives;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• two hundred grams of cod liver;

• greenery.

liver cod sandwiches pictures

Cooking process:

1. The loaf is cut. Fry in a pan without adding oil.

2. Eggs and cheese rub on a small grater.

3. The liver warmes up.

4. All the ingredients are mixed.

5. The greens are cut very finely, added to the filling. Everything is thoroughly mixed.

6. Then the fried pieces of bread should be rubbed with garlic.

7. On top of a thin layer should be laid stuffing and sprinkle with herbs. Appetizing and beautiful sandwiches with cod liver and eggs are ready to eat. They can be served for breakfast, then it will turn out to be very nutritious. Also, these canadies are suitable for a buffet table.

Delicate sandwich with cod liver and eggs

For preparation it will be required:

• 1 avocado;

• 1 baguette;

• two hundred grams of cod liver;

• 3 beets;

• 1 lemon.

delicious and wholesome sandwiches with cod liver and eggs

Make sandwiches with avocado

1. First you need to boil the beetroot.

2. Then it is necessary to clear the avocado and remove the stone from it. Cut the fruit into cubes. Sprinkle with lemon juice. This is necessary to preserve the color and structure of the avocado.

3. Further it is necessary to cut a liver cubes (not so big). Then it must be mixed with avocado.

4. Then the baguette is cut into pieces, after which they are toasted in oil.

5. Beets cut with thin plastics and spread on the fried baguette. Over lay the avocado and, of course, the fish liver.

6. Finished sandwiches laid out on a plate plates and decorated with wedges of lemon.

Advice: Avocado should be soft, oily, ripe. Then the dish will turn out juicy. If the fruit is not ripe, then the products will have a bitter taste.

A small conclusion

Now you know that for cooking snacksyou may need a cod liver. Sandwiches, photos of which you see in our article, are not only tasty, but also useful. If you like something, then cook this dish at home. Good luck! If you are asked how to make sandwiches with cod liver, the recipes we gave you, tell them.

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