Sabantuy in 2018

Almost every nation has holidays. How much of a holiday, how many Sabantui 2018 - in our article.

Sabantuy 2018

What number Sabantuy 2018? There is no exact answer. It is a national holiday season. It depends on the timing of the work. Therefore, Sabantuy is celebrated every year on its own day.

The Sabbath-Day 2018 will be announced.

It has been traditionally formed to celebrate the holiday in several stages. First, the planting of the village. Behind them. If you are a city of the world, you have a lot of large-scale celebrations. will be made public in the spring of 2018.


Sabantuy in our time

Today Sabantuy is an international holiday. It is celebrated not only in Tatarstan, but also in many other cities of our country. So, every year is not only the communities of the capital. It will be a lot of fun. As of Kazan, the number of Sabantui 2018 in Moscow will be immediately before the holiday.

By the way, Sabantuy is celebrated not only in our country, but also by the United States, in New York, Toronto and Montreal, in Istanbul and Tehran.

Gradually, it has been the national traits of the spring. If you’re in the morning, you can


It is a public holiday with all the associated paraphernalia. The date of the holiday is determined by a presidential decree; officials of various ranks are engaged in the preparation of festive events; funding is provided from the state budget. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to use it. In recent years, they have been invited to participate in folk festivals.

Tradition sabantuy

The first step in preparing a holiday is collecting gifts. For these purposes, it is sometimes necessary to train the boys to meet. Collecting towels, nuts and dried fruits, handicrafts and much more. Gifts and prizes of competitions in honor of Sabantui. There is a red dressing for girls on the floor. the holiday. There is a different technique, often among the laptops, cars, laptops, cars.


Maidan is a special site specially prepared for the holiday. There are contests, concerts, and dances are held. There are a number of trays.

Today, Sabantuyu decided to prepare for a special entertainment program. By the president of Tatarstan. The celebration ends with a colorful salute.

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