Rivers in France: description, meaning and use

Rivers in France provide water resources not only for their own country, but also for neighboring countries - Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and Luxembourg. There are very few lakes in the territory. Therefore, it is the rivers that play an important role in tourism, shipping, agriculture, and hydropower.

Natural reservoirs

The water system of France for many millennia is unchanged. Indeed, in this country there are no drying lakes and rivers, precipitation occurs regularly. In addition, a temperate maritime climate plays a significant role. All these factors contribute to providing the state with the necessary amount of hydrological resources.

rivers in france

The complex of natural reservoirs includes many small and large rivers. Today there are more than a hundred. Rivers in France are divided into small bodies of water, which are tributaries of other rivers, and large, which flow into the sea or ocean. The latter include the Loire, Rhone, Seine, Rhine, Garonne, Meuse, Dordogne, Adour, Scheldt and Charente.Their length is more than three hundred kilometers, the total area of ​​the basins occupies about seventy percent of the entire country.

Romance dream

The Seine is a rather long river of France, about 776 km long, flowing in its northern part. It belongs to the largest transport arteries of the country. Plays an important role in the development of tourism. Romantic cruises, walks along the embankment are very popular both among the local population and among foreigners.

On the banks of the Seine are such major cities as Paris, Rouen and Le Havre.

The water level of the river usually rises from late autumn to early spring. The reservoir feeds due to rainfall and its main tributaries - the Marne, the Oise, the Ob, the Yonne.

the longest river of France

In the middle of the twentieth century, the river became almost dead because of the huge amount of pollutants in it. And only after carrying out radical measures, the state of the reservoir has improved significantly. And in 2009, Atlantic salmon returned to it.

The deepest river

The Rhone is a reservoir that flows not only in France, but also in Switzerland. It is considered the most abundant in the country. It originates in the Rhone Glacier.Its length is more than 800 kilometers, although this is not the longest river in France.

On the banks of the Rhone are located such cities as Lyon, Avilion, Valence, Arles and Montelimar. The river is navigable, it is also crossed by many pedestrian, highways and railways. The bridges became a special decoration of the reservoir.

Ron plays a big role in the work of French hydroelectric power plants. Also on the river for more than sixty years the Markul NPP has been operating.

The owner of the picturesque shores

Like other rivers in France, the Garonne occupies a weighty place in the country's navigation. It carries its waters in the southwestern part of the state. Its length is 647 kilometers, of which 523 are in France. The river has more than thirty tributaries, including the Dordogne, Aveyron, Ile, Ariege, Sala and others. The reservoir connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Biscay with a canal system.

long river of france

The Garonne is the longest river in France, whose name has been associated with culture and extraordinary charm for centuries. Even in the Middle Ages, it was considered the cradle of talented artists and poets who glorify the beauty of the surrounding nature and architecture.The largest cities located on the banks of the reservoir are Agen, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

For the deep Garonne and its tributaries are characterized by strong floods, the cause of which are the steep slopes of the rivers, as well as the melting of snow. Most often, floods occur in the spring, and the minimum water level in the reservoir can be observed from August to September.

To save the river in 2009 - 2013 a number of actions were carried out. These include flood prevention, the prevention of industrial and agricultural pollution and the restoration of wetlands.

The longest river of France

The Loire carries its mighty waters through the entire history of the state. This majestic river with a difficult character in the summer period can seem almost dried up, and with the arrival of the season the precipitation turns into a turbulent full-flowing stream. Its length is about 1,020 kilometers, and the basin covers more than twenty percent of all of France. On the banks of the river there are such cities as Orleans, Roanne, Nevers, Angers, Tours, Nantes, Blois and others.

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In the valley of the reservoir there are many magnificent architectural complexes: castles, palaces and cities, each of which testifies to the historical past of France. No wonder the Loire is also called the “river of kings”.Between Orleans and Nantes, located on its shores, are a few dozen marvelous castles erected for the monarchs and their noblemen. The main ones are Lange, Amboise, Blois, Valence, Chenonceaux and Chambord.

Unfortunately, improperly carried out cleaning works on the bottom of the river in 1978 caused the destruction of the unique ancient bridge Tours.

The value of the reservoir for the state

Just like other rivers in France, the Loire plays a significant role in agriculture, hydropower to get a source of energy. Its waters are involved in the creation of the reservoir.

The valleys of the river are also famous for their vineyards supplying the whole world with famous wines.

france city river

On the territory of the basin of the reservoir, Vilrest and Nossan barriers were built to cool nuclear reactors.

The Loire is connected by many canals to such rivers as the Seine, the Saone and the Cher. However, it is navigable only upstream near Nantes.

The beauty of nature, exquisite wines and unique cuisine, ancient architecture - this is what France beckons to. Cities, rivers, highlands of the country annually attract millions of tourists.

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