River Ufa: rest and fishing

Ufa (Ufimka) washes the region of the Urals, Priurale, two areas in Russia (Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk), Bashkortostan. The mouth of the river became Agidel. The source is the Ufa Lake, located in a mountain range called Uraltau.

The nature of the river throughout the course of restless. In the valleys, the current is weak, the coastline is not clipped, in the upper reaches there are always rapids and a strong current.river Ufa

White River

White River (Ufa - its tributary) is located in the southern part of the Urals. The water flow itself is a tributary of the Kama. Captures the territory of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan.

There is an assumption that hydronym arose due to the location of the White River and Ufa. Their movements are directed towards each other, therefore there is an opinion that Ufa is otherwise called "black."

The length of the water flow is 1,430 km, and the basin area exceeds 142 thousand square meters. km The source is located near Iremeli (mountain), namely, near Avalyaki. The upper course is almost swamped. The coast is covered with forests, meadows; they have no definite form, only some of them are represented by cliffs and steep slopes.

Closer to the mouth of the White Valley is expanding, due to this, it will stop a major river in the country.It has many sleeves, while the right coastline is above the left.

The food is dominated by snow. Most of the runoff (50-60%) comes from floods. In addition, during such processes, the turbidity of water is much higher.

Economic value of White

The White River (Ufa too) is used quite a lot and often. Being the most important waterway in the whole of Bashkortostan, it is used to transport goods and transport tourists. It is on Ufa that most visitors and travelers to this region want to visit.

Two hydroelectric power plants are installed on the water flow: Yumaguzinskaya HPP (2005) and Yumaguzinsky reservoir (2003). Due to the last construction of the water in Belaya is becoming less and less, it gradually grows shallower.

Locals resource Belaya used for watering gardens, orchards. But for the extraction of drinking water, it is not suitable. The Ufa River is a water flow, through which ships and ships mainly go to Belaya. Unlike other rivers flowing on the territory of the Russian Federation, Belaya is the most meager for fish. Only a few species are found here, but there are still rare representatives.

Some tributaries of the White River are used by man for rafting forests. It hits hard on ecology and the environment.

River Ufa

One of the largest rivers in Russia is Ufa. It has a picturesque nature, beautiful beaches. In some places, the nature of its flow changes so dramatically that any person who sees this miracle will freeze in amazement.

Basically, after the Pavlovskaya HPP, one can see a huge number of boats, boats and ships along the stream. At the same time, small of them rise and higher along the channel. This contributes to the depth and nature of the flow, and even the weather.

There are plenty of fish. Their variations range from common carp to sickly, salmon, etc.

The embankment of the Ufa River constantly suffers from the influx of guests: both local residents and visitors. Kayak and canoe competitions are very often held on the waters of this stream. Fans of adrenaline and risk always remain satisfied from this kind of occupation. The flow is so strong that almost all of the first time are in the water. This brings not only a lot of emotions, but also good memories. Due to the fact that there are settlements on the banks of the watercourse, it is difficult to reach the scenic spots. But it is possible: there are many roads and paths leading to the most heavenly places in this wilderness.

The average depth of the river is about 1.5 m, width - 70 m. The bottom is uneven, there are depressions, rapids, pits.

Ufa has no recreation facilities, which distinguishes the water flow from other rivers of the Russian Federation. Many tourists move with the help of a raft. Fishing is not prohibited in certain places. Poachers are caught and severely punished.White River Ufa

River geography

The length of the river is 918 km, the basin area does not exceed 53 thousand square meters. km The source is located in the ridge of Uraltau. At the top of the stream is a semi-mountainous and mountainous river, due to the fact that it flows through rocks and some small mountains. Sometimes there are thresholds. The Ufa River is navigable throughout its entire area, except for a few shallow sections. In the area where it is semi-mountainous, you can notice the appearance of ships, but because of unexpected shoals, they appear here much less often.

There is a karst in the pool to which Ufa belongs. Pavlovskaya HPP is installed on the river. After its dam, the water flow becomes a really full-fledged full-flowing river, which has a high flow level.

Ufa has many tributaries, but the main ones include the Ufaleyka, Kukazar, Nyazyu, Ai and others.

Water consumption per year does not exceed 380 m / s.At the same time, over the entire period of its existence, the Ufa River also showed the following figures: 55 m / s (the lowest indicator) and 3,700 m / s (the largest indicator). The water lends itself to freezing towards the beginning of November, and ice begins to open in May. The river feeds in many ways, but the snow remains predominant.river Ufa photo

Tourism on the river

The most common destination for tourists is Ozerki. It is easy to drive up to this village, which makes travel easier for many. In addition to the village, the dam of the hydroelectric station and the territory adjacent to it can be called a famous place.

In terms of the number of water trips, the Ufa River, whose photos are quite beautiful and mysteriously charming, has long been seeking to take a leadership position. The area through which it flows has an uncomplicated structure and a beautiful scenic view. Near Araslanovo there is a special hydrological monument guarded by the authorities of the Chelyabinsk region.rest on the river Ufa

Economic use of Ufa

Pavlovskaya hydroelectric power station was built on the river. In addition to it, there are large reservoirs belonging to Ufa. Its waters are used in agriculture for irrigation and water supply.

Rest on the Ufa river is slightly difficult because practically all its length there are various settlements.embankment of the river Ufa


Initially, the river had the name "Karaidel", which translated from Bashkir means "Black River". Only after the founding of the majestic city of Ufa did the hydronym change.

At the junction of the Belaya and Ufa rivers, different colors of water are clearly visible, which was the source for creating a small legend. Its essence is as follows: “The Urals lived in the world and it had two daughters. Those among themselves constantly argued about who is older, who was born first. The man was tired of this conflict, and he decided to release both women at will, to see how they would cope with freedom, who could live alone. And the father is constantly then put a swamp in front of them, then he will grow a rock on the way. As a result, one daughter became mighty, hardy, her soul brightened, the other - stubborn and voluptuous. It turned black and cold as ice. "walks along the river Ufa

Under the assumptions of scientists, the current name "Ufa" suffered great changes and experienced the influence of other languages. Until now, the question remainswho gave the name of the water flow and in which dialect the word originally sounded.

Now three names are distributed: Ufimka, Ufa and Karaidel.

Rest on Ufa

Walks on the Ufa river are quite popular. Green tourism is also famous. Earlier, during the time of the USSR, groups of tourists gathered in the adjacent forests. They lit a fire, sang songs with a guitar. Today, there are practically no such lovers of adventure. Rarely there are people who stopped overnight, and camps have been set up near the shores of the water flow.

The most correct period is when you can come to rest in the area of ​​the Ufa River - the beginning of summer and its end. In July, it is better not to appear in the vicinity at all. The month is certainly warm and hot enough, but the sun burns so that many faint, feel bad.

Subspecies of green tourism is living in the village. Perhaps now it is used by about 80% of all travelers. The locals, accustomed to the influx of people, got used to live with tourists. Some rent houses or rooms. Ural forests - the best place that helps get rid of the bustle of the city and extraneous thoughts.water level in the river Ufa

The water level in the Ufa River is so low that even a person is difficult to swim in this place. Mostly such places are located near the dam and hydroelectric power station.

Animal world

As it was already written above, the number of fish species in Ufa does not please the fishermen. However, this does not mean that every time you have to leave without a catch. Such representatives of the water world as ide, tench, pike, crucian carp, gudgeon, trout, white salmon, burbot, etc. are found here.

Almost all of them "move" to Ufa from a water district located in the Sverdlovsk region. Soma is difficult to meet, it is found only in the lower reaches.fish river ufa

Trout prefers more stranded and streams that flow into the general water flow. In the lower reaches inhabits the greatest amount of taimen. But the upper course prefers grayling.

The fish of the river Ufa also "loves" some of its tributaries (Sarana, Demid and Bardym). But in Biserti, fishermen do not recommend trying to catch something: not only is the bite minimal, so also the size of the catch will not please you at all.

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