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The Fillet Restaurant on Pokrovka opened relatively recently, previously there was an institution called "Free Hugs" (Hugs). I came here for lunch, but it turned out that during them I can try most of the dishes from the main menu and make a full review of the restaurant’s cuisine. And as the facility manager proudly told me later, the Fille restaurant is located at 89 in the Moscow restaurant rating list. I propose to look at what they feed and how it looks.
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Address:Pokrovka, 4
Time: 12.00 - 17.00
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Prices:There is only one price option for business lunches - 450 rubles for 2 meals and a drink. But, since the dish is selected from the main menu, the savings range from 50% to 70%. However, soon the institution plans to raise the price of lunches to 500-550 rubles. In the lunch version, some of the dishes are a bit simplified, but basically this is the same as at any other time.
Kitchen:European, author
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Menu:You can choose from the main menu of dishes that are not marked with asterisks (about half). These are 4 appetizers, 3 soups, 7 main courses and 3 desserts. One of the two drinks relies on this - a teapot of tea or a cup of coffee.
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Beetroot soup with smoked fish. As I understand it, the compilers of the menu were wrong and mozoni called exercise. Top soup sprinkled with frozen sauce, unusual, but not tasty. The rest is nothing special
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Mushroom soup. They said that in the main menu it comes with more noble mushrooms, and in the version for dinner with honey agarics
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Restaurant Overview

Fish soup with three types of fish. Cod, Dorado and Pink Salmon
Only the soup is served bread and butter. In this case, with strawberry ... Not bad, only the container is embarrassing. In my opinion it is not hygienic - oil smeared on wood
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Restaurant Overview

Chicken liver mousse. Not really a mousse turned out, a bit too sweet. On top, the liver paste is covered with a crust of caramel and blueberry. In general, a good snack, but I would like something more refined than chicken liver
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Salad with pastras. Their pastors are smoked-dried meat, but outwardly and to taste it looks just like roast beef. Nearby smeared apple-barbecue sauce. Newly frozen sauce on top and not quite suitable dishes. Not really
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Palenta with garganzola mousse and porcini mushrooms. Oyster mushroom mushrooms. Palenta here is like a piece of scrambled eggs with the texture of a Catalan cream. Simple but satisfying
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Cabbage rolls with beef, mushrooms and potato fillets. Here really potatoes are whipped into the mousse - it turned out cool. In grape leaves, just pieces of beef and mushrooms ... little and simple
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Duck fillet with baby carrots. For lunch, only half a serving and as a result, extremely small. A piece of duck is just childish and, by the way, not the best - it is harsh. Markov is also not young. I do not recommend
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Cheeks with sweet potatoes. Here again is the sauce of odorous garganzola. The dish is very similar to the above.
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Flounder with bulgur and tom yam sauce. The most expensive dish available à la carte as part of the lunch offer is 650 rubles. In my opinion, rustic
The drinks
Restaurant Overview

Restaurant Overview

Kettle tea. Tea was given a couple of times coffee cups, which is extremely inconvenient and wrong.
Portions: small and small
Lead time: 20-25 minutes
Atmosphere: in principle, the interior is not here, there are a couple of design solutions and that's it. Normal but without frustration
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Wi-Fi: there is
The best dish:there's no such thing
Food:4 points
Product quality:5 points
Innings:4 points
Waiters:5 points
Situation:4 points
Prices:4 points
Hospitality:3 points
Author's:3 points
Overall rating: 32out of 40 points
Overall impression:
Of course, to try dishes for half the price at lunch is good, although they are truncated a bit and not everything is available, but there is a profit. For the price, I will not say that it is good or bad, with some combinations it is good, with some it is bad, that is, dishes are worth their money, but sometimes it happens not. Plus the portions are too small, there is a risk not to eat, although the issue is partially solved by hot tea - there is a lot of it. The main disappointment is the food. She is an author, sometimes interesting, good products, but this is definitely not the pinnacle of culinary thought. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I really liked somehow at least one dish - everything is fine, I’m not going to try it again. Therefore, the rating of the top 100, in my opinion, is not relevant here. The waiters are good, although often their role is played by the manager. I can also note the speed of serving, the dishes are made fairly quickly. In the end, this is a good place for lunch, when you want to try something new, but as an independent institution - nothing remarkable.
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