Rest in the Carpathians.

Good evening! We want to go with the guy to the Carpathians, but neither he nor I ski, nor do we want to learn. Is there any reason? Or get bored? Tell me where to go
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Answered on March 8 01:06
So what is the point to go to the Carpathians and not even go? We often go to Yaremche, where it is possible to settle in a hotel, or you can rent a private house - it turns out much cheaper.
Answered on March 8 01:15
The Carpathians are beautiful at any time of the year, even without skiing. But maybe it's worth a try? In the developed resorts now you can take all the equipment for hire - no need to carry them. Yes, and instructor teachers for a couple of hours even put a beginner on skis. Consider Migovo, for example - here are the cottages. Well, and have a good rest!
Answered on March 8 01:22
And why the Carpathians, if you are not going to ski? Now it's better to go to the country club for a couple of days, with a sauna, spa and other relaxing program. And in the Carpathians on the May holidays already.
Answered on March 9 20:58
Why not go to the Carpathians now? Relax, breathe fresh air, take a walk. And there is no need to ski.

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