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It is believed that the earliest version of “Cinderella” was invented in ancient Egypt: while the beautiful prostitute Fodoris was bathing in the river, the eagle stole her sandal and took it to Pharaoh, who admired the small size of shoes and eventually married the harlot.

The Italian Giambattista Basile, who recorded the collection of folk legends “The Tale of Fairy Tales”, is much worse. His Cinderella, more precisely Zezolla, is not at all the unfortunate girl that we know from Disney cartoons and children's performances. She did not want to endure the humiliation of her stepmother, so she broke the stepmother's neck with a lid of the chest, taking her nanny as an accomplice. The nurse immediately squeezed in and became for the girl a second stepmother, in addition she had six evil daughters, of course, she did not shine to kill all the girl. Saved the case: once the girl saw the king and fell in love. Zezolla was quickly found by the servants of His Majesty, but she managed to escape, having dropped - no, not a crystal slipper! - A coarse pianella with cork soles as worn by the women of Naples.The following scheme is clear: nationwide search and wedding. So the stepmother's killer became the queen.
61 years after the Italian version, Charles Perrault released his tale. That it became the basis for all the "vanilla" modern interpretations. True, in the Perrois version, it’s not the godmother who helps the girl, but the deceased mother: a white bird lives on her grave, a wish-fulfilling bird.

The Brothers Grimm also interpreted the plot of Cinderella in their own way: in their opinion, the poor sisters of a poor orphan should have received what they deserved. Trying to squeeze into the cherished shoe, one of the sisters chopped off her finger, and the second - the heel. But the victim was in vain - pigeons warned the prince:

Look, look,
And the slipper is covered in blood ...

The same flying warriors of justice eventually pecked out the sisters' eyes - this is where the fairy tale ends.

The random fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm Grimm, fairy tales, brothers, fairy tales, which, Arnim, Wilhelm, the king, for example, who, of course, Perrot, did become, the version that, time, therefore, the king, "Tale

Little Red Riding Hood

The story of a girl and a hungry wolf has been known in Europe since the 14th century. The contents of the basket varied depending on the locality, but the story itself was much more unfortunate for Cinderella. After killing her grandmother, the wolf does not just eat it, but cooks a treat from her body, and from the blood - a kind of drink. Hiding in bed, he observes, so Little Red Riding Hood with appetite is eating her own grandmother.The grandmother’s cat tries to warn the girl, but she also dies a terrible death (the wolf throws heavy wooden shoes at her). Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t seem to be embarrassed by this, and after a hearty lunch she obediently undresses and lies in bed where the wolf is waiting for her. In most versions, this all ends - they say, it is a foolish girl!
Subsequently, Charles Perrault composed an optimistic finale for this story and added morality for all those whom all strangers invoke in bed:

Small kids, not without reason
(And especially the girls,
Beauties and balovnitsam)
On the way, meeting all sorts of men,
It is impossible to listen to insidious speeches, -
Otherwise, the wolf can eat them.
I said: wolf! Wolves do not count
But between them there are other
Rogues are so bleeding,
What a sweet exuding flattery
The maiden guard the honor
Accompanied to the house of their walks,
Spend their bye-bye in the dark nooks ...
But the wolf, alas, than seems modest,
That he is always evil and more terrible!

The random fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm Grimm, fairy tales, brothers, fairy tales, which, Arnim, Wilhelm, the king, for example, who, of course, Perrot, did become, the version that, time, therefore, the king, "Tale

Sleeping Beauty

The modern version of the kiss that woke up the beauty is simply childish babble compared to the original plot, which was recorded for posterity by the same Giambattista Basile.The beauty from his fairy tale named Talia was also overtaken by a curse in the form of a spindle injection, after which the princess fell into a deep sleep. The inconsolable father-king was left in a small house in the forest, but he could not imagine what would happen next. Years later another king passed by, went into the house and saw the Sleeping Beauty. Without thinking twice, he took her to bed and, so to speak, took advantage of the situation, and then he left and forgot about everything for a long time. A beauty raped in a dream after nine months gave birth to twins - a son named the Sun and a daughter Luna. They woke up Talia: the boy, in search of the mother's breast, began to suck her finger and accidentally sucked the poisoned thorn. Further more. Lustful king again came to an abandoned house and found there posterity.
He promised the girl the mountains of gold and again went to his kingdom, where his wife, by the way, was waiting for him. The wife of the king, having learned of the separation, decided to exterminate her along with all the brood and at the same time punish the unfaithful husband. She ordered to kill the babies and cook meat pies for the king, and the princess to burn them.Already just before the fire, the king heard the screams of a beautiful woman, who came running and burned not her, but the annoying angry queen. And finally, the good news: the twins were not eaten, because the cook turned out to be a normal person and saved the children, replacing them with a lamb.

The defender of the maiden honor, Charles Perrault, of course, greatly changed the tale, but could not refrain from “morality” at the end of the story. His farewell reads:

Wait a bit
So that turned up husband
A handsome man and a rich man besides
It is quite possible and understandable.
But a hundred long years,
In bed lying down, wait
For ladies so unpleasant
That no one can sleep ...

The random fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm Grimm, fairy tales, brothers, fairy tales, which, Arnim, Wilhelm, the king, for example, who, of course, Perrot, did become, the version that, time, therefore, the king, "Tale

Snow White

The Grimm brothers have flooded the tale of Snow White with interesting details that seem wild in our humane times. The first version was published in 1812, supplemented in 1854. The beginning of the tale no longer bodes well: “In one winter snowy day the queen sits and sews by the window with a frame of ebony. By chance, she pricks a needle with a needle, drops three drops of blood and thinks: “Oh, if I had a baby, white as snow, ruddy like blood and dark-haired like ebony”. But the witch appears truly creepy here: she eats (as she herself thinks) the heart of Snow White killed, and then, realizing that she was wrong, she comes up with all the new sophisticated ways to kill her.
Among them - the suffocating lace for the dress, the poisonous comb and the poisoned apple, which, as we know, had an effect. The finale is also interesting: when everything becomes good in Snow White, the witch’s turn comes. In punishment for her sins, she dances in hot iron shoes, until she drops dead.

The random fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm Grimm, fairy tales, brothers, fairy tales, which, Arnim, Wilhelm, the king, for example, who, of course, Perrot, did become, the version that, time, therefore, the king, "Tale

The beauty and the Beast

The original source of the tale is no less than the ancient Greek myth about the beautiful Psyche, the beauty of which was envied by everything, from the older sisters to the goddess Aphrodite. The girl was chained to the rock in the hope of feeding the monster, but miraculously saved her "invisible creature." It was, of course, male, because it made Psyche his wife, provided that she would not torment him with questions. But, of course, women's curiosity took over, and Psyche learned that her husband was not a monster at all, but a beautiful Cupid. Spouse Psyche offended and flew away, not promising to return. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law of Psyche Aphrodite, who from the very beginning was against this marriage, decided to completely lime her daughter-in-law, forcing her to perform various complex tasks: for example, to bring the golden fleece from the mad sheep and some water from the river of the dead Styx.But Psyche did everything, and there Amur returned to the family, and they lived happily ever after. And the stupid envious sisters rushed off the cliff, vainly hoping that there would be an “invisible spirit” on them.

A version closer to modern history was written by Gabriel-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740. Everything is complicated in it: the Monster is, in fact, an unhappy orphan. His father died, and his mother was forced to defend his kingdom from enemies, so raising her son entrusted someone else's aunt. She turned out to be an evil witch, in addition she wanted to seduce the boy, and having been refused, turned him into a terrible beast. Belle also has her skeletons in the closet: she is not really a native, but a adopted daughter of a merchant. Her real father is a king who has sinned with a good fairy fairy. But the evil witch also claims the king, so it was decided to give the daughter of her rival to the merchant, who had just killed her youngest daughter. Well, and a curious fact about the beautiful sisters: when the beast lets her go to stay with her relatives, the “good” girls specifically make her linger in the hope that the monster will ozvereet and eat her. By the way, this subtle related moment is shown in the latest film version of “Beauty and the Beast” with Vincent Cassel and Leia Seydoux.

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