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A hard disk intended for storing basic system and user information is not insured against occurrence of failures both at the program and physical levels. Accordingly, programs for the treatment of broken hard drive can be divided according to its intended purpose. Further in the article, some popular and effective utilities will be considered that allow restoring hard drives even in especially critical situations.

What is the problem

Ultimately, problems with hard drives are reduced to the loss of information stored on them. There are several types of failures.

First, it is worthwhile to take into account software failures, which programs for treating a hard disk can be removed rather simply and quickly. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the possibility of damage to the surface of the hard drive, or even just physical wear of the media. Like any other "iron", hard drives have their own, a certain period of operation.

programs to treat hard drive

Depending on the root cause that caused the crash, utilities should be applied to allow the treatment of the hard disk. A program in Russian or its English version, depending on the type chosen, can perform completely different operations with the hard drive. Therefore, you first need to determine the nature of the failure, and only then make a decision on the use of a tool.

Programs for the treatment of hard disk

For a start, based on the root causes of problems with the hard drive, let's see what the modern computer market offers us. Among all the software separately it is worth noting the following packages and applications:

  • Viktoria;
  • HDD Regenerator;
  • R.Saver;
  • Acronis products and similar applications.

hard disk treatment program in Russian

Recovery of the winchester or information: what is the difference?

To begin with, remember the American militants, in which FBI employees rush into the apartments of hackers, confiscate the burned-out hard drives and recover (partially or completely) the information stored there. This movie! In fact, virtually no program for the treatment of sectors of the hard disk, including the most modern tools, can not do this.

The fact is that physical damage somehow affects the organization of the file system, the adjustment of which is possible only through formatting, which entails alleged destruction of data. Yes, information is destroyed, but only by renaming and hiding objects so that the operating system does not see them (for example, by assigning a “$” symbol at the beginning of the file name or folder).

programs for the treatment of broken hard drive

Programs for the treatment of the hard disk just use the search for such renamed objects in terms of information recovery. But not all of them justify their purpose. Suffice it to recall the utility Recuva. It seems to be considered the easiest and most popular. In fact, she does not know how to recover. If you compare the search results in it with what the R.Saver application finds, you can immediately notice that Recuva marks most files in red, which indicates the impossibility of recovery. But R.Saver reanimates such files without problems, including the recognition of a variety of removable media. For SD-cards, the use of this particular applet becomes almost the only solution to recover information.

But when the hard drive, roughly speaking, "fell down", that is, came to wear, then no program for the treatment of bad sectors of the hard drive will not help. It may be possible to partially restore information, but, alas, it is impossible to talk about a full recovery of the hard disk. However, in the event of a crash, you can even use the built-in utilities of the Windows operating systems that you want to use at the initial stage.

The program for the treatment of hard disk. Windows 7: System Tools

Before accessing third-party utilities, you should use the system verification tool, which can be accessed through the properties section, called from the right-click menu on the disk, in the “Explorer” system section or in any other file manager.

hard disk sector treatment program

When testing, you should use automatic troubleshooting and errors. But this does not always work. Therefore, you should check from the command line (cmd in the "Run" menu) running as administrator. It uses the standard chkdisk command with different variations of add-ons. In the general case, to bring the hard drive in order, it is enough to register the string chkdisk x / / f / r. To check the file system, you can use chkntfs x: / c, which excludes initialization when booting the OS.


We now turn directly to the programs. Viktoria is the most powerful utility that allows you to cure a hard disk. The program is in Russian (it was created by Belarusian developers).

program to treat hard drive windows 7

Its use allows not only to completely scan the hard drive for software errors, but also to identify bad sectors caused by physical damage. Of course, we are not talking about correcting the latter, but it is possible to deal with software problems based on the information provided.

HDD Regenerator

This program for the treatment of hard disk sectors is considered almost the best in its field. Judging by the descriptions and statements of the developers, it allows you to recover bad sectors of hard drives through magnetic reversal.

program for the treatment of bad sectors of the hard disk

Legal doubts raise the question of calling a physical procedure programmatically, if the computer initially does not have such a device. However, somehow it works, and many users admit that with the help of this program they were able to check and restore the disk surface.


According to many users and experts, R.Saver is the best program for treating a hard disk.The in-depth scanning technique used in it is such that even on an SD card, an application is able to find deleted files after several media formatting operations. Time, however, takes quite a lot. For example, a 500 GB hard drive will scan 8-9 hours, and removable SD memory cards - even more. But the result is not long in coming.

Other software products

Speaking about the fact that they are programs for the treatment of the hard disk, it is impossible not to mention packages like Recovery Expert from Acronis or Partition Recovery from Hetman.

They work according to similar principles and are designed to eliminate software failures rather than physical problems associated with the inability to read information due to damage to the surface of the carrier. Nevertheless, in terms of testing such programs for the treatment of hard disk can be applied.

Preference issues

Which of these things to choose? It seems that the development in the form of a program Viktoria will be an ideal option in relation to testing the state of HDD. But for full data recovery it is better to use the portable R.Saver application or its equivalent in the form of R.Studio.Of course, it will take quite a lot of time to check and restore, but in some cases the use of these applications is the only possible option to restore not only hard drives, but also most of the known removable media.

best program to treat hard drive

And you should not use simple free programs for information recovery like Recuva. It is, rather, just a promoted brand, rather than a powerful file recovery tool that is so heavily advertised. It is better to use domestic developments in the form of R.Studio and R.Saver, which surpass most of the well-known utilities of this direction in all respects. It plays a key role in our age. In addition, applications of this type are focused on data recovery, and not on checking the status of the hard disk.

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