The drug "Tribestan": instructions, description, cost

tribestan instructionRecently, it has been increasingly heard that in order to increase stamina and accelerate the growth of muscle mass, an increasing number of athletes are beginning to use various steroids. Indeed, the effect of the use of such drugs is, and it comes quickly enough. However, along with taking steroid supplements, health problems can arise, in particular, cardiovascular diseases. However, today there is a worthy analogue of various steroids - Tribestan. Instructions, description and cost in different regions are presented in this article.


This drug is a small, coated tablet. For maximum effect, this drug should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. Quite often, some people try to increase the dosage in order to achieve the fastest results, which leads to the appearance of an upset stomach, as well as nausea and various allergic reactions.You should carefully study the sections "Contraindications" and "Side Effects", which reads the insert to the drug "Tribestan".

tribestan in pharmaciesInstructions and tips for use

Today, the drug is sold in almost every pharmacy. The medicine "Tribestan", the instruction to which is attached in the package, does not cause difficulties with the rules of administration. The drug is of vegetable origin, therefore, if you strictly adhere to the course taking, you can use it almost all your life. According to the instructions, Tribestan tablets are taken for 30 days, then a two-week break is taken. The number of pills per day ranges from three to six. But, like most other drugs, despite its plant origin, this drug has its own quite serious contraindications, so you should consult with your doctor before use.

Where and how to buy

The drug "Tribestan" in pharmacies is available without a doctor's prescription. This means that anyone can independently purchase the required amount of this drug. However, with its purchase, certain inconveniences may occur.First, most often these pills are sold in large pharmacy chains. In small pharmaceutical points of the drug "Tribestan" may not be, and even under the order it may not bring. Secondly, two types of packages are on sale - 30 tablets and 60 tablets each. It is more profitable to take a large package, becausetribestan costMore than enough, and it costs less. But here it is often implemented in small packs. There is a way out of this situation: either order this drug at a pharmacy, or make a purchase through an online store. However, in order to avoid buying a placebo, it is better to give preference to the pharmacy.

The medicine "Tribestan". Cost of

We have already mentioned that the drug "Tribestan" is sold in almost all pharmacies. So, in Naberezhnye Chelny the cost of packing 30 tablets is 870 rubles, in Moscow it is 930 rubles, in Ufa it is 915 rubles. But in Odessa, 129 hryvnia.
In any case, despite the relatively high price, it is still better to take the drug Tribestan and refuse various chemical additives that are dangerous to human health.

The instruction "Tribestan" is attached, read it carefully before use.Also, be sure to consult with your doctor.

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