Potion Recipes in Minecraft

The article will tell you about the potions of the gameMinecraft, on how to cook them and what to use. The appearance of these potions in the game occurred not so long ago and many considered it unworthy of Minecraft. The dragon first appeared, then the potions, why wait?

But gradually came the realization of the fascination of adventures in the game country with the help of these potions.

To create a potion, it is required, first of all,brewing stand. It can be crafted from a cobblestone and a fire rod. Then you need to build a flask to store potions. To do this, you need to arrange the glass blocks in the form of a Roman numeral V. After that start to cook the potions. We collect water in the flasks, coming to the water source. We do this by pressing the right mouse button. Then go to the window for cooking potions, it is located on the cooker, and placed on three lower tiers of a container of water. Now we have to determine which first component we will use. For this, let's analyze potions recipes in Minecraft.

Primary Potions

These are basic potions that do not have special properties, but they will be used to prepare other potions that have a wide variety of characteristics.

  • "Awkward" is prepared using a flask and a hell build-up. It will become the base for such potions as potions:
    • forces;
    • instant healing;
    • poisoning;
    • fire resistance;
    • regeneration;
    • swiftness.
  • "Mundane" can be used to draw potions of weakness. In order to make it, there are numerous ways, but the most effective one is in which red dust is used.
  • «Thick». The preparation requires a flask of water and light. It can be used in different compositions of other recipes.
  • A weakness potion is a unique potion that has the effect of reducing damage from close combat. It can be prepared by taking a container with water and the eye of a spider.

Secondary Potions

Potions of secondary composition are produced byaddition to the primary potion of another component. And, adding powder powder to these potions, you can buy potions that can explode, activating them with the help of a distributor or in some other way. Let's analyze, what are the recipes of potions in Maynkraft:

  • Potion "Instant Healing": restores three units of health. It is prepared from a sparkling watermelon and "Awkward";
  • "Potion of Fire Resistance": allows you to get fire resistance for you or provide access to treasures within three minutes. Will need Magma and "Awkward";
  • "Regeneration Potion": within 45 seconds, will return the entire health reserve. To prepare it, you need Tears of Gust and "Awkward";
  • "Potion of Power": can exaggerate the damage that you inflicted on the enemy. You need Fire Powder and Awkward;
  • "Potion of Speed": will bring acceleration to your walking, running, and increase the jumping ability within three minutes. It is necessary to apply Sugar and "Awkward".

Potions of a negative nature

  • "Poison Potion": Can bring poison for 45 seconds, during which your life reserve begins to decline. He needs the Eye of the Spider and "Awkward";
  • "Potion of Weakness": reduce the damage you do yourself, twice. You will need the Divided Spider Eye and "Thick" or "Mundane";
  • "Enhanced Potion of Weakness": Also reduces the damage you inflicted by half for 4 minutes. You need to take a Potion of Weakness and Red Dust.

Third-tier potions

  • "Enhanced Potion of Fire Resistance": gives fire resistance and wealth for 8 minutes. For him, you need to use the Fire Resistance Potion and Red Dust;
  • "Potion full of healing": revives the reserve of your health. It is necessary to take the Potion for healing and add Lightbullet;
  • "Enhanced Potion of Regeneration": helps restore health for 2 minutes. For its preparation you need to take the Regeneration Potion and Red Dust;
  • "Enhanced Strength Potion": multiplies the damage delivered to the enemy side within 8 minutes. A potion is used for the strength to which Red Dust should be added;
  • "Strengthened Potion of Strength 2": Increases the damage you bring within 1.5 min. It is necessary to take the Potion for strength and add Lightbullet;
  • "Enhanced Potion of Speed": accelerate your walking, running and increase the distance of the jump, duration - 8 minutes. For him, you need a Speed ​​Potion, to which is added a Light Spot;
  • "Potion of Harm": instantly brings you 3 damage units. To make it, take the Broken Spider's Eye and add to it the Potion for Poisoning, which can be replaced by Instant Healing;
  • "Enhanced Potion of Harm": destroys the hero. Requires Divided Spider's Eye and Enhanced Potion for Healing, it can also be replaced by a Potion of Harm or an Enhanced Poison Potion;
  • "Reinforced Poison Potion": in the interval of one and a half minutes takes half the unit of health. For him it is necessary to take poison potion and red dust;
  • "Reinforced Poison Potion 2": For 22 seconds, you take half of the health unit. In cooking, you need to use the Potion for poisoning, and mix it with Light Shot;
  • "Deceleration Potion": Delays the speed of your movements for 1.5 minutes. Requires the Spider's Eye, which adds a Fire Potion, and can also be replaced with a Potion of Speed;
  • "Enhanced Deceleration Potion": inhibits your movement process for 4 minutes. In the composition: Potion for slowing down, mixed with Red Dust, it can be replaced with the Done pouzichim eye and add there Potion of fire resistance, which can be replaced by the Potion of speed;
  • "Potion of Weakness": reduces the damage caused to the other side within 1.5 minutes. For him, you need: A split spider's eye, mixed with a Potion of Strength, you can replace it with a Potion of Regeneration, either with an Enhanced Potion of Regeneration, or with an Enhanced Potion of Strength;
  • "Enhanced Potion of Weakness": Reduces the damage you inflicted over 4 minutes. For him it is necessary to take the Strengthened Potion of Regeneration or the Enhanced Power Potion and the Divided Eye of the Spider.

The recipe of all potions in Minecraftdiffer in the type of impact and quality. The name of the potion indicates the effect produced when it is used. The total number of potions in the country Minecraft is about 400.

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