Pinching of the nerve in the leg: symptoms. How to treat? Pinched nerve in the leg during pregnancy

Often, people face the problem of pinching a nerve in their leg. Symptoms and treatment of such a disease require the attention of a specialist, since the causes of pain can be completely different.

Why is it being pinched

If you look at the statistics, you can learn an interesting fact: pinching the nerve in the leg most often occurs due to exacerbation of osteochondrosis. When this disease can form growths that can put pressure on the nerve root. And although the pinching point is in the lumbar region, the pain often gives way to the leg.

pinched nerve in the leg

A similar effect sometimes occurs when exposed to a protrusion nerve or hernia. Pain occurs in cases where the distance between the vertebrae decreases. The muscles that are in a state of spasm can also affect the nerve: the muscle fibers contract so strongly that they actually pinch it.The consequence of this process is pain, in which it is difficult to be at rest.

Pinched nerve in the leg - symptoms

There are a number of signs by which one can determine the fact of squeezing of the nerve root. In this state, a person usually feels a stabbing, sharp, or aching pain in the leg. Moreover, the painful impulse can begin at the waist and shoot through almost to the foot. Another sign of pinching the nerve is the inconstancy of sensations: they quickly manifest themselves and can pass through a short time, after which they again make themselves felt.

pinched nerve in the leg home treatment

If you pay attention to the localization of pain, then they can be divided into several types:

-Sciatica. It is about the pain in the sacrum, buttock and the back of the leg.

-Sciatica. Pain is concentrated in the lower back, back of the leg and buttock.

A pinched nerve in the leg sometimes leads to redness and swelling of the skin. In some cases, there is sweating, physical activity is disturbed and even atrophy is possible.

If these symptoms were noticed, then you need to consult a doctor, since inaction will only aggravate the situation.

Problems with the sciatic nerve

Such a cause of severe pain is very common. The difficulty of the problem lies in the fact that this nerve goes from the waist to the toes. Accordingly, pain can be felt along its entire length.

In addition to the above reasons, the fact of pinching this nerve can be a consequence of diabetes mellitus, hypothermia, inflammation and spinal injuries. Moreover, the sciatic nerve itself is also capable of inflaming.

how to cure a pinched nerve in a leg

With this disease, pain can be significantly increased in a sitting position. Sometimes there is a feeling of petrification. The pain in the back of the leg does not go away and bothers the patient on a stable basis. This is a very serious condition in which it is almost impossible to rest and have to put up with extremely severe discomfort. But to endure such pain is not necessary, because this problem is treatable.


Like sciatica (pinching of the sciatic nerve), and other abnormalities of the muscles and nerves of the leg can be detected using x-rays. This technique allows you to quite accurately identify the cause of pain (osteochondrosis, spondylolisthesis, etc.).But if a hernia led to pain, then more complex equipment will be needed. We are talking about the use of magnetic resonance and computed tomography.

what to do with a pinched nerve in the leg

In addition, the doctor is obliged to conduct a neurological examination of the patient to assess the function of the nervous system.

How to treat pinched nerve in the leg

With such a problem, the original goal is to release the nerve from pinching, which in fact is the cause of all misfortunes. Depending on the factor that influenced the nerve fiber, the following methods can be used:

- massage;

- shock wave therapy;

- acupuncture;

- electrostimulation;

- manual therapy;

- osteopathy, etc.

pinched nerve in the leg treatment of folk remedies

If the cause of pain is not the impact of a hernia or protrusion in the lumbar and sacral region, then a pinched nerve in the legtreated quickly enough.

But when a patient complains of too much pain, novocaine blockades and painkillers can be prescribed to normalize his condition before the end of treatment. Along with these measures, the patient is prescribed bed rest or a quiet lifestyle. That is, the absence of sharp movements, tangible loads, including after the completion of bed treatment.

Determining how to cure the pinched nerve in the leg of a particular patient, doctors pay attention to the process of restoring the functions of the nerve. To achieve this goal, vitamin formulations, medications and complex therapy are often used.

Physiotherapy effects

The practice of many experts has shown that it is possible to obtain a tangible result in a relatively short time using techniques such as phonophoresis, magnetic therapy, applications using paraffin, electrophoresis with medicines and UHF therapy.

Those who are concerned about the question of what to do when a nerve is pinched in the leg should pay attention to physical therapy without fail. This complex of therapeutic measures improves blood circulation, reduces pain, contributes to the warming of the problem area of ​​the leg and relieves swelling.

pinching the nerve in the leg folk remedies

Unfortunately, in some situations even such methods are not enough, and the pain continues to torment the patient. In this case, you need to pay attention to steroid hormones (Prednidazole, etc.), which are treated with short courses. These tools are not a desirable option, but in extreme cases they help to quickly remove nerve edema, as well as its inflammation.

When there is pain, indicating a pinched nerve in the leg, sometimes the problem actually lies in the spine (hernia, protrusion, etc.). If the diagnosis has confirmed this assumption in the case of a specific patient, then it makes sense to use a special protective corset that helps significantly reduce the load on the spine.

And what is important to know is: if the problem lies in the pinching of the sciatic nerve, then it is worth refraining from manual therapy and massage, since these techniques will only exacerbate the already difficult patient condition.

Difficulties during pregnancy

During this period, certain changes occur in the body of a woman. And due to certain reasons, such a problem as a pinched nerve in the leg during pregnancy is possible.

In the process of carrying a child, the load on the spine of a woman increases and this can lead to the appearance of lumbosacral radiculitis. Also, incompetent intramuscular injection and hypothermia result in problems with the sciatic. Do not exclude traumatic effects.

In order to influence this problem, doctors prescribe bed rest to a pregnant woman, but you need to lie on a rough surface.Also, in this condition, the use of analgesic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ketonal, Diclofenac, Ortofen is indicated.

Folk techniques

Medicines are not always the only solution to a problem such as pinching a nerve in a leg. Treatment at home can also give quite a noticeable effect.

The first thing you can do is use potatoes. To do this, you need to rub, add kerosene to form a slurry and apply it on the lower back, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil.

Can help and orange tea. For its preparation you will need lemon balm and orange peel. These ingredients should be placed in a small container with water that is brought to a boil. Tea infused for 10 minutes. Then added valerian tincture. Drink it with honey 3-4 times a day.

If there was a pinched nerve in the leg, treatment with folk remedies may also include the use of a compress, for the preparation of which horseradish and potatoes are used. In this case, the root of horseradish need to choose a small one. A spoon of honey is added to the finished gruel.Apply chopped vegetables need to lower back, greased with vegetable oil. Top compress is fixed with gauze. Within an hour, the pain, as a rule, subsides.

pinched nerve in the leg during pregnancy

With such a problem as pinched nerve in the leg, folk remediesshould not be the only method of exposure. You should always remember that high-quality treatment depends on the exact diagnosis, which can be carried out only in the clinic. Therefore, a visit to the doctor must be applied in any case.

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