Petrol station operator and his duties

The operator of the gas station at work must adhere to clearly defined goals and objectives, as well as take responsibility. However, he has rights that protect his work activities. This employee is subordinate to the administrator of the gas station. The operator of the gas station itself should manage the work of the tankers and the janitor. The main responsibilities include the possession of methods of using cash registers at full capacity. You should also familiarize yourself with the operation of control terminals and devices for servicing electronic sample cards.

gas station operator

Operator knowledge

  1. All standards and regulations that relate to the work of the employee of this position. This applies to orders and orders that are not only known for a long time, but also come in real time. Knowledge of everything that concerns the full operation of the gas station and the entire structure of the filling is obligatory.
  2. Drawing up cash documents according to predetermined forms and with additions, amendments, recommended by the company.
  3. The basic rules for receiving, collecting, rediscounting, storing and depositing all the money coming from customers.
  4. Instructions on the design and filling of all incoming and outgoing documentation.
  5. Limits of balances that can be stored for cash on hand, which is individually set for a particular company or even for its branch office.
  6. Features of the cash book, counting all cash and financial statements.
  7. Features and operational characteristics of cash registers, terminals for servicing a variety of electronic cards and control terminals.
  8. Rules recommended for familiarization and impeccable compliance by all employees of the enterprise. Usually they relate to the ability to behave with customers, to observe safety precautions, to prevent a fire hazard situation, to maintain and immaculately follow the internal rules of the institution.
  9. Features job descriptions, which are designed for the janitor and tanker.

gas station operator duties


  1. As quickly as possible and correct service, which not only gives customers positive emotions, but also produced in the shortest possible time.In carrying out all operations requires not only accuracy and quality, but also accuracy, even in small details.
  2. Maintenance of active functioning of the gas station without failures and unforeseen situations, fast settlement of controversial issues.
  3. Servicing the maximum number of customers, moreover with high quality and in short terms.
  4. Clarity and precise coordination in the work of all employees of gas stations.

operator cashier gas station

Functional responsibilities

  1. Appear at work only in clean and tidy clothes, constantly maintain a pleasant appearance.
  2. Perform customer service exclusively according to the rules regulated by the company's charter.
  3. Perform all types of operations for the release of the ordered goods, sets of products and other items, as well as accept cash, recalculate them and give the change to the customer.

Features of cash payments

Stages of making cash payments for money or when calculating the number of liters:

  1. The operator-cashier gas station accepts funds from the client, having calculated the amount by the number of liters or the final purchase invoice.Information on the type of fuel being refueled and the number of fuel dispensers must be taken into account.
  2. Clearly dictate to the client the amount that is received from him, along with this it is necessary to name the exact number of liters, the type of fuel and specify the number of fuel dispensers.
  3. Connect the fuel supply in the amount paid by the customer to the establishment, and also accurately calculate the number of liters for which the fee was paid by the customer.
  4. Punch a check, making it all the information relating to the transaction with a specific client.
  5. Call the exact amount of the change, which is due to the client, as well as to issue the necessary funds together with the check. It is necessary to issue a paper check and a bargaining chip strictly simultaneously. This provides for the duties of a gas station operator.

work as an operator at a gas station

Cash settlement

The procedure for calculating cash, that is, determining the amount to a full tank.

  1. Get information and accurately remember all the data that was uttered by the client. It is necessary to accurately indicate the type of fuel selected, the number of fuel dispensers, as well as receive the amount assigned from the client.
  2. Mark for the client the amount that was received from him.Also, the operator of the gas station voiced the exact number of liters that will be poured into the tank. Together with this information, the type of fuel and its fuel dispenser number are specified.
  3. Fuel must be sold in the number of liters that the customer paid.
  4. When the dispenser is stopped, it is necessary to punch a check, which is done by specifying all the necessary information in the cash register.
  5. Clearly indicate the amount that includes the change, and then give the balance to the buyer together with the check. This provides for the duties of a gas station operator.

gas station operator reviews

Cashless payments

The procedure for payment via e-cards TNK.

  1. Ask the client for his electronic map, while accurately remembering the parameters of the order, which include the type of fuel, the number of liters, and the number of fuel dispensers.
  2. Insert the card into a special terminal and see the balance of funds in the client’s account.
  3. Clearly establish for the client the number of liters of fuel, which is enough to completely fill the tank, and once again clarify the type of fuel fluid together with the number of fuel dispensers.
  4. To connect the supply of fuel in the amount that the client called, and also in the mode up to a full tank, you should release the goods no more than there is money on the client's card.
  5. When the dispenser is stopped, you should write a check, breaking through all the necessary data on the cash register.
  6. The check and card must be issued to the client at the same time, which will mean the end of the transaction. This involves the work of the operator at the gas station.

gas station operator instruction

Cashless payment of coupons

The rules and procedures for conducting a transaction by wire transfer vouchers.

  1. Take a ticket from the client and remember the information regarding the number of fuel dispensers.
  2. Speak for the client number of fuel dispensers, the type of fuel, as well as specify the required number of liters.
  3. Release the goods, that is, give the task to the tankers, and you should fill as much fuel as stated in the coupon.
  4. Knock out a check by depositing all the necessary information about the purchase into the cash register.
  5. Cut the coupon along a specially designated line, put a stamp on both parts, and then give the half that is intended for the client. This should be the operator of the gas station. Reviews indicate that this work involves many small but important tasks.

Additional responsibilities

  1. To give money to customers after they are paid only if the total amount of fuel ordered exceeds the space allocated for it in the tank.
  2. In every possible way to ensure the safety of the exact amount of cash on hand.
  3. Quickly solve problems associated with the presence of unauthorized persons in the workplace, which is designed specifically for operators of gas stations.
  4. Always handle money carefully and prevent it from becoming contaminated. It is also possible to leave inscriptions on the bills. This includes the instruction of the operator of the gas station.

senior gas station operator

The procedure for transferring money to collectors

  1. Pre-recalculate and prepare the exact amount of money that is given to collectors during their scheduled visit to the gas station employee.
  2. Fill in and verify the accuracy and relevance of information for three identical statements that are of a transmitting nature.
  3. Verify the identity of all employees of the bank. Often this makes the senior operator of gas stations.
  4. Wait until the receipt of money is collected by collectors, and also receive it from these employees, which will allow transferring the responsibility for saving material resources to employee data.

The operator of the gas station should be attentive in the workplace, have a different competence, and have all the necessary knowledge that will allow him to successfully fulfill his duties without any complaints.The labor activity of this employee provides for both financial responsibility and many official duties, therefore, quality work must be ensured without fail. Performing your own duties will help the employee to remain at the position of a gas station operator for a long time.

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