Biography of Roman Kengi

Childhood and education Roma Kengi

Roman Nikolayevich Orekhovsky - Roma Kengi's real name was born on May 15, 1980 in the city of Yeisk, Krasnodar Territory.
From early childhood, Roman studied music, from the age of five he attended a music school where he studied piano. Was a regular participant in urban music competitions.
Roma Kenga conquered Moscow with his songsRoma Kenga conquered Moscow with his songs
After graduating from school, Roman moved to Rostov-on-Don and entered the pop-jazz college, and also became a soloist with a local musical jazz band. Later he moved to Moscow, where he continued his studies at the Russian Academy of Music named after the Gnesins in the pop-jazz department. Further, Roman began to collaborate as a musician, vocalist and arranger with various musical groups and performers: Royksopp, Vintage, Alexander Panayotov and others.

Career Roma Kengi

In 2008, Roma signed a contract with the largest recording company Universal Music Russia and began shooting the video for the song “Let me be your guide”.In August, Roma took part in the shooting of the short film by Maria Exler. Images from this film later entered the video for the song “Where Love is.”
Roma Kenga - You will be happy
On November 17, 2008, Roma Kenga released their first debut album, "Where There Is Love," in a standard and deluxe version with a collection of clips and a recording of the Europa Plus LIVE concert and two remixes of the main single "Let Me Be Your Guide". MUZ.RU called “Where There Is Love” the best pop album of 2008, and Roma Kenga was presented in the nomination “Best foreign pop songs”.
In 2009, Roma Kenga recorded a new song “New Seas”. At a party dedicated to the Eurovision contest held in Moscow, Roma Kenga performed a cover version of ABBA's song “Summer Night City”, which impressed the Swedish delegation. Later, the ABBA group presented Roma with the right to perform a cover version of this song.
In November, Roma Kenga recorded the song “Planes”, in a duet with actress Agnia Ditkovskite. In the same month, his album Summer Night City was released. Then Roma goes on a tour in support of the album. The first concert of the tour took place in the club "16 tons" on December 14. In 2009, Roma Kenga took the first line of the hit parade Eurohit TOP-100.
Roma Kenga and Agnia Ditkovskite - Aircraft
In 2010, Roma Kenga won the ZD Awards in the Breakthrough of the Year category, as well as the God of Ether Ether Radio Award in the Radiohit nomination. In the spring, the singer began filming the video "High", in collaboration with clip maker Sergei Solodki, and in the fall came the video for the song "Look in your eyes." In December, Roma Kenga won the Silver Phonogram Award.

Roma Kengi's career today

In March 2011, the singer released a new single, which was recorded along with the Swedish band Gravitonas Everybody Dance under the label SoFo Records.
In February 2012, Roma Kenga recorded a new song “You will be happy” and shot a video for her, with the participation of completely nude male models, which was not liked by everyone. On television, the clip was shown in a reduced form, and the full version of the clip can be viewed on the artist's website.
In the summer of 2012, the album “Now Or Never” was released, intended for the Western market. Then Roma went on a concert tour in support of the album, in which he visited Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Israel, Finland and Azerbaijan. Returning to his homeland, Roma became a participant in the scandal, the cause of which was the law on the protection of children from unwanted information adopted by the State Duma.One musical channel warned the singer that during his performance at the concert he would not make progressive movements by the body, since this can be regarded as a call for sex. The novel was invited to the TV channel Rain to discuss this event. On other channels there were also plots devoted to this topic, and the phrase "Translational Movement" became a common noun. In 2012, the singer released a song called "Translational Movement".
In October 2012, Roma Kenga released a new single, "Our Fight Is Over", which was presented on "Russian Radio". The song was written by Alexei Romanof from Vintage and poet Alexander Sakharov. In response, Roma wrote for the group Vintage song "Dance for the last time."
Roma Kanga is engaged in charity. Funds from the sale of his album "Look in the eyes" are directed to the foundation "Give Life".
Roma Kanga and with Agnia DitkovskiteRoma Kanga and with Agnia Ditkovskite

Personal life of Roma Kengi

After recording the song "Planes", which Roma Kenga performed in a duet with Agnia Ditkovskite, it was rumored that he had an affair. Roma met Agnia at the Boryspil airport and offered her musical collaboration.Their romance was nothing more than a rumor. In 2012, it became known that Roman meets the model Yana Godnya.

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