Biography Lyudmila Vlasova

Childhood and family Lyudmila Vlasova

Lyudmila was born in Moscow. She was very young when her father left the family. Mom herself raised and raised her and her brother. It was very hard. The father was a kind of free artist who loved freedom and women. He had an excellent ear, his father could pick up any melody by ear. Mother, as Ludmila remembers, was an incredible beauty, but her father could not love only one woman, so he left.
Before meeting with her father, the mother of Lyudmila Vlasova managed to get through the competition, and was accepted into the Red Army Theater, and despite the fact that she did not have a special education. After she got married, she left the theater. When my father left the family - she was left alone, without a profession. To "raise" the children, the mother worked as a waitress in two cafes. Lyudmila remembers running to her at work after school in order to eat there a bun with raisins that her mother bought for her especially for her.
Ballerina Lyudmila Vlasova began her career in the theaterBallerina Lyudmila Vlasova began her career in the theater
The future ballerina’s mother was a beautiful woman, the men gave her attention, but she did not get married anymore, having decided that she would devote life to children. The family lived on the Arbat in a communal apartment, where twelve families lived, Luda had forty neighbors.
In the corridor, long and wide, hung a speaker. When the girl heard the music, she began to dance. However, it was not safe, because there were people who were with a kettle, someone with a pan. Luda ran out into the courtyard, where she often danced to her neighbor’s harmonica. Mom saw her daughter to dance, so she took her to the choreography school. When Lyudmila graduated, she was accepted into the Bolshoi Theater.

The beginning of a career as a ballet dancer Lyudmila Vlasova

As soon as a beautiful young dancer got into the theater, many men immediately noticed her. The novice choreographer and accomplished dancer Slava Vlasov stood out among them. Soon they got married, and at the insistence of her husband, Lyudmila changed her last name from Markova to Vlasova. It should be noted that from that moment it became clear that the ballerina fell into good hands. Vyacheslav put numbers for her with which they subsequently traveled the whole world.Lyudmila acted not only at the Bolshoi, but also at government concerts, at enterprises and in clubs. It happened that I had to perform at several concerts a day.
Lyudmila starred in the movie-ballet "Trapeze" and "Naughty Chastushki." After the first viewing with friends, she was sitting in a cafe when she saw Sasha Godunov. It was a time when he just came to the Big. They talked about him as a very talented dancer who was interested in Grigorovich.

Lyudmila Vlasova and Alexander Godunov

Soon Lyudmila became the wife of Godunov. They toured a lot, including in America. They traveled to Italy with Anna Karenina. There was a time when Godunov was restricted to leave the country for four years. After a time, they ceased to let Vlasov go abroad on tour.
Ballerina Lyudmila Vlasova and Alexander GodunovBallerina Lyudmila Vlasova and Alexander Godunov
There was a lot of work in Moscow, Lyudmila was involved in many productions. Once the composer Tikhon Khrennikov called her and asked her to dance in the play “Love for Love”. This performance was prepared for the tour, which was to be held in France. Khrennikov stood up for restricted to leave the dancers, saying to the Ministry of Culture that they should dance the main parties.So "offended" artists began to produce again, foreign tours reappeared.
In 1979, the theater troupe was preparing for a trip to the United States. Grigorovich drove Romeo and Juliet there. It was the premiere, where the party of Tybald was performed by Godunov. Lyudmila danced in The Legend of Love.
Today, Lyudmila Vlasova works as a choreographer for figure skatersToday Lyudmila Vlasova works as a choreographer for figure skaters
On that trip, Godunov stayed in America. Lyudmila went to Moscow. All of her party in the theater, which she danced before the tour, left her. At first, Vlasova did not even want to leave the house, but she was in a poster, and she had to rehearse in order not to let anyone down. Vlasov was no longer allowed to go abroad. Only once did she go on tour to Poland, but they did not leave her there, they followed every step.

The work of Lyudmila Vlasova with skaters

The dancers retire early. Natalya Lynchuk called and invited Lyudmila to come to the training of figure skaters, she offered her to become a choreographer. Vlasova had no such experience, but Lynchuk’s confidence that she would succeed made me try.
The first couples with whom Lyudmila worked were Fedorov and Krylova, then Platov and Grischuk, as well as Averbukh and Anisina. There was an experience in Italy.There, Vlasova worked with a couple who won the world title. Today's customers of the Vlasov choreographer are Nikita Katsalapov and Elena Ilinykh. As juniors, they took gold at the World Championships.
Lyudmila Vlasova was the choreographer of the champion pair Ilya Averbukh-Irina Lobacheva

Personal life of Lyudmila Vlasova

Vlasova first married, falling in love with the handsome Slava Vlasov. He was a choreographer. They bought a three-room cooperative apartment for themselves and a one-room apartment - for Lyudmila's mother. In his apartment, Lyudmila and Vyacheslav did an unprecedented repair at that time, made a redevelopment.
Alexander Godunov became the second husband of the ballerina. Together they lived for eight years. In 1979, he stayed in the United States, when the theater was there on tour, Lyudmila decided to return home, as she could not leave her mother. Two years later, through the embassy they were dissolved. Yuri Statnik became the third husband of the ballerina.

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