Biography of Evgeni Plushenko

Childhood Evgeni Plushenko

Eugene's childhood passed away. Initially, the Plushenko family lived in the taiga town of Sunny, where Eugene's parents participated in the construction of BAM. But the harsh climate did not make Zhenya a bogatyr, and constant colds once resulted in bilateral pneumonia. After his recovery, the family moved to Volgograd. There, when Zhenya was only 4, an interesting incident occurred, thanks to which he began to practice figure skating.
To strengthen the immune system, doctors advised his wife to play sports. And once, a little girl whimpering by chance met his mother and his mother. The girl was fed up with her skates, and her mother presented them to little wife. He really liked such a gift, and, surprisingly, the size of the skates fit perfectly. So, at the end of February 1987, Eugene was admitted to the section of figure skating. His coach was Tatiana Scala.
Under her leadership, he received his first prize - "Crystal Skate", he was only 7 years old.Then came the new coach - Mikhail Makoveev.
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Among young Volgograd figure skaters, he was famous for his iron temper, innate justice and belief in talents. With him, by the age of 11, Zhenya could have done five triple jumps, which is not possible for every adult figure skater. But then the irreparable happened: the ice arena was closed (in its place opened a car dealership). Zhenya could not find himself in another sport and turned to his teacher for help. Makoveev took him to St. Petersburg, to Mishin.

Moving to Petersburg

The northern capital for figure skaters of those years was the patrimony of Alexei Nikolayevich Mishin. He never had a shortage of students, and at that time the demand for his teaching increased even more, because one of his students received the Olympic "gold". So Zhenya had only one chance to interest Mishin. And he succeeded, he was accepted into the team.
But the difficulties were still to come. He was a lonely boy of 12 years old in an alien big city without a penny of money and without a house. He had to be torn between studying in ordinary school and figure skating training, the older “comrades” did not miss the chance to make fun of the frail and lonely newcomer.He was given a room in a communal flat, where he took care of himself. My mother didn’t often visit her son, then she moved to her younger offspring.
But father and elder sister Lena remained in Volgograd.
Evgeni Plushenko started his career as a very youngEvgeni Plushenko started his career as a very young
After a year of hard training, the first results came: he took 6th place in the Russian Championship and in the championship for juniors in Australia. At 14 he had the first serious injury - in training before the competition “Cup of Russia”, he “got cramped” in the back. But, despite the pain, he decided to continue the fight: after the anesthetic injection, he took 4th place among adults. In the same year he became the youngest junior champion in the history of competitions. From that moment on he moves to adult competitions.

First wins and losses

In big-time sports, no one made discounts on young age, and even Yevgeny himself tried to be at the level and meet the expectations of the coach. His piggy bank of medals began to replenish: silver with Skate America, bronze from the Russian Championship, again Cup of Russia and already with silver, the European Championship also brought silver, the World Championship in Minneapolis brought him the 3rd place.At this time, his friend - Alexei Yagudin moved to another coach (Tatiana Tarasova), and from that moment they became potential rivals.
Evgeni Plushenko endured many injuriesEvgeni Plushenko endured many injuries
At 16, he had already won “Skate Canada”, then the “NHK Trophy” (there he was given the highest score for the first time - 6.0), the Russian Championship, where his rivals were former comrades Yagudin and Urmanov. At the European Championship due to injury and a number of mistakes he received silver. At the World Championships in Helsinki, he failed a quadruple jump, and he got silver.
The following season, Eugene appeared as a man, not a boy. He not only managed to buy an apartment with a car for the money earned at competitions, but also took his whole family from Volgograd. For the first time such a concept as “elementPlyushchenko” appeared (a series of jumps 4 toe loop - 3 toe loop - 2 rittberger). As his trainer said: “The diamond sparkled, as it should be.” The cut of this diamond was the most different gold - Cup Of Russia, Sparkassen Cup, NHK Trophy, Russian Championship, Grand Prix, European Championship. But the World Championship in Nice brought him only 4th place and a huge disappointment, above all in himself. The next season (2000-2001), became a star for Evgeni Plushenko.All competitions were held flawlessly, and even the World Championship, now in Vancouver, made the audience applaud while standing.

Evgeni Plushenko - Champion

It was an Olympiad. But the 2001-2002 season was not set from the start. Old injuries came out, new ones appeared. Grand Prix - only the second place and that is very controversial. Eugene and his coach decided to donate the European Championship and develop a new program for the Olympiad in Salt Lake City - Carmen. But he fell at the very beginning of the show. And in total for the subsequent points he was given silver. At that time, Eugene was 19 years old. But he had to continue the sports year in the offices of doctors. Injuries did not allow him to go to the World Championship.
Evgeni Plushenko with his first wifeEvgeni Plushenko with his first wife
The new season began with the departure of Yagudin to the professionals. Zhenya, armed with new programs, won 7 victories. Petersburg celebrated the 300th anniversary and met the World Champion with open arms: Yevgeny performed brilliantly at celebrations in the ice show.
The next season, Plushenko met with new programs: Flamenco and Nizhinsky, which immediately conquered all viewers. But here for the first time applied the new judicial system.Eugene she brought silver at the Grand Prix. All because of the extra step, which turned the declared element into a third cascade that was not supposed to be in accordance with the rules. The Russian Championship was a record for Zhenya - 16 sixes appeared in his baggage for the performance. In Europe, after several falls, Eugene became the second. The World Championship in Dortmund amazed everyone with the influx of excellent figure skaters. Opponents performed the hardest jumps perfectly, but Eugene, who spoke last, was able to conquer this peak. True, the overpotential of the past few years has manifested itself: after a while, he was in intensive care at a Moscow clinic with a diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia and otitis.
The new season, at the age of 22, Eugene met in St. Petersburg at an ice show. He had his own occasion to celebrate - 10 years have passed since Mishin recognized the future world celebrity in a slim boy. But then all the plans went down the drain. Under the threat of disqualification, he had to cancel the ice show in Prague without explaining the reasons. This was a hard test for Plushenko.
Evgeni Plushenko and the second wife Yana RudkovskayaEvgeni Plushenko and the second wife Yana Rudkovskaya
Russian competitions Eugene, as a true patriot, could not miss.The victory at the Cup OfRussia made him change the original plans and, with heightened injuries, take part not only in the Russian Championship, but also in the Grand Prix Final, which Eugene really wanted to avoid this time. With anger at the organizers, Plushenko skated his program to 251.75 points, no one has yet broken this record. Then came the title of European Champion. There he received the hardest groin injury, which forced him to withdraw his name from the contenders for the title of World Champion.

Personal life and social activities of Evgeny Plushenko

The 2005-2006 season was full of surprises. Zhenya underwent a complicated operation, rehabilitated for a long time. And in June, he married a SPGU student - Maria Ermak. Only by October was Yevgeny in his former form, but before that he was able to get gold at the Cup of Russia and the national championship in Kazan. With difficulty, but he managed to overcome himself and win the Championships of Russia and Europe. Now it was again waiting for the Olympics (now in Turin). Zhenya performed 2. He received 90.66 points, which made him almost inaccessible to the other skaters. And he finally got Olympic gold in his collection. After that, it would be possible to take a break and think about where to go further, but Eugene went on tour in Russia, then in America, and in June his wife gave him a son, Egor.
In 2006-2007, Eugene began by trying himself in new fields. He joined the party "Fair Russia" (which he left in December 2011), led the TV show "Stars on Ice" and "The Lord of the Mountain", and even was elected to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, launched the project, became one of the activists in preparing a demonstration presentation of Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Games. But not everything was so rosy, personal life did not take place: Yevgeny divorced his wife. Moreover, Maria after the divorce took her son's last name. Zhenya continued to drive around on ice shows and even created his own. But all this is not what the audience was waiting for his decision: will he return to the big sport or will he remain a professional and continue his public life?
Evgeni Plushenko. Sex Bomb. year 2001
And so, he decided to spend the 2007-2008 season in the same rhythm. However, before that, he had an operation on the meniscus (the trauma was from 2003). The recovery process has been delayed. And to achieve a victorious return was only in the 2009-2010 season. And he got gold in the Championship of Russia for the eighth time. New Year Eugene met in Tallinn as a champion of Europe (and again a record - 91.30 points). On September 12, 2009, he married for the second time, now his chosen one is Yana Rudkovskaya, producer of Dima Bilan. But the Olympic gold of Vancouver had to give way to Lysacek.
January 2012 brought Plushenko his seventh victory at the European Championships. A year later, they had a son, Jasha, Sasha. Eugene has not forgotten his city of childhood and the first teacher, he dreams of opening an ice school in Volgograd, though only after the end of his career as a skater.

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