Pedometer "Omron" - a personal trainer for little money

In the modern rhythm of life, people find it harder to maintain physical fitness, and regular loads are inherent in our nature, and their absence affects health. To control the amount of calories burned and know about the necessary daily load, everyone can be helped by a portable personal trainer - a pedometer.Omron pedometers

Omron is a leading company producing these devices due to the quality, accuracy and durability of its products.

What is a pedometer

This device is also called pedometer. It was designed to count the number of steps taken by athletes and the military in America. Over time, the scope of use of the device has expanded, and pedometers (Omron was one of the first) were launched by many companies for ordinary consumers. Modern pedometers are small devices that can fit in a pocket or on a hand instead of a watch, while their functions are no longer limited to counting steps.

Principle of operation

The first devices had to determine the number of steps taken due to the movement of the built-in pendulum. Such pedometers are mechanical and are very rarely available today. They were gradually replaced by electronic-mechanical devices, and then electronic. Thanks to modern technologies, the pedometer from “Omron” is able to determine the number of steps taken using the built-in 2-D and 3-D sensors, which determine body oscillations in certain planes.

Wrist pedometer

This makes it possible to exclude the counting of steps when a person is shaken in transport, for example, which contributes to high accuracy rates.

Types of devices

Omron pedometers are most often small devices that can be attached to a belt, belt, clothes, or neck. Even the cheapest model has additional functions of counting calories, saving weekly results and the ability to make individual settings. The cost of such a device starts from 750 rubles, and the accuracy of the results is clearly demonstrated by the Japanese quality.

Models are more expensive already have built-in heart rate monitors, GPS sensors, timers and even a radio.It is especially convenient for many athletes to use a wrist pedometer. Such devices are made in the form of wristwatches and have many additional functions.Omron pedometer

A special place among technological innovations occupy pedometers bracelets. They can be mounted anywhere, and for work you will need to install the program on a computer, in synchronization with which, the device will analyze the results of training and inform the owner about the need to increase activity.

First start

When you first turn on the pedometer "Omron" instruction advises to check. To do this, turn on the device, put it on and go through a certain number of steps, counting them yourself. After that, you need to verify the results of the device with real and make sure its accuracy. An error of 10% is allowed and is considered normal. Of course, you must first make personal settings in the device for correct counting, if such an option is present. Among them are necessarily the step length, weight and height of the owner of the pedometer.

The stride length is always determined by the distance between the toe of one leg and the toe of the other while moving.Since the movement does not always imply absolutely identical steps, it is better to walk a certain distance and calculate how much movement was needed to do this. Then just find the average value and enter it into the device. Since the models have a different number of additional functions, in order to properly configure each device, it is necessary to become familiar with its features in detail.

Device advantages

Pedometer "Omron" is a vivid example of Japanese quality, which is further confirmed by the availability of free service for 5 years. In addition, buy a pedometer worth it for its functionality and compact size. A properly selected device can fully replace a personal trainer and help you lose weight, improve your fitness or recover from surgery, illness, and so on.Pedometer "Omron" instruction

Also, absolutely all models of pedometers of this manufacturer are equipped with large and convenient displays that regularly display important information. Devices can be used both during training and in everyday life, because the level of human activity is determined not only by intensive training, but also by everyday loads.

Training with a pedometer

Pedometer "Omron" in the functional configuration has the option Active Engine.It gives you the opportunity to control the load levels and keep track of calories burned during not only walking, but also running or other exercises. With a decrease in activity, the device completes the training by itself, displaying the results and the inscription “Good work”.

Also, as the activity increases, the device will independently begin to keep track of the workout, as long as contact with the pedometer is constant.

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