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Paradise is a paradise, but not only. Consider the question in more detail, because there is, where to turn and what to discuss.


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In Iranian mythology, this word meant paradise, but it came to us not from there, but from France. Today this noun is forgotten. And if they say so, then for some reason the novels of Ilf and Petrov come to mind. Just mannered heroes of their works could be expressed in a similar way. The French singer Vanessa Paradis is associated with those who managed to catch clips on the music channels in the 90s, but it’s more interesting that her last name sounds like Paradis in French. Does life with her remind of heavenly delight? You need to ask Johnny Depp about this. Let the reader not think that we are completely distracted, because formally everything is in place: the actress is French, the origin is also, moreover, such a lucky coincidence that Vanessa's name just refers to the object of study.Yes, it is very important to say what the translation of the word "paradise" is. From English and French it is translated the same - “paradise”, although it is written slightly differently: in English, paradise, in French - le paradis. But it's time and honor to know, as they say in the news, go to other topics.

Can I come to the theater, go to heaven?

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Do not think that we will now give free rein to a gloomy fantasy and will compose stories about how to go to heaven through the theater. No, here the connection is different: the “gallery” has another name. Guess what? That's right, it's a paradise, or a rajok. Yes, if the reader has never been to the theater, then we advise him to purchase tickets nevertheless closer to the stage. Although much depends on what he was going to watch there, if ballet, then, in fact, it does not matter how the actors look, the main thing is how they control their body and plasticity, embodying the images of the artistic work. But traditionally the gallery is the abode of students and various kinds of low-income people who, after all, are not alien to the beautiful. Apparently, this place received the name “paradise” for ironic reasons, because it is very close to heaven, that is, to the ceiling of the building. True, for those who can not afford the stalls, perhaps it is.Watching a show is already a heavenly delight for a person who does not go to the theater only to entertain his self-esteem. But still it must be assumed that such an analogy is not without a humorous element.


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Of course, the shrewd reader could already understand the meaning of the word “paradise”, but we love that in this sense there is accuracy, therefore we will give an interpretation from the dictionary:

  1. The same as paradise.
  2. Upper gallery in the theater; rajok

Yes, the most important thing, I almost forgot to say, the word is outdated. But perhaps this is understandable. It is no longer possible to hear precisely this form of the definition of “paradise”, unless an essay or oral speech implies stylization.


After the meaning, it is probably quite easy to understand the meaning, but we still have, as always, to provide the reader with replacement words. So, here is the list:

  • paradise;
  • rayek
  • gallery;
  • Eden;
  • Elysium;
  • Champs Elysees;
  • paradise.

Of course, there are more substitutions for paradise as a posthumous existence than for a theatrical concept. This is quite true, because there are a lot of ideas about paradise: in each cult it is its own. But we will not ask the reader to follow us into mystical distances, it’s better to discuss only one detail.

Work in paradise or not?

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Now the opinion is widespread: there is a paradise on earth, and money is the key to it. Indeed, when a person needs and thinks about their daily bread every minute, it is difficult to feel happy and carefree. After all, if you recall the biblical story, then one of the curses of Adam and Eve was that they were forced to work by the sweat of their own faces in order to ensure their physical survival first of all. Therefore, people consider one parameter of paradise, say politically correct, non-action. In other words, where it is possible not to work, but only apples are there and books to be read — this is a paradise, this is paradise. But in fact, the feeling of happiness does not directly depend on idleness. The decisive role in the feeling of being good is played by human needs.

For example, a scientist who struggles for a long time over a task and finally finds the answer is happy. If you imagine his paradise, then this is a place where they work a lot, but still, in the end, efforts are rewarded, and so with everyone. The novelist would like a bright office and lots of ideas to embody them. And here is an interesting point: but does a person get bored of the world, in which every wish is immediately fulfilled? Even if someone likes to work.Do not get tired of work that does not encounter obstacles when you can work around the clock, not thinking about food, warmth and money. We do not know about it, and if you find out, then do not tell. At least at first creative people enjoy this state of affairs. And to all those who are not lucky, and they are forced to work for food, then, of course, they think of paradise as a place primarily free from work.

Subjectively created paradise as the ultimate dream

what does the word paradise mean

Yes, science-fiction writers cannot count on the Nobel Prize in literature. For example, it was rumored that only because of the genre the honorary award was not given to S. Lemu and R. Bradbury. Maybe someone else passed by this recognition? But this is not the main thing, after all, books are written not for commissions, but for readers. Representatives of this literary workshop are doing something very important: they expand the facets of the imaginable, and without science fiction there would be no modern science.

In the context of our theme, the work of Richard Mateson “What Dreams Come To” is remembered. In the novel there is a very simple, but wonderful idea: paradise is the way we imagine it. In the film, this is not, but in the novel there.The main character met after the death of his parents, and each of them had his own paradise. In this there is even, if you will, a physical sense: when there is no body, and the space is infinite, then there is enough space for any dreams. This paradise, his image soothes a person. If you could not fulfill your plans on the earth, then after death everything will come true. By the way, despite the variegation of the picture, the idea itself is Christian in its foundation. People in general tend to console themselves with things to come.

But let's not talk about sad things. The main thing is that we answered the question of what the word “paradise” means, and the rest will get better somehow, because we are still alive.

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