"Our brand" cat food: reviews of veterinarians (photo)

The owners of cats, especially pedigree, are to feed made in Russia, with great distrust. Many owners are convinced that pet products manufactured in the Russian Federation are of poor quality, and it is much safer and more reliable to opt for imported products.

our brand cat food reviews veterinarians

Sometimes international companies move to areas closer to potential consumers. Unfortunately, in this case, the goods they produce become worse, and the price remains the same. Feed "Our Brand" for cats has distinctive features, unusual for other domestic products for feeding pets.

About the company engaged in the manufacture of products

So, this article discusses the products of the company "Our Brand" (cat food), reviews of veterinarians and consumers about them. These products are worth speaking for the reason that they are made in the Russian Federation.They have been produced in the Leningrad Region, at the Gatchina Feed Mill, for the past eleven years. The company has its own farm, where they breed fish and poultry for the manufacture of products. The plant specializes in the production of feed for both domestic and farm animals. It is believed that the products referred to in the article are premium class products. However, the opinions of experts about the cat food “Our Brand” and consumer reviews indicate that the brand is more likely to be an economy category. Products of this company can be purchased at pet stores or ordered online. The cost of one kg of feed is about one hundred fifty rubles.

our brand cat food

Products are available in packages weighing four hundred grams and two kilograms. Also available in large packs (fifteen kg).

What are the components of the product

"Our Brand" is a cat food containing many ingredients. If you look in detail at the composition of the product indicated on the package, you will notice that the substances from which the product is made are arranged in order.The first place is occupied by corn and its components. Then indicates the ingredient that is called bird meal. With regard to such criteria as the composition, "Our Brand", cat food, in the reviews of veterinarians is characterized as a low-quality product. Experts believe that corn often provokes intestinal upset in animals, and poultry meal includes crushed beaks, bones and even feathers, which extremely negatively affect digestion. In addition to the above ingredients, the feed includes rice, yeast, vegetable oil. Also, the products include dried vegetables, liver, mineral and vitamin supplements, fiber.

cat food our brand reviews

When listing components, manufacturers do not indicate the specific amount of these substances in the feed. Canned goods of this brand consist of meat and animal products. Food "Our Brand" for cats in the reviews of veterinarians is also negatively characterized by the fact that the manufacturer adds to the product powder from horns and hoofs. However, some claim that animals remain quite healthy by consuming these products.That is, the products of this company are not inferior to those that contain more natural meat ingredients.

Wet food

"Our Brand" - cat food, which is produced in the form of pellets and canned food. The composition of wet products include the following components:

  • Meat ingredients (beef, lamb, poultry, liver, fish).
  • Proteins of plant origin.
  • Cereals and sugar.
  • Cellulose.
  • Vitamins.

Canned food comes in packs weighing one hundred grams.

dry food is our brand for cats

One pack will cost the owner twenty-five rubles. Opinions of the owners, who bought canned goods of the company “Our Brand” (cat food), and reviews of veterinarians allow us to make the following conclusion: the product, though favorable in price, is very doubtful. Many experts are convinced that in the production of wet foods add chemicals that adversely affect the physical condition of the animal. In addition, even a small presence of fiber in products for cats is considered unacceptable.

Granulated products

“Our Brand” dry food for cats contains meat or fish, meat meal, liver, sunflower oil, yeast, vitamin supplements and minerals, as well as cereals (corn and rice). The product helps to prevent problems with the stomach, intestines and the immune system of the animal.If you read the reviews of the owners of cats about dry food "Our Brand", we can conclude that, in general, it has a beneficial effect on the health of pets.

Animals look energetic, they have not observed intestinal disorders and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The products of Nasha Marka in granules are produced in packs of four hundred grams (average price is seventy rubles), two kilograms (three hundred twenty p.) And fifteen kg (two thousand rubles).

There are several varieties of dry food, for example:

  1. For kittens (it includes chicken and cereals).
  2. For adult cats (most often, food is made from rice and lamb, rabbit, or liver).
  3. For castrati (food designed specifically for pets leading a sedentary lifestyle).
  4. Dry feed for elderly cats "Our Brand" (created taking into account the physiological characteristics of old animals).
  5. For discerning pets (the composition of the feed includes cereals and red fish).
  6. For animals prone to allergies.

"Our Brand" - cat food with a special sensitivity to products

Many pedigree animals are prone to allergic reactions.If, after consuming any food, the cat’s skin itches and reddens, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • Special sensitivity to milk protein (when consumed with dairy products, the animal also suffers from diarrhea and vomiting).
  • Poor tolerance to food containing gluten (cereal allergy).
  • Hypersensitivity to animal protein (fatty meats).

If we talk about hypoallergenic components, "Our Brand", cat food, in the reviews of veterinarians is rated positively, because most often it does not cause intolerance in animals. In addition, this product has a beneficial effect on the condition of wool, teeth and claws, increases the body's resistance to infections.

Kitten food

Small pets need a special diet. In order to grow normally and fully develop, they need to eat food enriched with vitamins and minerals. Products for kittens are produced in the form of pellets and canned food.

Cat food "Our Brand" in the composition has rice and poultry meat. These ingredients are well absorbed by small pets up to a year.

cat food our brand composition

It also ensures normal development and good condition of teeth, claws and musculoskeletal tissue. Canned food for kittens is quite nutritious, rich in lipids and proteins necessary for the growth and well-being of animals.

Optimum daily dosage

In order not to overfeed the animal and provide its body with necessary substances, it is necessary to give the correct amount of feed, which is calculated depending on the weight of the cat. It is recommended to dose Our Brand products as follows:

  1. Kastratam relies 20 grams per kilogram of body weight daily.
  2. Adult animals should be given twenty to twenty-five grams per 1 kg of weight.
  3. Pregnant cats - thirty to forty grams.
  4. Nursing - from seventy to eighty grams per 1 kilogram of body weight daily.
  5. Kittens from eight weeks are entitled to 50 grams per day, from twelve weeks the dosage is increased to seventy grams, from sixteen to eighty-five grams. Animals aged twenty-four weeks and older are entitled to one hundred and five grams per day.

It is necessary to take into account the weight of a small pet, because as it grows and grows it needs a larger amount of food. Reviews about the feed "Our Brand" for cats is very ambiguous.However, products intended for kittens, characterize, in general, positively.

How to store food?

Immediately after buying the granules, you need to pour out of the pack in a jar with a tight lid. If the feed does not get wet, it can be stored for quite some time. Open cans should be kept in the refrigerator. The owners should try to give the animal the entire portion of wet food immediately. Granules can remain fresh for a long time, even if they are in the plate. When feeding cats “Our Brand”, it is necessary to carefully monitor their health status, because the animals may have negative body reactions associated with intolerance to any components.

Product Benefits

It should be noted that about cat food “Our Brand” reviews are found both positive and negative. The main positive characteristics are usually listed low-cost price, a wide range of products and product release forms (pellets, canned goods). Also, many owners say that cats and kittens willingly eat feed from this company. The availability of products for sensitive animals is another indisputable advantage. In addition, since Our Brand food is cheap, it is used in shelters for stray cats.Many also feed them stray animals.

Dry food "Our Brand" for cats: reviews about the disadvantages of products

However, many owners are unhappy with the goods of this company. They explain this by the presence in the feed questionable components and insufficient content of natural meat. Chemical additives, corn and gluten often cause intestinal upset in animals. Also, some consumers notice a discrepancy between the ingredients listed on the package and the properties of the feed itself. For example, products that include salmon have a persistent smell of river fish. The forums also have notes of the owners, whose animals felt bad after the introduction of the feed “Our Brand” into the diet, and then died.

dry food our brand for cats reviews

Veterinarians diagnosed severe poisoning in these cats. This means that in the feed there are ingredients that have a very negative impact on the health of pets.


So, products for animals, which is in the article, refers to the goods of economy class. Of course, it cannot be argued that the food is toxic and definitely harmful to pets, many owners give it to cats for a long time.After all, this product is cheap, it is convenient to store. Of course, each owner decides for himself what to feed his pet.

However, the views of the owners about the feed "Our Brand" for cats and reviews of veterinarians make him think: is it worth taking a risk and buying this product? Some owners claim: this is not necessary. If it is not possible to buy expensive and high-quality food, it is better to feed the cat with the same products that a person eats himself. Of course, in this case, to provide a balanced diet for the animal, it will take a lot of time. But this option is safer. After all, every owner would like to be calm for the health of their pet.

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