ONF started its youth forum

The Kaluga Region hosts the Rubezh forum organized by the youth wing of the ONF. It is compared with the forum of the presidential personnel reserve, but the "front-line soldiers" promise that the event will become annual.
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The Frontier Forum is held in the Zhukovsky District of the Kaluga Region from August 23 to August 30. According to Kommersant, it was decided to organize it in the ONF after the “front-line soldiers” were not allowed to hold one of the shifts at the Tavrida forum in the Crimea. Earlier, in 2015-2017, ONF conducted a separate shift dedicated to young journalists. This year it was changed to "Summer, Jazz and Rock and Roll."
According to the information published on the official site of the ONF, the forum "Frontier" is a complex of team-building events "Molodezhki ONF". More than 100 representatives from all regions of the country will take part in it. Any member of the team “Molodezhki ONF” with an active lifestyle, interested in the development of the region, who has already participated in the activities of the youth wing of the All-Russian Popular Front, could apply.
"Participants will be trained in two areas -" Leader "and" Public Relations ".Young people will be able to exchange experience with each other, to get "first-hand" such necessary knowledge as teamwork, finding a way out of difficult and unusual situations, organizing mass actions, communication and media support of events. And then they will be able to share new knowledge with like-minded people in the regions, "said Igor Kastiukevich, head of the ONF youth projects department.
Each educational day at the forum is dedicated to one of the areas that correspond to the national projects and programs of the new "May decree" of the President of the Russian Federation. According to Kommersant, on the very first day, all participants were divided into six groups, the members of which will have to develop social projects for the implementation of the tasks of the new May Decrees. The ONF project coordinators helped them in this. For example, Ilya Semin, coordinator of the ONF project “Profstazhki”, told the participants about labor productivity, employment support and small and medium entrepreneurship, Dmitry Mironov, coordinator of the General Cleaning project, spoke about the environment.
Following the discussion with the team, Semin said that ten possible projects were proposed, and the next task was to choose the project with which they would go to the final defense.In addition, near the end of the shift, the winning project should be defined, which in the future should be finalized and implemented at the federal level.
In addition to educational projects, the forum participants are also offered physical exercise: canoeing, orienteering, climbing, charging, and cross-country. All this is aimed at the development of creative thinking, leadership qualities, said Igor Kostyukevich. "We are not preparing here the world and European champions, we want the guys to just grow and grow above themselves," he stressed.
Due to the similarity of events, the ONF Forum is compared with the new program for the development of the presidential personnel reserve of the RANEPA, which is supervised in the Kremlin. In July, participants in the program also did exercises, engaged in simulators and competed in boat races on the rowing canal in Moscow. The participants were then coached by the head coach of the Russian rowing team, Yuri Zelikovich.
We add that on August 26, the Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov also took part in the forum. According to the press service of the regional government, during a meeting with the head of the region, participants discussed issues of interaction between the executive authorities and public organizations, mechanisms for effective management,possible solutions to current problems in the field of economics and social policy.
Anatoly Artamonov paid special attention to the issues of state interaction with representatives of public youth organizations. "In the Kaluga region, more than a hundred children are part of the Molodezhka ONF team. There is a youth government in the region. It is always interesting for me to listen to them. And the recommendations of the youth government do not go unnoticed," he said.
ONF activist Igor Ruzankin (Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod region) shares his opinion on the prospects of Molodezhka ONF and the significance of the Rubezh forum: The success of Molodijka ONF will depend on the actions that it will promote, on what their results will be and loyalty of the population regarding the activities of this organization. The efforts that are now being made by Molodezhka ONF are quite effective. <...>
In fact, “Molodezhka ONF” provides an opportunity to direct its civic engagement in a particular direction. The first will be involved activists who will work for civil society without any agitation.
I am unequivocally sure that a certain number of new people will respond to such events as the Frontier Forum. Accordingly, they will apply the experience gained on the forum in their regions. "
A public figure, blogger, member of the Stavropol regional headquarters of ONF, coordinator of the ONF "For Fair Purchases" project in the Stavropol Territory Alexey Gridin (Pyatigorsk) stresses that "Frontier" is not the first project of "Molodezhka ONF": the movement as a platform is quite promising. <...> The Frontier Forum is not the start of Molodezhka, but the first frontier, a certain starting point for summing up the results of the year and recognition, because the best of the best fall into the Molodezhka. The forum is both an encouragement and an opportunity to meet with one person. People from other regions, and most importantly, this is not entertainment, but an opportunity to learn how to create your team. One of the objectives of this event is team building. Just the kids who went to the forum will learn to create their team, which will work with full dedication in the regions. "
Well, something like this.
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