One Marine vs One Hundred German Jaegers

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At the beginning of June 1941, Vasily Kislyakov was serving his term of active service and was preparing for demobilization. But then the war began and, of course, had to forget about the house, it was necessary to defend Murmansk, where he served in the platoon of the coast guard of the Murmansk fortified area.
The Germans launched an offensive on the Murmansk sector on June 29, 1941. In the north, at first, only the frontier guards and forces of one division opposed the German rangers. This was not enough and therefore attracted volunteers from among the seamen-North Sea. Vasily Kislyakov, who became the squad leader, also ended up in this detachment.
In mid-July, the detachment held one of the heights near the mouth of the river West Faces. German huntsmen, as Soviet troops called mountain shooters, were taken several times to storm, but each time they retreated, not bringing the matter to melee.
Gradually, the cartridges ended, which is why the Germans were allowed to reach the distance of a true strike and throw a grenade.But in the end, only one machine gun remained, the platoon commander was killed and Kislyakov assumed command.
He ordered the others to retreat, but he himself remained to cover the detachment departing from the height. He had a machine gun and five disks of 49 rounds each. The Germans regrouped and went into the next attack, about a hundred people for one Soviet marines. The fire of Kislyakov opened when the Germans came close.
Throwing the Germans back after another attack, Vasily changed his position, trying to confuse the Germans and create the impression that he was holding more than one height. Sometimes replenished ammunition, either from co-pouches of colleagues, or trophies. Sometimes he loudly “commanded” the platoon to go on the attack and the Germans calmed down for a while.
The exact time of the battle remains unknown, in different sources indicate from 1 to 7 hours. But in any case, the fact remains that Kisliakof was able to maintain altitude and repel all attacks. In the end, a platoon of Red Army soldiers came to the rescue of Vasily and helped keep the height.
For his feat on August 13, 1941, Vasily Kislyakov received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union — the first in the Northern Fleet.
It was thanks to such North Sea inhabitants that the Germans did not reach Murmansk and the city accepted caravans with lend-lease goods during the entire war.

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