On what day is discharged from the hospital? What you need to discharge from the hospital in the winter

The birth of a child is a whole event in the life of a woman and her family. She has been carrying a baby under her heart for nine months, waiting for the day of birth. But unfortunately, this day is not always happy. Many suffer terrible agony or complications before a long-awaited event. But everything ever ends, and now comes the day of childbirth, the crumb is born, and all the suffering suffered by mom seems insignificant in comparison with the happiness of keeping her child in her arms. And now she can only think about how everything was fine with him, and they were quickly released home. On what day is discharged from the hospital? It depends on how the delivery went and how the baby and his mother feel. Now we will examine this issue in more detail.

On what day is discharged from the hospital? Necessary research before sending patients home

In the normal course of labor, discharge from the maternity hospital is standard. Mom and newborn are released on the fourth, in extreme cases - on the fifth day. During this time, the child must be made mandatory vaccination against tuberculosis (BCG). Yes, in many European countries, doctors refused to vaccinate babies. But in countries where tuberculosis is already entering the epidemic stage, vaccination is the only way to protect children. For example, in Ukraine, the death rate from tuberculosis is increasing every year. Today, more people die from this disease than from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, when moms do not want to be vaccinated with BCG, it is better for them to think carefully about the consequences to which their refusal may lead. However, this is a topic for a completely different article. So, after the child was vaccinated, it is necessary on the fourth day to take blood for a comprehensive examination of the baby. This study allows to identify congenital diseases and other pathologies that may lead to disability in the future.

on which day they are discharged from the maternity hospital

It is also necessary for the child to conduct a hearing test in order to detect violations in the early stages and begin to correct them.At the request of a woman, she can be discharged after vaccination on the third day, and she can undergo the remaining mandatory procedures in private - independently - in any children's clinic. But as practice shows, in the first weeks after discharge, sheer turmoil begins, and many simply forget to do so. And they remember when it is already too late. After all, these examinations are carried out precisely because of the first birthdays of a child, that work on troubleshooting begins immediately, when irreversible consequences can still be prevented. Therefore, doctors are strongly advised to discharge after all the necessary examinations. A couple of days will not change anything for you, but they can save the life of your child.

How is the preparation for discharge?

On what day we are discharged from the maternity hospital in the normal postnatal state of mother and child, we have already decided. Now let's talk on another topic. How is the discharge from the maternity hospital?

About discharge a woman reported several experts. This is a gynecologist, pediatrician and midwife. All this happens on the morning round. Already on the same day, after 12 o'clock, they draw up all the necessary documents, and relatives can take the long-awaited child and his mother.But if one of the doctors thinks that it is too early to send patients home for any reason, then the discharge is delayed for the required period. Also, many new parents are interested in the question: "Do they leave the hospital at the weekend?" Everything is decided on an individual basis and in each hospital in a different way. And yet, whether discharged from the hospital at the weekend? If the bypass is performed on Saturday and Sunday, then nothing can prevent discharge. In the case when doctors arrive only on weekdays, it is out of the question to send home on weekends or holidays.

What documents are issued for a child?

For the pediatrician, who will observe the newborn, is issued:

1. Birth certificate. This is a document that starts, even when the mother gets registered in the antenatal clinic, and is maintained throughout the pregnancy. Upon admission to the hospital, the woman gives it along with her medical record. At discharge, she is returned to her, but not completely, but only a ticket. She will have to take it to the pediatrician at the place of residence or give it to the nurse on her first visit to the house. According to the certificate, a child under one year old will carry out all the necessary procedures and examinations.

as met from the hospital

2. Extract about the state of health of the newborn. It contains all the data about the child:

- the name of the mother of the baby;

- date of birth;

- how the pregnancy proceeded (if there were complications, they must be indicated in the statement);

- how the birth went;

- data on vaccinations and examinations conducted by the baby in the maternity hospital;

- Does the woman breastfeed the baby or the newborn is breastfed;

- recorded data on weight, head circumference, chest.

Documents for the registry office and female consultation

A certificate of birth of the baby and the name and surname of the mother is issued to the civil registration authorities. This document must be attributed to the registry office in order to issue a birth certificate.

Within three days after being discharged from the maternity hospital, the woman should take to the consultation her outpatient card, which she returns to the maternity hospital, and an extract with notes about her state of health after childbirth.

Why can delay discharge?

But not everything is so wonderful. If there was a difficult delivery, the discharge is delayed for a number of reasons. Then doctors examine patients more closely. The week after birth is the most important period in the life of a baby. He is under constant medical supervision.It also happens that a child is placed in an incubator and not brought to his mother. Since any contact with the outside world can be dangerous for the newborn.

If a cesarean was done, when will they go home?

Severe childbirth can adversely affect the health of not only the newborn, but also his mother. Therefore, in such cases, doctors are not allowed to prescribe patients for the first week.

difficult childbirth

If a woman was given a caesarean section, then she would be discharged from the hospital no sooner than on the seventh - ninth day. It all depends on how the seams will heal and how she will feel in general, how quickly her body will recover. Even if the baby’s health is good, he is waiting for mom to recover. Then they will go home together. It happens that the mother quickly returns to normal, and it can be discharged, but the child should still be under the supervision of doctors. Then she is discharged, and the newborn is transferred to the children's ward to a hospital or left in the incubator at the maternity hospital.

When are those women who have bleeding discharged?

After how much is discharged from the maternity hospital after childbirth in the event that the woman in labor has a slight bleeding or had to perform additional curettage? Doctors leave the woman in the hospital for a few more days.This is to ensure that the bleeding is stopped and there is no infection, etc. With an abundant bleeding, anemia may occur. You may need a blood transfusion. Then the mother is left for that period until the hemoglobin returns to normal. Even in the case of a mild form of anemia, doctors may prescribe a course of iron supplements.

It is also very important to ensure that the woman has not developed inflammatory processes. Then they prescribe a course of antibacterial drugs, and in cases of complications surgery can be carried out. Even a woman after childbirth can increase the level of protein in the urine - this will lead to swelling of various kinds, which also delays discharge from the hospital.

If problems with the baby ...

As for the newborns, the doctors are constantly watching them, just like Mom. And if the baby is diagnosed with physiological jaundice, which happens quite often, the child is in the hospital until he is fully cured. He may even have a blood transfusion or be placed under artificial light. In cases where the baby experienced oxygen starvation at birth,he may experience a breakdown in the nervous system, and until the doctors are convinced that there is no danger, he will be kept in the hospital under constant supervision. Infectious diseases require the appointment of a course of antibacterial drugs.

You also need to take into account such a moment that the baby can be born underdeveloped or premature. This happens in cases of premature birth, when the fetus did not have time to finally form. The child all the time until he gains the necessary weight will be under the supervision of doctors.

Baby weight

So, even if the baby is healthy, but does not reach in weight, he will not be discharged until his body weight returns to normal.

So what is the weight with which newborns are discharged from the hospital? In general, the weight loss of the baby after birth is a normal phenomenon. Each bewitched already on the fifth day loses up to seven percent of its mass. But then quickly gaining them. But in any case, at the time of discharge, the child should not weigh less than two kilograms.

Extract in summer or autumn. What things are needed?

When the dangers for the mother and her child are over, and their health is normal, the doctors examine both of them and begin to prepare for discharge.Its procedure in case of complications is the same as with the normal course of the postpartum period.

Now mommy begins pleasant chores. In addition to all the documents collected, she must have the things necessary for the newborn.birth day

If you are discharged in the warm season, you should have a diaper, a cotton cloth bodysuit (a shirt with sliders), light socks, and you can wear a thin cap on your head. And you can put the baby in a light summer envelope or wrap in a diaper. In autumn or spring, a jumpsuit and a warm hat, a warmed envelope or blanket are added to the set of clothes.

Hooray! We are discharged! What things are needed in the winter?

What do you need for discharge from the hospital in the winter? If you are taken on a frosty day, you need to take care that the baby is well wrapped up. Be sure to wear a diaper on your baby, then a warm body or romper with a vest.what do you need for discharge from the hospital in the winter

And what do you need for discharge from the hospital in the winter? Wear a warmer flannel jumpsuit on top. And upstairs - winter. Also need a wool cap. The hands of the child must be covered, and after that it is necessary to put it in a warm winter envelope.In case of severe frost, the face of the baby should be covered with a cape.

Meeting from the maternity hospital

How to meet from the hospital? Extract can be a standard sample, and can be solemn. The procedure itself takes no more than half an hour. The health workers take mother and child to the dressing room. First of all, a woman puts herself in order. After starting to wear a crumb. Nurse Mom in this should help and show how to do it correctly.whether discharged from the hospital at the weekendIf you wish, you can order a video or photograph of the preparation process for discharge. After that, the newly-made mother and nurse with a baby in their arms are held in the hall, where relatives are already waiting for them. Here they are met by the father of the baby, to whom the nurse passes the child. Further, the celebration takes place depending on how prepared.

Interesting ideas for meeting mother and child

How to meet from the hospital? Often, happy daddies with joy do not know how to thank the wife for the child born, and begin to show an irrepressible fantasy. For example, they order a limousine to the entrance of the maternity hospital (if finances allow, of course) and flood it with flowers. Or decorate with any posters and balls flat.Some young fathers to their liking, while his wife was in the hospital, they arrange an original nursery baby.

Many daddies, with joy, decorate the threshold of the maternity hospital with flowers, balls and in general everything that comes to mind. Also, before the maternity hospital, you can lay out flowers, if the time of year and finances permit, a huge heart. You can write balloons with thanks for your son or daughter. Be sure to order an operator who will take all of this on camera. He will do it professionally, taking into account all the nuances. By entrusting such an important mission to your relatives, you risk being left without good memories.

In addition, in gratitude for the birth of the heir (or daughter - it does not matter) dad can give his wife a golden ring or other jewelry. In any case, no matter how you meet your loved ones from the maternity hospital, be sure to make sure that it is safe for the baby.registration of discharge from the hospital


Now you know what day they are discharged from the hospital. We also told you what is needed for mom and baby. And indicated what documents are issued at discharge. We hope that the information contained in the article was useful to you.

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