Olympic gods of Ancient Greece

As you know, the ancient Greeks were pagans, i.e.believed in several gods. The last was a great multitude. However, the main and most revered was only twelve. They entered the Greek pantheon and lived on the sacred Mount Olympus. So, what kind of gods of Ancient Greece - Olympic? This is the question under consideration today. All the gods of ancient Greece obeyed only Zeus.

gods of ancient greece picturesZeus

Is the god of heaven, lightning and thunder.It is considered the father of gods and people. He can see the future. Zeus keeps the balance of good and evil. He is given the power to punish and forgive. The guilty people he strikes with lightning, and throws the gods from Olympus. In Roman mythology, it corresponds to Jupiter.

However, on Olympus near Zeus there is still a throne for his wife. And Hera takes it.

gods of ancient GreeceGera

She is the patroness of marriage and mothers during childbirth, the defender of women. On Olympus she is the wife of Zeus. In Roman mythology, its analogue is Juno.

all the gods of ancient GreeceAres

Is a god of cruel, insidious andbloody war. He is delighted only by the sight of a hot fight. On Olympus, Zeus tolerates it only because he is the son of a thunderer. His analogue in the mythology of Ancient Rome is Mars.

It will not take long to ramble Ares if Athena-Pallada appears on the battlefield.

gods of ancient GreeceAthena

She is the goddess of a wise and just war, knowledge and art. It is believed that she came to light from the head of Zeus. Its prototype in the myths of Rome is Minerva.

The moon rose in the sky? Hence, according to the ancient Greeks, went for a walk the goddess Artemis.

gods of ancient GreeceArtemis

Is the patroness of the moon, hunting, fertilityand female chastity. With her name is associated one of the seven wonders of the world - the temple in Ephesus, which burned the ambitious Herostratus. She is the daughter of Zeus and the sister of the god Apollo. Its analog in ancient Rome is Diana.

gods of ancient GreeceApollo

He is a god of sunlight, a mark of shooting, as well as a healer and leader of the muses. He's the twin brother of Artemis. Their mother was Titanide Summer. His prototype in Roman mythology is Phoebus.

Love is a wonderful feeling. And patronizes her, as the inhabitants of Hellas thought, the same beautiful goddess Aphrodite

gods of ancient GreeceAphrodite

She is the goddess of beauty, love, marriage,spring, fertility and life. According to legend, it appeared from a shell or sea foam. Many of the gods of ancient Greece wanted to marry her, but she chose the ugliest of them - the chronomongogo Hephaestus. In Roman mythology, she was associated with the goddess Venus.

gods of ancient GreeceHephaestus

Is the god of fire, the god-smith, is consideredmaster of all trades. He was born with an ugly appearance, and his mother Hera, not wanting to have such a child, dropped her son from Olympus. He did not crash, but since then he has become very limp. Its analog in Roman mythology is Volcano.

There is a big celebration, people are happy, the wine is pouring down the river. The Greeks believe that this Dionysus is having fun on Olympus.

gods of ancient GreeceDionysus

He is the god of wine and fun.Was born and born ... Zeus. This is true, the Thunderer was his father and mother. It so happened that the beloved of Zeus, Semel, at the instigation of Hera asked him to appear in all his power. As soon as he did, Semele immediately burnt in the flames. Zeus barely had time to snatch from her their prematurely son and sew it to his thigh. When Dionysus, born of Zeus, grew up, his father made him cupbearer Olympus. In Roman mythology, his name is Bacchus.

Where do the souls of deceased people fly off? In the kingdom of Hades, so would the ancient Greeks answered.

gods of ancient GreeceHades

It is the master of the underworld of the dead. He is the brother of Zeus.

At sea, the excitement? Hence, Poseidon is something of anger - this was the opinion of the inhabitants of Hellas.

gods of ancient GreecePoseidon

It is the god of the seas and oceans, the master of waters. He also has a brother Zeus.


That's all the main gods of ancient Greece.But you can learn about them not only from myths. For centuries, artists have formed a common opinion about how the gods of Ancient Greece looked (pictures shown above).

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