Notes on the run: Tyumen

Until the end of the week I will be in Tyumen and Tobolsk. I was here a long time ago and almost do not remember anything.
Just travel notes, just a short bit of amusing facts about the city.
Tyumen is the oldest city of Siberia. In 1586, the Tsar Cannon was cast in Moscow, a fortress was laid on the Volga river in the mouth of the Samara River, and in distant Siberia the Moscow governors Sukin and Meat founded the Tyumen ostrog. Tobolsk was founded a year later and for a long time it was the main city of Siberia, until in the 19th century the Trans-Siberian Railway passed through Tyumen.
True, until the middle of the 20th century, Tyumen was not any large city, but in the 1960s it explored large reserves of oil and gas in the region. And off we go. Finding the indigenous people whose grandparents were also born in the city is extremely difficult.
You can see from Tyumen: here people have come to make money at all times. Yes, and still. Fortunately, around the city, and in it there are only swamps, so the trouble of high-rise construction has bypassed it.
The entertaining wooden mansions of the merchants of the late 19th and early 20th centuries remained in Tyumen.

And they are made for those times also pretentious. The nobility were not here, but the merchants wanted chic and bluff. I wanted a pear nafasad - please:

Anasov wanted - forward:

It doesn’t matter that in Tyumen a hundred years ago they could only hear about pineapples, this is the fruit here on the facades of wooden houses considered almost a local trick.
On the one hand, I wanted pseudo-Russian platbands, and on the other, baroque - please.
And in general, to build from wood, it is more soulful and cheaper, but the facade to be under a brick:

In the old days they knew a lot about drain pipes:

In some places in Tyumen the unintentionally preserved old

At the same time, her hands simply did not reach her.

In general, Tyumen is an interesting city.

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