Nile perch: photo and fishing

Som and Nile perch are very interestingcopies. The first is kept in an aquarium, and the second one is caught. And some individuals grow up to be real giants. They were first talked about in Ancient Egypt. Residents affectionately called such a fish "the princess of the Nile." Perches are most common in fresh water in Africa. In general, the giants are concentrated in the rivers Congo, Nile, Senegal and Volta. Often, large perch are found in lakes Albert, Chad, Victoria and some others.


Catfish (or Nile Clarious) is an aquarium fish. It should be kept alone, because it is always a hungry and large predator. When buying a catfish it seems elegant and harmless. But this fish grows very fast and at the same time feeds on other fellow aquarium animals.catfish and Nile perch

Nilian catfish can be of several colors. It is also found in the waters of America and Europe. This fish was nicknamed "walking catfish." The reason was its peculiarity. When the reservoir is dry, the catfish can safely creep to where there is water. Basically, the fish makes "transitions" during rains. The Nile cat has adapted to breathe atmospheric air thanks to a special nadgrubbing organ that resembles a sponge.

The Nile giant

Nile perch is an African giant. He is a member of the family of lats, a class of ray-finned. This fish is the largest freshwater species. The Nile giant can reach huge sizes - more people. The head of the fish is flat, somewhat extended forward. Fins - rounded, scales mostly silver with a blue tint. But the color of the giants may be different. The eyes of the perch are dark and bright yellow in the pupils. On the back there are two fins, one - pointed.

The sizes of the Nile perch

Nile perch - the largest in the whole worldrepresentative of its kind. The individual can reach two meters in length, and the weight of the giants ranges from 150 to 200 kilograms. When the fish turns 15 years old, its weight is already over 30 kg. Due to its huge size, the perch is the dominant in its habitat. For other fish, the giant is a dangerous predator.Nile perch

When breeding Nile perch in artificialwater bodies are somewhat inferior in size to their free relatives. But such specimens are in great demand. The meat of a giant perch is very delicate and delicious. It is highly valued in industrial production.


The fishing of the Nile perch should be carried out on powerfulbecause this fish is very strong because of its huge size. A hard fishing line simply can not withstand a lot of weight. Nile perches prefer wobblers of natural flowers and Fire Tiger. Fishing is carried out by trolling. In this case, they use gear with cords, which have a breaking load of more than forty kilograms. With uneven terrain, wobblers should be at different depths of immersion.

Interesting fishing

Nile perch is very popular with fishermen,loving to catch trophy specimens. Attracts fish hunters with their huge size, huge weight and behavior. According to reviews, one of the best places to fish for Nile perch is the Egyptian Lake Nasser. Also you can hunt for the giant in the framework of an African safari. His programs often include fishing for nile perch

The best time for this is the period from May to October. The peak of biting comes mainly in July. Winter fishing is very rare. From late autumn until the end of March, the perch bites very badly. In April, he spawns, so in this month you can not hunt giants.

Fishing tactics

First, a few casts are done. If the perch did not react immediately, then it is necessary to move. If the depth of the reservoir begins immediately at the shore, then the wobbler is brought to the slope at an acute angle. On the canopy bank, you can make a long cast. Since the perch is hiding in ambushes, it is necessary to look for a giant in such places.

If he went after the wobbler, but did not take the bait,then repeated casting is done, catching. In most cases, it is at this time that the fish is caught. And then follows the stage of digging a perch from the water. This is quite difficult. Nile perch, trophy fishing on which attracts many fishermen, is an individual with a huge weight.Nile perch trophy fishing

And even with a mass of 10 kilograms of resistanceit will be quite violent. And, as noted by fishermen who already hunted a perch, his jerking is much stronger than that of other fish with the same weight. For hunting, it is better to prepare in advance - to stock up on water, do not forget sunglasses, etc. Before you catch a perch, you need to find it, and this sometimes takes a long time.

Features of behavior

Each type of fish has its own characteristicsbehavior. This applies to the Nile perch. It is a predator, so it treats other inhabitants of water bodies very aggressively, up to the destruction of some species of fish.

Nils perch prefers artificiallures, so experienced fishermen for hunting the giant use trolling. But to catch a perch is half the battle. Fish still need to be able to pull out of the water. This is quite difficult, as the Nile perch begin to fiercely resist, and thanks to the huge weight of the struggle between man and fish becomes serious. For this, fishermen need to have such qualities as dexterity, good coordination of movements, agility and extreme attention. Of course, an even greater force is of no small importance. But even with all these qualities and great experience, perches often escape and go unscathed to the depths.

catching the Nile perch

If the Nile perchintends to respond to the bait, then does itimmediately, with the first or second cast, and much less often - with further attempts. These giants adhere to the ambush, and the attack of the predator is swift.

Interesting Facts

His fries are bred in the oral cavity. This helps them to survive and save a large population. The giants feed on crustaceans, small fish and insects. There are rumors that huge perches can also eat a man. But there is no confirmation of this yet.

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