Nikolay Burlyaev: biography, personal life, filmography and interesting facts

The biography and personal life of Nikolai Burlyaev are of interest to all his fans. This talented man declared himself in childhood. The actor brilliantly played an orphan boy in the military drama “Ivanovo Childhood”. “Andrei Rublev”, “Military Field Novel”, “Checking on the Roads”, “Mom Got Married” - are other pictures that made Nikolay remember the viewer. What is the story of a star?

Nikolai Petrovich Burlyaev: biography, family

The hero of this article was born in August 1946. Moscow is the city in which Nikolai Petrovich Burlyaev was born and raised. The professional activities of his parents were not related to the world of dramatic art, the mother and father of the child were engineers, economists. But the grandmother and grandfather were the actors of the mobile theater. In addition to Nikolai, his brothers Boris and Gennady, sister Lyudmila, were brought up in the family.It is known that Gennady became a master of sports in chess. Boris Burlyaev chose the path of the poet, creates under the literary pseudonym Svobodin. Also, this man starred in the films "Two friends", "The fate of the drummer."

Nikolay Burlyaev in childhood

It was not an example of relatives that aroused a child’s interest in acting career. The neighbor of the family was a talented actor Boris Livanov, who was admired by the young Kolya. It is known that it was the dreams of the stage and the fans that pushed the boy to fight stuttering. This problem arose in little Kolya after he experienced severe stress.


The first attempt of Nikolay Burlyaev, whose biography and personal life are discussed in the article, to play in a movie, ended in failure. At the age of 12 years, the boy and his brother went to sample the picture "History Lesson". The creators of the film liked brother Burlyaev, while he himself was refused.

For a while, Nikolai left his dream. Resentment prompted him to seriously think about the career of an architect. However, the providence ordered otherwise.


When did the public become interested in the biography and personal life of Nikolai Burlyaev? When a talented actor managed to attract the attention of viewers and directors? His path to fame began with a chance meeting.

Kohl returned home from school when he caught the eye of Andrei Konchalovsky. The young man finished the last course of VGIK, made his graduation film. He needed a young actor with the appearance of Nikolai. Konchalovsky was delighted with this meeting, offered the child to act in films. So Burlyaev made his debut in the short film "Boy and pigeons." He embodied the image of a child who so wants to buy a bird that he secretly sells stamps that his father collects. Konchalovsky, in fact, became his “godfather” in the cinema.

Then a novice actor appeared in the film “The Court of the Mad Men”, played a pioneer in the film “Teddy Bear, Serge and I”.

Star role

“Ivanovo childhood” is a film due to which the actor Nikolai Burlyaev made his first appearance. Biography and his personal life began to arouse the interest of the first fans. Director Andrei Tarkovsky presented the young lyceum Konchalovsky. Maitre decided that Kohl was ideally suited to play an important role in the military drama “Ivanovo Childhood”.

Nikolay Burlyaev in the film “Ivanovo childhood”

The hero of Burlyaev was a 12-year-old orphan boy named Ivan. The family of the hero was killed by the Nazis in his eyes. His desire to get even with enemies overwhelms.For the sake of this boy joins the military unit, agrees to engage in the collection of intelligence.

Preparing for the role was a real test for Nikolai. He had to go swimming every day, because in the story his hero swims across the Dnieper by swimming. Years later, the actor showed that for the sake of a new role he was ready and not for that. Fencing, horseback riding, figure skating - than just Burlyaev. He never called it a victim, as a good actor should be able to do everything.

Then Nicholas stuttered yet, but this did not prevent him from playing an orphaned child, filled with hatred for the invaders. Burlyaev told himself that he should become a different person for a while. The military drama “Ivanovo Childhood” was presented to the court of spectators in 1962.

Education, theater

Nikolay Burlyaev actor theater. The Moscow Council was still in his teenage years. While working on the short film “Boy and Doves”, the young artist met Vladimir Shurupov. In those years, this man collaborated with the theater. Mossovet. He introduced a talented guy to the leadership of the theater. Nikolai began to get roles from time to time.Say, he played the grandson of the protagonist in the play "Leningradsky Avenue".

After graduation, Burlyaev continued his education at the Schukinsky School. He has already had a bright role in “Ivanovo childhood”, participation in several performances of the Theater. Mossovet. The experience gained on stage and on the set was credited. The young artist was credited immediately to the second course. Many future stars studied with him, for example, Mikhalkov, Vertinskaya.

Nikolai received a diploma from the Schukin School in 1968.

"Andrei Rublev"

Training in the Shchukin school a young man successfully combined with work on the set. His filmography continued to grow. From the biography of Nikolai Burlyaev it follows that he had another bright role in 1966. Tarkovsky, who enjoyed working with a novice actor, invited him to his new film, Andrei Rublev.

Nikolay Burlyaev in the film "Andrei Rublev"

The picture tells about the events taking place at the beginning of the 15th century. Russia suffers from internecine wars, raids of the Tatars. In this tragic era, the great artist Andrei Rublev appears. Burlyaev in this film got the role of Boriska, one of the key characters.His hero is the son of a foundry-craftsman who is forced to cast a bell instead of his deceased father.

The picture did not pass censorship, so she was not destined to immediately get on the screens. For five long years the film has lain on the shelf. Then the tape was corrected and released under the name "Passion according to Andrew."

Different roles

Nikolay Burlyaev - an actor who has no clearly defined role. He plays both positive and negative characters equally convincingly. In the famous painting "Checking on the Roads" by Alexey Herman, he portrayed a cruel policeman. In the film “The Player” by Alexei Batalov, he reincarnated into the famous hero of Dostoevsky. In "The Master and Margarita", Yeshua became his character.

Nikolay Burlyaev in the film “Player”

The drama “Military Field Novel” deserves special mention, giving Nicholas the second high point. The creator of this picture was Peter Todorovsky. Burlyaev got the role of a former soldier who is busy searching for his place in life. It is not easy for him to find himself in the post-war world.

Love family

Of course, fans are not only interested in the creative achievements of Nikolai Burlyaev. Biography, personal life, children - fans want to know everything about their idol.For the first time an artist married in his youth. His choice was the actress Natalia Varley. This union soon collapsed, could not stand the test of life. Spouses, cooled to each other, dispersed peacefully. Children in this marriage was not.

Inga Shatova and Nikolay Burlyaev

The second wife of Nikolai Burlyaev was Natalia Bondarchuk. This woman gave birth to actor daughter Maria and son Ivan. Marriage also failed the test of time, ended in divorce. Burlyaev did not lose contact with children, although they remained with his mother. Maria devoted her life to dramatic art, and Ivan - to music.

For the third time, Burlyaev married actress Inge Shatovoy. A significant difference in age did not become an obstacle for lovers. Inga abandoned her career, became involved in the affairs of her husband.

What is happening in the personal life of Nikolai Petrovich Burlyaev? Biography of the actor suggests that he still lives with his third wife. Nikolai and Inga have common children - George and Daria. There are no details about Burlyaev’s family life, as the artist does not like to discuss this topic with journalists and fans.

New Age

In the new century, Burlyaev became less likely to act in films. The actor accepts the role only if it seems interesting to him. In the film “Love and Truth of Fyodor Tyutchev” he embodied the image of a famous writer.

Nikolay Burlyaev in the film "Admiral"

In the film "Admiral" Nicholas played the emperor Nicholas II. In 2014, the actor appeared in the tape "The Mystery of the Snow Queen".


Nikolai Petrovich not only starred in the movie, he also creates it. In 1975, Burlyaev graduated from the directing department of VGIK. His thesis work was the short film "Roly-Cain."

At the moment, the most successful work of Burlyaev-director is considered a biographical drama "Lermontov". As it is easy to guess from the title, this film tells the story of the life of a genius poet. Critics did not like this tape, but it was a success with the audience.

It is not yet possible to say whether Nikolai Petrovich plans to get back in the director's chair again, or this page is already closed for him.

Interesting fact

What else can you tell about the actor and director Nikolay Burlyaev? This person not only does not hide, but even emphasizes his sharply negative attitude towards people with unconventional sexual orientation. Moreover, he openly calls himself homophobic. Burlyaev calls pathology, fornication.

Nikolay Burlyaev at a creative meeting

Nikolai Petrovich also insists that any propaganda of same-sex relations on television should be prohibited. The actor and director claims that "the screen has become too blue."He openly calls for limiting the rights of homosexuals.

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