Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path

Nikita Kiose - a talented young Russian musician, member of the groupMBAND.Before he became known, he participated in variousmusical TV show, is the finalist of the Ukrainian project "Voice. Children". Also participant and winner of the song show "I Want to Meladze", where he was a wards of Sergei Lazarev. The goal of this contest was to collect a creative and talented boy band for further production and performances on the big stage.

Nikita Kiose

Nikita Kiesset - biography of the singer

Born April 13 in 1998 in Ryazan, Russia. Ros and was brought up in a simple modest family. Father was a professional football player, and his mother a doctor. From an early age, parents listened to the interests of the son and contributed to his every endeavor. Nikita tried a lot of circles and sports sections - went to art school, a theater circle, soccer and swimming. However, the soul did not lie to everyone, even the mother's offers to enroll in the music school the boy categorically refused. For family reasons, Nikita was forced to move to live with his grandmother in Cherkassy. Here he first met with Ukraine, in which he will subsequently begin his career as a musician.

Acquaintance with music

Being a schoolboy, the guy still gave the slack andenrolled in the musical theater "Constellation of Goodness", as his mother had long wanted. Here he acquired some creative skills that shaped him both as a person and as a future artist of the big stage. Nikita Kiesset literally fell in love with music and defined his meaning of life. He was no longer interested in standard boyish games, he completely devoted himself to music. Over time, the guy began to participate in various musical events and competitions, where he often won.

In parallel with the vocal Nikita also visitedchoreographic circle. It is worth noting that the guy here and not bad succeeded. Sports skills helped him to become a good dancer, and he was invited to work at the Moscow Operetta Theater, where he played for almost two years in the musical "The Count of Monte Cristo". This work has added a lot of experience, which the guy enjoys at the moment, being a famous singer. In addition to the stage qualification, Nikita also received a decent fee, which he gave to his parents.

Photo of Nikita Kyossa

9th grade Nikita Kiose (photo above) graduatedexternally, after which he applied to the Moscow theater school of Oleg Tabakov. Fortunately, the guy enrolled and even studied a few courses here, but he had to stop his studies due to the active growth of popularity and career. During his studies, Nikita worked part time in dance with such popular musicians as Sergei Lazarev, Irina Dubtsova, "A-Studio" group. Thus, the guy already from the youth had close ties with the Russian show business and his representatives.

Creative way: musical career

The musical biography of Nikita Kiossa, asknown, originates from early childhood - the guy performed at various events, as well as participated in many song contests, where he took away prizes. The guy even passed a casting for participation in the "Junior Eurovision", where he took the 4th place. Here Nikita Kiose was seen by the producer Inna Moshkovskaya, who later influenced the guy to go to the festival "Children's New Wave" in Yalta. At this competition, the guy showed all his talents and fascinated the audience with his artistry. From this moment Nikita quickly gained popularity within Ukraine. The next step was the "Voice of the country. Children ", where Nikita was the ward of Tina Karol.

Participation in the show "I want to Meladze"

In 2014, it became known that all knownKonstantin Meladze organizes a competition for young talent among the guys, whose goal will be to create a boy band. The show was called "I want to Meladze." Learning about such an event, Nikita went to the casting. As a result, he was in the final part of the music show, and after that he became one of the winners of the project. Nikita Kiesse (photo below) became a member of the newly-minted MBAND group, which is now popular throughout the former CIS. The most famous song of the band is "She'll be back." In the MBAND group, Nikita is the youngest participant.

Nikita Kiesse biography

Nikita Kiesse and his girls: photo, personal life

In social networks of the singer often there are newphotos with different girls. The guy does not talk about his romantic relationship, apparently, it is forbidden to him on contract. However, however that may be, we can only guess. As a matter of fact, no one knows. Perhaps Kyossa simply tactfully ignores the press and does not answer their questions about his personal life, or maybe he just did not find that one. Here are a few photos of Nikita Kiesset and his girls:

  • Here, someone kisses him. A fan or a favorite girl, no one knows.

Nikita Kyossa photo and his girlfriend

  • But with a charming blonde.
    Nikita Kiossa and Anna Rozputnia

And one more cutie.
Nikita Kiesset and his girlfriendWhat they all associate with Nikita, no one knows.

We wish the guy every success in his work and personal life.

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Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path Nikita Kiossa (MBand): biography, the creative path