New Year statuses: how to create a festive mood in your profile

At the end of December, almost everyone is in a festive mood. He has a lot of worries: buy gifts, write congratulations, develop a menu, invite guests, and also come up with statuses about the New Year for social networks. What to place in your personal profile? Where do you get ideas from?

Where to get status

statuses about the new year

To keep the user's page up to date, it needs to be constantly updated, filled, placed appropriate statuses. To do this, you can:

  • Use personal ideas.
  • Search for options on the World Wide Web.
  • Order a phrase.
  • Save an interesting statement in advance.

Any of these methods can be easily applied in practice, based on personal abilities, desires and capabilities.

How to choose an interesting option

cool statuses about the new year

Statuses about the New Year can be very different. In them you can write about your emotions, existing plans and dreams,congratulate friends on the upcoming holiday, arrange a meeting, give information for reflection, use the words of a famous person, cheer up the guests.

Phrases in some social networks can be supplemented with beautiful symbols, interesting smiles, thematic pictures, links and songs. Such opportunities allow you to make your account more beautiful, attractive, popular. Do not be afraid of extraordinary and creative thinking, because in case of failure, the status is easy and quick to change.

In the profile, you can write about New Year's attributes, pre-holiday mood, warm wishes, proposed events, winter jokes and so on.

Funny phrases

statuses about the old new yearBefore you post statuses about the New Year, it is important to remember that all friends, relatives and guests will see them. Therefore, you should think about whether they will not be offensive for someone from close people. Strangers on them can add the first impression of the owner of the account, so it is hardly worth creating a false impression about yourself.

If you set cool statuses about the New Year, then everyone will immediately realize that a person has a good mood who wants to share with others.They demonstrate positive thinking. With such a man, many will want to be friends. After all, communication with a cheerful and pleasant person is always preferable to a bore and melancholic. You can write something like this:

It is desirable to include a non-drinker in the number of guests, so that tomorrow I can tell about all the adventures on New Year's Eve!


Today I make only one wish: to become Santa Claus myself in order to satisfy myself completely!


I want a beautiful and desirable present under my Christmas tree - you!

Beautiful sayings

funny statuses about the new yearBeautiful statuses about the New Year are very popular in all social networks. They will definitely collect a lot of comments, likes, classes. A user who is able to concisely and vividly express emotions or opinions on any issue, just will not go unnoticed.

No less relevant are the congratulatory statuses of the New Year. Friends who have read good words in their address will certainly write something in response. Assume:

Happy New Year everyone! A lot of happiness
I wish you in any way.
Love you angelicly beautiful
Health, glory loud!


This year I already got what I wanted.Therefore, under the chiming clock, I will make you happy!


I love this holiday: everyone is becoming more beautiful, kinder and more tender to each other.

Prose and poems: examples

In a personal profile, you can post not only prose, but also rhymed lines. Just do not need to make them too long, because brevity is consistently rated higher. For example:

My friends, congratulations
Happy frosty new year.
With love, I wish you
Fun in any weather!


Start a new life, friends! Leave the sorrows in the past, with a smart smile to meet future success!


I want to wish everybody more crying, falling and stumbling. But crying from boundless happiness, falling into the tender arms of your loved one, stumbling over your own bags of money!


I want Santa Claus
A piece of happiness brought me,
Love a little bit of money
And for fun something.


The smell of oranges, elegant Christmas tree, Olivier and champagne on the table, a loved one nearby. What else is needed for happiness?


Let the night go quietly
Nobody beats anyone
Let no one sleep in a snowdrift,
Does not break his legs!

Human fantasy is limitless, so everyone can surprise guests by posting interesting, witty, philosophical or ridiculous statuses about the New Year. The main thing is that the words come from the heart.Someone sets offensive or sad statuses on the page. Of course, it’s not always possible to cope with your emotions, but on this holiday everyone should have a good mood.

Ideas for the old New Year

beautiful satusy about the new yearYou can upgrade your account not only on December 31 and Christmas, but also on the old New Year. This celebration is no less significant and expected. It makes it possible to extend a cheerful mood, a good fairy tale and magic, once again to wish all the best to your relatives, to think, to remember something. The spirit of the holiday hovers across the expanses of the Internet, pushing people to write and search for statuses about the old New Year to put them in their account. For example:

If December 31 failed, you can always fix it on January 13!


Old New Year especially love Christmas trees, because it prolongs their life.


The magic comes again
To happiness in the world has become more.
Twice success, doubly love,
The sorrows will be doubly reduced.


I wish in a rainbow tale
Today you friends, get there.
Where a lot of light, sea caresses,
Where happiness got power!

Thus, the New Year statuses should decorate each account. After all, on such a holiday it is important to update not only yourself, the house, the wardrobe, but also the profile. This will make it relevant, visited, interesting for subscribers.

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