New state armaments program

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Today it became known how much Russia will spend on the new ten-year state armaments program. In recent years, our armed forces have noticeably changed for the better, and Russia will continue to improve its army.
State Arms Program for 2018-2027 provides for the purchase, development and modernization of weapons for 19 trillion rubles, the construction of the infrastructure of the Ministry of Defense for 1 trillion rubles. and procurement for other law enforcement agencies for 3 trillion rubles. This was stated by Vladimir Putin during a visit to PJSC United Engine-Building Corporation - Ufa Engine-Building Production Association, where he spoke with the workers and held a meeting with officials.
Particular emphasis will be placed on equipping the troops with high-precision airborne, land-based and sea-based weapons, unmanned strike complexes, as well as personal equipment for servicemen, the latest reconnaissance, communications and electronic warfare systems.
The state program includes, in particular, the construction of the strategic nuclear submarine “Borey-B”, the adoption of the Su-57 and MiG-35 fighters, the upgrading of the Tu-95, Tu-160 and the long-range Tu-22M3 bombers, work on the new the Sarmat strategic facility, the newest S-500 anti-aircraft missile system, the Zircon hypersonic rocket. Also, the military-industrial complex will have to complete work on the Armata, Kurganets and Boomerang armored projects.
All this should ensure the neutralization of external threats. However, whoever comes to us with a sword, will die by the sword, and the Russian modern weapons turned into a formidable force, and the whole world saw it during the operation in Syria.

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