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Five single fathers decided on a bold experiment: to find a wife on the TV program called "Named for Tat" using the compatibility program. Potential wives were selected using a computer program that works with a high percentage of accuracy. Contenders will spend the month in homes with possible future husbands.

Named for Tata: Issue 1 dated January 30

How their relationship develops will be shown by a trial month during which viewers of the project “Named for Tata” will be able to observe the emergence of new feelings.

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Michael is 46 years old, he is a widower and for four years he has raised his daughter Zoya alone. “I attended the birth and saw this shriveled lump,” says Mikhail. He does not mind in his daughter. Mikhail loved his wife very much and could not tell his daughter that he had died for two weeks. In the project “Named for Tata”, she wants to find a caring mother for her daughter, and herself a true friend.

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Michael with daughter Zoya

Julia is a business woman.At 34, she is not married, and still has not sought to start a family, was engaged in a career and traveled.

Marat 37 years since adolescence dreamed of his own restaurant. "The meaning of my life, the one for whom I am moving forward is my son," admits Marat. His son Arsen is studying in the third grade, has a video blog.

named for tata 1 issue

Marat with his son Arsen

Marat divorced his wife and has so far failed to arrange a new relationship with another woman. Other women did not find contact with Arsen. "Today I meet a girl in a restaurant and then we go to me." I had never been so quick to go home with the girl, "Marat said on the project" Narechena for Tat ".

Vick is 21 years old - a beauty with the appearance of Monica Bellucci, a student and a model. Once she was betrayed by her beloved man and now she is looking for a reliable shoulder. "God, I never thought that I would go to the suitcase in my hands," said Vika, going to a meeting with Marat on the project "Named for Tat".

Yuri 28 years old, lives in the village of Cherkasy region. He himself brings up an eight-year-old son. They were alone when the boy was 1 year and 8 months old. His wife left the family, deciding to move to the city.

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Yuri and his son Yuri

Tanya is 27 years old - a charming laughter.Due to the stress in her youth, she gained 100 kg. The problem was solved, but it was not possible to find the groom yet. She feels that she is getting used to loneliness, but does not want this, and with the help of the project “Named for Tata” she wants to improve her life.

Named for tata: 2 edition of February 6

In the last issue of "Narechena for Tat" we saw how Julia left Misha because she did not like the living conditions. Now they decided to look for a rented apartment, but Julia is not ready to agree to the first option. Misha is surprised by her fastidiousness.

Wow 2 of the new issue of "Named for Tata" appears a new hero. This is 41-year-old Pavel Tkachenko from Vyshgorod, who alone brings up 14-year-old daughter Dasha. Father and daughter are very similar, according to Dasha, it will be difficult to find a woman who can endure dad.

Potential bride of Paul - 29-year-old Lyudmila from Poltava. Lyudmila envies colleagues at work, whom her relatives are waiting for at home. “I have no one to give my personal time, especially after a divorce,” she shares with the project “Named for Tata”.

Vika is bored alone in Marat's apartment, Tanya chooses a gift to Jura, Misha and Yulia, it seems that they found an apartment that she liked.How the relations of potential spouses will develop, look in the new series “Named for Tata”.

Named for Tata: Issue 3 dated February 13

Victoria and Marat are growing tensions on domestic soil: he did not like the eggs and porridge, and her whims annoyed her. See in the new issue It was announced for the Tat, whether Vika and Marat can agree.

Misha and Yulia are going to move out to a rented apartment, but Misha's mother is against it, a scandal erupted. Whether Misha and Yulia will be able to get agreement, look in the new issue Named for tat.

Lyudmila is straining authoritarianism in relations with Paul. He constantly does not give her the opportunity to express her opinion and make her choice. See in issue 4 It is intended for Tata how relations between these people will develop.

In the 3 rd edition of Nata-ka, a new member, Anton, appears. “Erika is a desirable child. Sonya (ex-wife) did not go a month after the birth of her daughter, as she jumped out on the internship,” says Anton, admitting that she was trying to save the family, but the careerist wife preferred work. Five-year-old Erika spends most of her time with her father.

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Anton Bauman with daughter Erica

His potential bride is Angelina, 24 years old.She is a model by profession, but lately she pays less attention to work, as she has been raising a three-year-old son, Gordey. Look in the new issue Narechena for tat, how Anton will perceive the appearance of a little boy next to his bride.

Named for Tat: 4th edition of February 20

Julia pleased Misha with a romantic date, a gift and a surprise, which was unexpected both for him and for Zoya, but liked both. Look online in issue 4 It is intended for Tata how relations develop.

The physical training of Misha, which he demonstrated at their family event, impressed Julia in the 4th edition of Narechena for tat. And Zoya thinks that Yulia needs to lose weight. Does Misha Yulina like the figure, look in the new edition Named for tat.

Luda is trying to find the key to the heart of the daughter of Pasha Dasha. After the hints of Pasha, Luda decided to help the girl become more feminine. See in issue 4 of the Named for Tata, will Luda and Dasha find a common language?

watch online the 4th issue is named for tata

Luda and Dasha went shopping

Anton did not know that Angelina would come to him with his son. And in the morning he unexpectedly left without telling where. In the 4th edition of Angelina, named for tata, she was glad that Anton had taken care of her comfort and bought a cot for Gordey.

But later Angelina felt offended.Look online in high quality in the 4th edition of The Name for Tat, why it happened.

Tanya honestly admitted to Jura that she would not be engaged in a garden, cows and pigs. See in issue 4 It is intended for tata, as Yura responded to this.

It is titled for tat: 5 release from February 27

Vick packed up and slammed the door. How the conflict between Marat and Vicky will be resolved, see in issue 5, Named for tat. “I can’t give a second chance. But there’s definitely no third chance,” said Vika.

Misha and Yulia invited Misha to visit Mom. What came of it, see in issue 5 It is intended for tat. “It seems to me that you came to us with a scandal,” Yulia honestly admitted.

Tanya and Yura went for a walk around Sofiyivka. Yura wanted to make Tanya a surprise, because she had long dreamed of visiting this place. Was it possible for Yura to surprise his bride, see in issue 5, Named for online tata in good quality.

Yura brought Tanya to a special place and admitted that he really enjoyed spending time with Tanya. Whether he dares to confess his feelings, see in issue 5 It is intended for tata. “Legal relations are important for me,” Tanya emphasized.

Erika is already sharing secrets with Angelina.Will Angelina and Anton's relations become warmer after this, look in the new series Named for tat.

It seems that relations with Pasha and Luda do not add up. See in issue 5 of the Named for Tata, whether they will end their attempts to get close or make another attempt.

Named for Tat: 6th edition of March 6

Julia and Misha went to a restaurant. Misha started a conversation that the family budget should be shared. Julia agreed with him, provided that a man contributes most of the money to this budget. "A woman should not be a draft horse," she said. Look in the new issue Named for Tata, how this conversation will end.

To Vika came to visit a friend and she shared with them her impressions of Marat. See Issue 6 for Online Tata for details on how their friends will meet.

Angelina was offered a photo session, and she was very happy and agreed. How Anton will react to the profession of Angelina, see in issue 6 It is intended for tata in good quality.

Surprise Master Pasha tries to make amends to Ludmila and takes her to a very unusual place. See in issue 6 It is intended for online tata whether they will manage to come to an agreement.

Named for Tat: 7th edition of March 13

Pasha is trying to make amends to Luda. He told her that he wants to start a family and wants to try again. He invited her to a master class in painting. What will come out of this venture, see the new series called "Named for Tata".

Yura made Tanya a surprise and brought her father. Tanya has already managed to meet the family of Jura, and Tanya wanted to introduce him to her relatives. What impressions have developed in Tanya's father from the house of Jura, see in the 7th issue of "Narechena for tata."

Former girl Marat agreed to take up a common project in Vika at the request of Marat. Gale is difficult to conceal that she still has feelings for Martha, but to Vika she seemed friendly and bright. How their project will develop, look online in the 7th edition of “Named for Tata”.

Julia decided to introduce Misha to her friends. What impression made by Misha on her friends and how this will affect the relationship between Misha and Yulia, look in the new issue "Narechena for tata."

Named for Tat: 8th edition of March 20

Vika is planning a presentation of Arsen’s blog, and for this she decided to meet with Arsen’s mom. Lena, Arsen's mom and Marat's ex-wife, agreed to meet with Vika. See in issue 8 It is called for Tata how the relationship of two girls will develop.

What a surprise is waiting for Vika at the presentation of Arsen's blog, look in the new issue Narechena for tat. Vika tried not to make a scandal about this, but kept to the last of her strength.

Julia says that she and Zoya have full contact. Meanwhile, Zoe admitted that "Julia will be a useless mother if she does not know how to play badminton." Look in the new series It is named for tat how Misha and Yulia are developing.

Angelina wants to know what place in the new family of Anton will be his ex-wife Sonya. In her opinion, Anton too often meets with his ex-wife. Anton, in turn, admits that he is more pleasant to spend time with his ex-wife. See in issue 8 It is called for tat whether relations between Anton and Angelina are really doomed to failure.

Anton said that it was difficult for him to build a relationship with Angelina, since he was proud 24 hours with her. How Angelina will respond to such a statement, see Issue 8, Named for tat.

Tanya expressed to Jura all her fears that cause her changes related to moving to Yura. Look in the new issue It is intended for the tatas how they will agree about it.

Named for Tat: 9th edition of March 27

See the final of the project Narechena for tat: which couples will stay with each other for a long time and in earnest. Two couples broke up completely: Anton and Angelina, Pasha and Lyuda could not find a common language.

Misha ventured to ask his daughter about Yulia. Misha says it’s important for him how Zoya and Yulia will get along. Look in the 9th edition of Nata-ka for tat, Misha received a response from Zoe, how the girl relates to Yulia. Which choice Misha will make in the final is destined for tata, look in the new issue.

“I want to be a desirable woman, I don't want to be a donkey,” says Tanya. On the other hand, the topic of family recreation in conversations with Tanya begins to annoy Yura. Look in the new issue Narechena for tat, how Tanya and Yura will be able to agree.

“When she becomes an adult, I will be old. And when she becomes wise, I will die,” Marat thinks after talking about Vic with a friend. See issue 9 of the Named for Tata, what choice will Marat and Vika make.

A week later, on April 3, a post-show will be released - the most recent issue is called Tata, from which it will become clear what Marat and Vita have said to each other. All the heroes of the program will gather in one studio and it will be known how Tanya lives in the village, whether someone from the heroes is intended for Tata to improve relations after the project.

Post show "Named for tat" from April 3

For the first time, all the heroes of the project “Named for Tata” came together in the studio to find out why not everyone managed to build a relationship.

The children of the fathers-heroes of the program “Named for Tata” answer the questions “What is love?”, “How to understand that you have fallen in love?”, “What kind of husband or wife will you have?”. "I would like her to cook borsch or soup." "I would like her to have her own apartment," the children answer about their future halves.

In the post-show of the project “Named for Tata” they decided to show everything that turned out to be behind the scenes. See in the last issue of April 3, what situations were obtained during the filming.

In the 9th issue of “Named for Tata” it was left unclear what Marat and Vika had said to each other. In the post-show “Named for Tata”, they will finally show what kind of relationship the ice and fire couple had.

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