Name Elina: the meaning of the name, character and fate

Elina is a very beautiful and unusual name. Like any other, it lays its mark on the fate and character of the woman who wears it. We will write below what carries the name Elina, what can be expected from it and what we will have to face. We will also briefly discuss the prospects of personal life, career and recall some of the famous owners of this wonderful name.

name elina

Name Elina: origin and meaning

First of all, we turn to the direct meaning and translation of this name, and for this we need to know where it comes from. Like many other names, common in Europe and in Russia, the name Elina goes back to the ancient Greek language, history and mythology. According to a popular legend, a long time ago there was a settlement on the territory of modern Greece, whose inhabitants worshiped a deity named El. From this came the name of the country of the Greeks - Hellas, and its inhabitants began to be called Hellenes. The name Elina, accordingly, also comes from the name of this god-ancestor of the Greeks and is its female form.Therefore, semantically, it can be translated as "dedicated (or belonging to) Al." There is, however, another version, which relates the origin of this name to an ancient root, probably Prai Indo-European, praising the beauty of a woman. Therefore, the name Elina can be understood as “beautiful” or “beautiful”.

name of Elina meaning of name and fate

Characteristic name in childhood

In general, we can say that the girl, called Elina, will be mobile, restless and rather emotional. Complex character - this is what carries the name of Elina. The origin and meaning, as we have seen above, are quite noble. A nobility always has a tendency to narcissism and narcissism. Capriciousness and hooligan tricks are also a bright feature of a little girl. The baby brings a lot of trouble and anxiety to parents and caregivers. She is very sensitive, arrogant and touchy. She is rather impulsive in communication and if she doesn’t like something, she will declare it with all vehemence. Her irritability is next to just supernatural stubbornness. For example, just feeding the baby will cost a lot of hard work, nerves and energy, if she doesn’t want something or doesn’t like something.

When a girl grows up and goes to school, she manifests her lazy abilities. Studies most often with reluctance. Elina, the meaning of the name, the character and stubbornness of which vividly declare themselves, can demonstratively show her unwillingness to learn. Therefore, it is necessary to persuade her many times to be engaged. Any activity that requires perseverance and concentration is not created for it. But the character of the name Elina allows her to show great interest in active activities, for example, in dance or drama school. She will devote a lot of time to them and will be happy to attend lessons.

Self-centeredness and vanity are the weaknesses of the girls named Elina. The name for the girl is manifested in the fact that she is not just trying to achieve a leading position, but also does everything to become the center of attention. Sometimes it can cost her dearly and negatively affect the people around her. But then the girl, as a rule, has many friends and boyfriends. Boys, by the way, give priority, because they feel their special interest. The girl named Elina, by nature, is able to intrigue and attract interest.If she is in a good mood, you can always have a pleasant, fun and easy conversation with her.

name of aline origin and meaning

Youth and youth

With age, the girl begins to unfold from new sides. The significance of the name Elina for a girl at this time is primarily due to self-control. She learns to control herself, control her feelings, emotions, and control her mood. She begins to control herself, but at the same time she gains power over people. She learns to perfectly manipulate and throw dust in her eyes. For her, it does not cost anything to create the necessary impression of yourself, hiding your flaws and exposing your advantages in the right light. She can also pretend to be weak and defenseless, clearly realizing that she is holding a very dangerous monster inside her chain. Charisma is another important feature of those women who are named Elina. The meaning of the name and the fate in this regard give the girl all the cards in her hands to arrange her life and surround herself with the right people. In addition, the girl carefully watches herself. She attentively follows diets, watches the figure and generally attaches great importance to looking beautiful and charming.As an extrovert, she prefers to spend her time in interesting and large companies, but loneliness endures poorly.

In transitional age, Elina, as a rule, suffers from an extreme degree of youthful maximalism, which, multiplied by her incredible stubbornness, is manifested in a deterioration in relations with her mother. The meaning of the name Elina for a girl is such that she categorically does not accept the authoritarian attempts of parents to direct themselves. If she is forbidden or imposed something, she will take it extremely harshly, and then it will take a long time to restore warm relations and former trust. Quarrels and scandals at the same time will not have any positive effect, but only alienate the girl from the family. The only thing that can affect it is a calm and thorough dialogue on an equal footing.

meaning of the name of alein

Elina is very difficult to influence anyone. She is independent and forms her own opinion. Therefore, it is very fundamental. This same principle affects relationships with friends. That is, on the one hand, she manifests herself as a good comrade, devoted and responsible, who will never fail and will fulfill this promise.On the other hand, it is equally demanding of others and hardly tolerates other people's shortcomings. It is important for her to be heard and understood. A lot of time in communication with friends devotes to the discussion of his own person, his own problems and feelings. Speaking in a more general language, Elina needs to feel her own importance and relevance in society. Close people know her as a sincere, honest, fair, responsible girl. But to all this, Elina is the owner of an excellent memory, so it is better not to offend her.

elina name for girl

Personal life

In her personal life, Elina manifests herself as an active and sensual person who was not used to holding back her feelings, emotions and passions. It differs by initiative, but it also expects the same enterprise and energy from a partner. Signs of attention, surprises and all that for her are very important. Sincerity of feelings emphasizes. Never will meet and build relationships for money. The partner is very demanding and jealous - this is a very bright marker of those who bear the name of Elina. The meaning of the name and the fate send the girl a lot of tests in this regard, and therefore, before finding her man, she goes through many relationships that do not withstand the heat and so high a bar that Elina sets.She also has a tendency to treat a man possessively, showing authority and demandingness. Compromises for her are an extreme decision, as ultimatums are usually used. First of all, in relationships, she values ​​absolute trust, absence of lack of agreement and sincerity.

character name Elina

A family

After marrying, Elina shows herself as a great spouse. This applies to all aspects of family life - life, marital relations, raising children and so on. She makes every effort to ensure that the house is cozy and pleasant. Comfort and well-being of households are in the first place for her. Being self-centered by nature, she, on the contrary, gives herself to the family. Children and husband simply dissolve in her attention. Although procreate and shows austerity, trying to teach offspring to discipline.


Perseverance and unbending principledness often help the Elinas to achieve heights in their careers. But this is for her only a game, a kind of action, whose interest is to win. When the desired place is achieved, Elina may face disappointment, since her work itself will be uninteresting.Therefore, the choice of career should be considered deliberately and focus on those professions that will have the opportunity to express themselves and declare themselves constantly.

Elina meaning name character

Name day

As for the name day, they fall mainly in the summer or autumn (3.06, 8.06, 10.06, 24.07, 10.08, 17.09, 19.10, 12.11). And only one day falls on spring (March 19) and winter (January 28). It is important that, in fact, the name Elina is not present in the calendar. Therefore, at baptism they are guided by the name Elena.

Famous people

Of the famous compatriots can be called Elina Koryakina. She was a model and owner of her own modeling agency. She gained popularity after participating in the show “House-2”. Another celebrity is Elina Maria Pernilla Nordegren, also a model, but originally from Sweden. It is also worth mentioning about Elina Garancha, a Latvian opera singer.

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