Mystical photos with ghosts

Let the skeptics continue to doubt, but sometimes the souls of the dead willingly pose for photographers in the most unexpected angles. Here are pictures that still have no explanation.

Mystical photos with ghosts

In 1975, Diana Berthelot, her husband, Peter, and their 12-year-old son visited Vorsted Church in Norfolk, England. Diana began to pray in silence, and Peter decided to take a picture of his wife. But returning home and looking at the photograph, the couple froze in horror.

Mystical photos with ghosts

In the photo, right behind Diana, there was a white shadow. It can be seen that on a white stranger - a small hat and outdated clothes. The couple returned to the church the following summer (apparently, they were not shy) and asked the local workers if they did not notice anything strange. The priest told Berthelot the legend of the White Lady, which is also called the Healer. She appears in the church next to those who need healing. Diana recalled that at that time she was really very sick, but after attending church she felt much better.

Mystical photos with ghosts

Not so often a ghost appears in a feature film, but it happens. It happened in 1987 during the filming of the comedy “3 men and a baby”. In this scene, the actor Ted Danson appears, and behind him behind the curtains is a creepy little boy who is staring at the cameraman.

Danson swears that there was no boy at the time of the shooting, and neither the actors nor the film crew could give a logical explanation of how a creepy boy slipped onto the site with such a frowning look.

Mystical photos with ghosts

Jim Templeton with his wife and little daughter went on a picnic. Jim took a lot of photos of his family, and later put the film on the development. And, probably, many times later regretted it ...

Jim was sure that during a picnic, no one was standing behind his daughter. He asked Kodak to comment on the strange figure in the picture, but they could not explain the mystical man.

The photo has been published in a variety of newspapers since 1964. Until now, no one can explain the reason for the appearance of a ghost next to his daughter Jim.

Mystical photos with ghosts

Waverley Hills Sanatorium was opened in 1910 - it was a hospital for people suffering from tuberculosis.The only cure for this terrible disease was fresh air and sunshine.

Unfortunately, no more than 5% of patients survived. About 8 thousand people died in the hospital. The exact number of deaths is unknown. Until now, dead bodies are found near the sanatorium, and among them is the body of nurse Mary Lee, who is rumored to have become infected with tuberculosis. According to another version, she became pregnant by one of the doctors and was found hanging from a chandelier in room 502. The photographer caught on tape a ghostly figure of Mary Lee. They say she still wanders through the corridors of the hospital ...

Mystical photos with ghosts

Many argue that this picture is a fake, and we cannot blame them for this, because the true history of photography is not known.

The Cooper family moved to Texas, where they bought a house. In honor of this event, Coopers staged a feast, the head of the family decided to capture the moment on camera. Guess who they saw there? Yes, a strange man hanging upside down - apparently, someone decided to join the festival without an invitation.

According to rumors, this is the spirit of the former owner, dissatisfied with the invasion of his property.

Mystical photos with ghosts

94-year-old elderly lady Denis Russell went on a picnic (we already know what a dangerous event this is!), Where her relatives just took a picture.

It's funny that the lady was not out of fearful - she did not find anything strange in the picture. But her family was more superstitious. Denis died, and her relatives began to sort out old photos and came across this one. And it was then that they paid attention to the man who was standing behind the elderly lady. It turned out to be her husband Denis, and everything would be fine, but now only by that time he was already ten years dead.

And those who were more attentive, noticed another face - right above the red car. See?

Mystical photos with ghosts

Terrible things going on in hospitals. A nurse on duty turned her attention to an eerie, dark figure who was walking back and forth straight through the patient's body. The woman called the unknown - "demon". A few hours later, the patient died.

And although some said that the nurse simply had a dream, video cameras from the ward confirmed the testimony of the witness. They were really noticed a terrible creature, walking around the hospital.

Mystical photos with ghosts

Photo from the 40s from Australia, where Mrs. Andrews buried her daughter. She came to visit the grave of Joyce, who died a little before the age of 17. After taking a picture of her daughter’s grave (why?), She was shocked to see an unfamiliar child sitting on the ground.

When paranormal researcher Tony Healy visited the cemetery in the 90s, he noted that two girls of about the same age as the child in the photo were buried next to the grave of Joyce.

Mystical photos with ghosts

In November 1974, a 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Junior shot his parents and four brothers and sisters in his own home, which was located at 108 Ocean Avenue in Amitville, New York. He was sentenced to 6 life sentences, and this story has become one of Amitville’s eerie attractions.

Their house, in turn, is considered inhabited by ghosts. But, despite the tragic events, a family was found who risked moving there. George and Katie Lutz settled in the house with their three children. It looks like a horror movie, huh? However, they did not last long - surely even things were not fully unpacked. After 28 days, the family left the new home. According to George, the spouses woke up every night at exactly 3:15, precisely at the time when members of the DeFeo family were killed. George also heard gunshots and noise.

This photo was taken in 1976, and many believe that it is one of the dead boys, John DeFeo.

Mystical photos with ghosts

In 1959, Mabel Chinnery decided to visit the grave of her mother. She went to the cemetery, asking her husband to take her in his car.After the visit, Mabel took a snapshot of her husband at the wheel (a lot of people take a camera to the cemetery, yes?) And, showing a film, noticed someone's expressive face in the backseat.

Looking closer, Mabel was horrified to recognize her dead mom in the invisible passenger.

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