Mustard cake: application in horticulture (reviews)

Mustard is known to everyone. This is an excellent spice, which perfectly complements meat, fish, vegetable dishes, is used in the preparation of pizza, sandwiches. Its medicinal properties are also known: mustard helps us out during colds, a hot foot bath with mustard helps to get rid of a cough.

Mistress know that mustard is beautifully launderedfat from dishes, seeds and mustard oil have found application in the storage and preservation of many perishable products. Ancient Greeks considered mustard the strongest aphrodisiac.mustard cake

Table mustard, which we use todayin food, began to cook even in ancient Rome. This amazing plant is cultivated all over the world. The only exception is the Arctic and Antarctica. But most of the garden pests, unlike a man, do not like mustard. This should be taken into account by gardeners and truck farmers, especially those who categorically oppose pesticides and prefer organic fertilizers that allow growing organic vegetables and fruits

Cake of mustard seeds

The advantage of organic fertilizers isThe fact that they do not saturate vegetables and fruits with harmful chemical compounds, their use excludes the appearance of side effects when using harvested food for food. But unfortunately, most of these drugs give a short-term effect.cake mustard

Landed on the plot mustard rendershealth effect on the soil for several years after harvesting. The plant refers to the siderates, which lift useful substances from the depth of the soil to the surface, repels pests, slows the growth of weed grasses. This is one of the most affordable organic fertilizers, which we recommend you use on your site.

But not only planted plant healssoil. Widely used as fertilizer and mustard oil cake, which is obtained after processing the seeds of mustard. By its nutritional qualities, it exceeds biohumus and manure. The substances contained in it, repel not only harmful insects, but also rodents, prevent the development of many plant diseases.

Advantages of fertilizer

Mustard cake is an organic fertilizer that possesses phytosanitary functions and fulfills the role of biofuel. Ten kilograms of this product replace the cubic meter of manure.

Fertilizer can cure many diseasesplants, frightens off wireworm and slugs, nematodes and weevils, rodents. In addition, the cake mustard (reviews confirm this) is used in the fight against carrot and bulbous fly, clears soil from root rot, inhibits the development of phytophthora.Mustard cake application in horticulture reviews

It is environmentally friendly, organic,High-quality fertilizer, which is a uniform, large-grinded powder. Fertilizer improves soil structure and salt regime, repels ants. It is used both in the autumn and spring digging of the earth, and for local fertilization (in the hole) of the plant.

All elements that make up the fertilizer,are in organic form. This contributes to the full nutrition of plants, as well as guaranteed to prevent the accumulation of nitrates in vegetable crops. Buttercake mustard, due to its natural origin, guarantees, in its application, the absence in the harvested crop of hazardous chemical compounds, heavy metals, radionuclides harmful to the human body.

In addition, the cake mustard, the use of whichbecomes every year more popular, unlike many organic fertilizers does not contain in its composition seeds of weeds, spores of pathogens, mycelium, eggs of parasites. It is for this reason that many gardeners are increasingly inclined to use this particular tool. tip about applying the mustard oilcake

Mustard cake: application in horticulture

Cake of mustard seeds is universalfertilizer: it can be used for planting tomatoes and potatoes, cabbage. In this case, a handful of substance is added to the well. You can use the composition and when planting radish, carrots and other crops. For this, the groves of cake are covered like salt, dusting the top with a thin layer of earth. Consumption - no more than 1 kg / m².

It is convenient to use for spring, autumn orsummer digging site mustard cake. Application in horticulture (reviews indicate good results) of this fertilizer is effective for many vegetable and fruit crops. The cake consumption remains the same.crocheted mustard paste reviews

Today many gardeners and truck farmers use mustard cake. The application of fertilizer when planting seedlings allows to improve the soil structure, to disinfect it from phytophthora.

Fertilizing shrubs

In recent years, well provenmustard. Its use is justified when planting many fruit bushes. For example, a strawberry is made with a teaspoon of cake during planting, and also used as a fertilizer, scattering under the bush and sprinkling the earth on top.

Is overdose dangerous?

On each fertilizer package, the exact consumption rates are indicated (we presented them to you). But experts assure that a small overdose is not dangerous for either man or plants.

How to store cake?

Store the fertilizer in a dry cool room, at a positive temperature in a closed paper or plastic container. The composition has no limitations on the shelf life. mustard oil cake application in horticulture

Mustard oil cake: application in horticulture, reviews

Most gardeners believe that the cake mustardgrains - this is really effective, and most importantly, a safe tool that should be used when growing vegetables and fruit and berry crops. Its application will not cause difficulties even for beginning gardeners and truck farmers: detailed instructions are attached to each package of the drug.

Many people say that it helpedget rid of wireworm, bear, Colorado beetle. Gardeners with experience say that mustard cake is a unique preparation that combines several important characteristics: it is phytosanitary, and excellent feeding, and reliable protection from pests. Many argue that, after the first attempted to use cake, potatoes are no longer planted without this fertilizer: the tubers are digging large, healthy, without wormholes.

And another interesting tip about the application. Cured mustard oil can be used as a remedy for combating weevil on strawberries or raspberries: just sprinkle the leaves with a pomace. In spring, clean the plantation of strawberries (this applies to raspberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, roses and other perennials). Right on the ground around the bushes, pour in mustard oil cake. Add nutrients ("Biohumus", "Organit") and sprinkle with earth, which is better to take in the compost pile or from the place where the nettle grows. So you feed the plants, get rid of pests and protect the bushes from fungal diseases.

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