Men I Want

I'll tell you about the men I want. Take life, touch your knee in a restaurant and gently bite the ear. About those for whom I want to take off my underwear, and make a child of them. On whose shoulder you want to sleep. You probably think this is macho. But you are mistaken ...
I do not like macho. Macho in the industrialized world is an endangered species. Yes, in their youth they are quite attractive. Sharp, bold. Able to take what they want, neglecting propriety. But even then, especially brave and reckless are broken on motorcycles, die in fights, fall from the windows of the upper floors.
Middle age macho disgusting. Their faces turn yellow from cheap liquor, their brains dry out completely from endless drinking bouts, and their members hang limply from alcohol withdrawal. By age 30, macho becomes a parody of a man. Strict society slams behind him an iron door with a grill, or, even worse, gives him the curb of life. Former first guy in the village to romp in the garbage, or rushing to the point of delivery sleds with scrap metal.Prior to this, his numerous wives manage to cry on a string of rivals. No, I do not like macho.
There is another kind of guy "stone wall" or "real man." I don't like them either. Raised in a harsh patriarchal manner, stern father, such a man does not cry and does not complain. Not like all the other fagots, fuuu. “A real man” plows for three jobs, buys a fur coat and boots for his wife, suffers a cold on his feet. He does not talk about troubles at work, he is ashamed of his pain, fear, tears. He floods problems with vodka, is silent and does not even have time to realize all the viciousness of his philosophy until the moment when a heart attack from his eternal overstrain. Amen!
I do not like and do not want knights. Many mothers want just such a son-in-law, but for me it is terrible. The knight from school knows that it is impossible to beat and call a girl, even getting a briefcase on her head from her. The knight always gives way to public transport, rises if a woman enters the room and stretches the candy-bouquet period for years. The knight leaves his wife an apartment and a car, and leaves the house with a suitcase and a toothbrush. The knight gives his wife a salary, suffers innocently and always wears horns.Honestly, I think these men are stupid donkeys. And how can you want someone you think is a stupid donkey?
These were all men that I do not want? And what you want?
Different, real. Those who know how to be strong, and know how to be weak. Who can brace themselves, but they can ask for help. Those who are not infected with sexism. Those who recognize a man in a woman.
Those who are not hiding behind the roles imposed by education. And he has the courage to be himself.

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