Los Angeles, California: information, attractions, interesting facts

Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles (California) is an amazingly beautiful locality, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains. The most interesting feature of it is that each district has its own history and significant places, because in ancient times these were separate settlements. Today they form one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Let's get to know him as closely as possible.

What state is Los Angeles in?

The city of Angels is located in California, which, in turn, is one of the states of America. It is worth noting such an important moment: this settlement is part of Greater Los Angeles, or Southland, an urban agglomeration with an area of ​​88 000 km², where 16,5 has a million people (according to 2000 year). It also includes the 88 municipalities and covers the territory of five Southern California counties.

Los Angeles State

Background History

Los Angeles (California) in the 16 century was inhabited by Chumachi and Tongwa Indians. In 1542, the shores of La Victoria and San Salvador moored to the shores of the modern City of Angels, and then the villages of Yang-Na, the ships on which the first Europeans sailed, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his deputy, Bartolome Ferrelo. In San Diego Bay, they left only 28 September, a month after 2 from the moment of departure from the Mexican village of La Navidad. In early January next year, the discoverer dies. He was buried on the island of San Miguel, which was later renamed in honor of Cabrillo, and the magazine with the data that he recorded during the expedition, transmits home Ferrelo. This book is still kept in the archives of the Spanish Seville.

It takes more than two centuries before the next group of missionaries land on this spot. This time the leader was Gaspar Portol. Also in the group was Juan Crespi - it was he who noted in the documents that this territory was suitable for life.

In 1771, modern Los Angeles (California) accepts another missionary who called his “case” after the archangel Gabriel. It was Junipero Serra. At that time, almost 3000 Indians who formed 30 settlements inhabited this area of ​​the globe. And later 10 years near the group of missionaries led by Serra, consisting of 46 people, the governor Felipe de Nevez ordered to establish a village. They named the village in honor of Mary (the Settlement of the Virgin Mary - Queen of Angels). The village grew little by little, but turned into a large secular town only by 20, the XIX century. At that time, 650 people already lived here.

Los Angeles belonged to Mexico for some time after the state gained independence. But after the defeat of America, the city became part of the United States. The peace treaty was signed in 1848 year. After a couple of years, the town got the status of a city, and after another 26 years, in 1876, the construction of the Los Angeles railroad was completed.

The main trade here was the cultivation of oranges and some other citrus fruits. This has dramatically increased the number of local residents: it was 2200, and it became 100 000 people! In the 1892 year, they discovered deposits of oil, and already after a little more than 30 years, Los Angeles (California, photo below) “absorbed” & frac14; part of the global production of gasoline.

In 1913, an aqueduct was built, providing the future metropolis with water. In short, since then life in Los Angeles has begun to boil: the aviation industry developed, numerous film studios opened, and in 1932 even the tenth Olympic Games were held.

When World War II began, the city seemed to have breathed a new life into it, although it would seem that it should be the other way around. German art, culture and science workers who fled from Nazism began to gather in Los Angeles. Among these people are such famous personalities as Thomas Mann (writer, Nobel laureate 1929 of the year), Lyon Feuchtwanger (German writer of Jewish origin) and Fritz Lang (film director). In the 1942 year, when World War II was in full swing on the ground, by Roosevelt’s decree, locals of Japanese origin (thousands of people) were taken outside the city limits and settled in closed camps.

After the end of hostilities, the city again began to grow rapidly in breadth. Skyscrapers and new highways appeared. Then came the “dashing 90-e,” when riots broke out on the streets of the megalopolis, during which a large number of people were injured and killed. The reason is Nazi dislike. The fact is that in 1992, the 4 white-skinned policemen beat a Negroid guy. But the last straw for blacks was the justification of human rights defenders in court. The riots lasted almost a week. Then the Special Forces were introduced into the city, and they managed to arrest the ringleaders.

In the middle of 1990, they planned to separate Hollywood and San Fernando from Los Angeles. The cause was an earthquake, due to which many municipal buildings, infrastructure and residential buildings turned into piles of stones. However, after the universal vote, held in 2002, it became clear that the section was not destined to be realized.

What state is Los Angeles in?

Official and unofficial symbols of Los Angeles

Now known, what state is Los Angeles in, and how did it appear on Earth. It's time to get acquainted with the symbols and emblem of the city. First of all, tourists want to visit Hollywood and walk along the Avenue of Stars. Therefore, it is worth mentioning the unofficial symbol first. HOLLYWOOD is located on Mount Lee, towering 490 m above sea level. However, this area is well protected, so that there is no way to get. But do not be upset - a beautiful landscape opens from the observation deck of Griffith Park. From here you can also take a photo for memory on the background of a popular sign.

Now about the official symbol - the coat of arms. It is colorful, but not motley, as it uses all 7 colors that are in perfect harmony with each other. First of all, heraldry recalls the year of the founding of the City of Angels - 1781. It is a circle with inscriptions and plants, in the middle of which is a shield. It is divided into 4 parts, and each has a specific meaning. Knowing the story, it is easy to understand, since these parts symbolize the countries somehow connected with Los Angeles. In the upper right corner, there is a scarlet bear and a star - this is the California flag of the year 1846. Nearby, that is, on the left, you can see the US flag. In the lower right - the tower and the lion, reminiscent of the kingdom of Leon and Castile (recall that the discoverers were originally from this state). And the last corner is reserved for the eagle tearing a snake - once the coat of arms of Mexico.

What state does Los Angeles belong to?

Climatic conditions

Los Angeles (California, USA), whose photo is present in this article, is characterized by a Mediterranean climate. There are mild winters and dry hot summers. But the temperature in the desert and on the coast is significantly different. Precipitation occurs mainly in mountainous areas. In the middle of summer the temperature can vary within 17-24 degrees of heat, and in winter - + 9 ... + 19 ° С.

City of Los Angeles (CA): development plan

Given that the City of Angels was being built at lightning speed, it does not have a clear layout. The peculiarity lies in the fact that over time the surrounding villages joined the “main” part of the settlement. Today, Los Angeles is made up of Central, Hollywood, San Pedro, Silmar, Wats, Westwood, Bel-Air and Boyle Heights. The suburb forms the valley of San Fernando. So, it turns out that Los Angeles surrounds Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Carvel City. It is also divided into 2 parts by the mountains of Santa Monica, which has five main zones:

  • Westside.
  • Downtown.
  • South Los Angeles.
  • East Los Angeles.
  • Port area.

Los Angeles, California, USA (photo)

Main Attractions

Now, knowing which state Los Angeles belongs to, you can safely plan your trip. Since this is the capital of the world of show business, it is not surprising that tourists begin their journey by visiting Hollywood. First you should go to the Kodak Theater. This is exactly the place where the Oscars are held. There are guided tours, you can easily go inside.

Next on the list is the Walk of Fame, or the Stars. Probably, you shouldn’t linger on it for a long time with a description, as everyone knows this landmark. You can only mention that stretch the alley on 18 quarters. A small hint: to see the prints of Robert De Niro, Charlie Chaplin, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey and Marilyn Monroe, you need to go to the small Avenue of Stars, located in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. By the way, this building is a masterpiece of Asian architecture. And still here often show premieres of the best films.

For lovers of fascinating landscapes, the Griffith Observatory is open, and movie fans must visit the Warner Brothers and Universal Studio studios. Those wishing to meet a celebrity while walking through a beautiful street are advised to go to Rodeo Drive. In downtown you can observe huge skyscrapers, and a little distance from the area - the Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean quarters.

Los Angeles - what state of America?

Little known places of interest

Of course, this place can not be called a little-known, but it is not popular either. This is museum
Death (Los Angeles, California, USA). He is on the list of the most terrible museums in the world. Indeed, this is a terrible place that a person with a shaky nervous system is not worth visiting. Like people especially impressionable. Here are a huge collection of works of art, the authors of which are ... serial killers! On the walls are photographs of scenes of murders, autopsies of victims, and even terrible accidents. There are separate rooms with funeral paraphernalia, gloomy exhibits demonstrating the process of murder or suicide. In general, the Museum of Death (Los Angeles, California) will leave indelible impressions in the soul.

A few more places to visit:

  • Cocktail bar "No Jobs". It is located in the building of the former kindergarten, where the children of Charlie Chaplin went. The house was built in 1913 year. Today it is a beautiful institution, which is made in the style of a 20th century bar.
  • Open-air cinema. Located in the center of the city. There are parking spaces for cars and lawn for pedestrians. You can watch old and new movies - how lucky.
  • Cemetery of Hollywood. Many celebrities are buried here, so those who want to honor the memory of their favorite actor, it is necessary to go to this place.

Shopping in los angeles

In addition to the film industry, Los Angeles is famous for the possibility of excellent shopping. The main place to accomplish this goal is Rodeo Drive. This street is completely built up with boutiques that sell clothing, shoes and accessories of famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Chanel and Prada. But lovers of souvenirs need to go to Hollywood Boulevard.

Los Angeles, CA (photo)

Los Angeles Interesting: Various Events and Holidays

Los Angeles - what state of America? It is known that the city is located in California, but it will also be interesting to know that it occupies the 2-th place in the United States by population.

Interesting holidays and events are regularly held. For example, on New Year's Eve, the Rose Parade and the Pink Bowl Football Championship are held here. In the second month from the beginning of the year, a holiday is organized in honor of African-American history, during which theatrical and musical performances are held, lectures and films are watched. In March - Night of Nights. This interesting name was given to the Oscars. In May, Mexicans celebrate Victory Day over the French in 1862, and in June there is a parade of sexual minorities. Throughout the summer, the pop festival is held, and in August - surfers competitions on the beaches of Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo. In early autumn, you can visit the world's largest Los Angeles County Fair, and the second autumn month invites you to enjoy the International Film Festival. In December - an interesting Christmas parade.

Official holidays

  • New Year - January 1.
  • On the third Monday of the first month is Martin King's Remembrance Day.
  • The third Monday of February is the birthday of George Washington.
  • The last Monday in May is the Feast of Remembrance.
  • Independence Day is celebrated on July 4.
  • At the end of July, 21 numbers, - President's Day.
  • The first Monday of September is recognized as the Labor Day.
  • On the second Monday of October, Americans honor the memory of Columbus.
  • On the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is celebrated.
  • Christmas in America is celebrated on 25 December.

The Museum of Death (Los Angeles, California, USA)

What is known far from every tourist: interesting facts

About Los Angeles (which state, history of the foundation, and so on) you need to know everything, in particular, some interesting facts:

  1. The locals are called Angelenos.
  2. Americans call their small homeland El Hey, or LA.
  3. City port is the busiest in the whole wide world.
  4. Walking through the streets, you can easily stumble upon the filming process.
  5. Most of the companies here belong to the fair sex.
  6. In the City of Angels there is almost no public transport.
  7. On the Walk of Fame there are more than 2,5 thousand stars.

Tourists about Los Angeles

Well, now, knowing what state the city of Los Angeles is in, you can go for a grand walk. Moreover, it is advised to all the tourists who once visited LA, and especially those people who moved to the City of Angels for permanent residence. Los Angeles - stunning, colorful, chic and attractive in all respects
town, so if there is even the slightest opportunity to visit here, you must use it.

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